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  • Mrinalini Bhushan

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Alumni weekend festivities brought to campus a nostalgic air of celebration. Campus buzzed with alum reminiscing on their days spent walking around CMC’s campus, making memories worth a lifetime. Read on to dive into the stories alumni shared in six short words with The Forum this weekend:

Photo Credits: Sara France, France Photography

Photo Credits: Sara France, France Photography

Abbie Johnson ’04: “Late nights at Library and Mckenna!” Jennifer Hosel ’99: “So much fun, so little responsibility” Adam Miller ’03: “Why did I ever leave Claremont?” Kate Keating (Key) ’04: “Maturity, growth, in sun with friends”

Photo credits: Sara France, France Photography

Lissa Pressfield ’04: “Claremont was a wonderful place for college! I have so many amazing memories!”

Michael Jordan ’89: “The strongest friendships I’ll ever forge”

Rick Neault ’89: “Easier to get in back then!”

Francisco Perez ’89: “Stags/Athenas/Swimming/Suitemates/Surviving/Smiling”

Francisco Perez ’89: “Why I left: To start again a new adventure”

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