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Class of 2027: First-Year Class President Statements

By Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

As the fall semester ramps us, you may notice the familiar banners hanging over the rails of Appleby. First-Year Class President campaigns are in full force, and this year's cohort promises to bring you everything from Collins faculty appreciation to pre-games to weekly office hours.

The First-Year Class President (FYCP) sits on ASCMC’s Executive Board as a representative and liaison of the Class of 2027. The FYCP manages a budget of $3000, and is responsible for planning a plethora of events, activities, and initiatives geared towards the Class of 2027 or the broader CMC community.

Candidates rush to collect 50 signatures by Wednesday night to officially declare their candidacy and earn a spot on the ballot. Speeches will occur during Snack (10:30pm) on Thursday, September 21st at Collins Dining Hall! Voting is open starting at Midnight and is open till 8pm on Friday the 22nd!


First Year Class President Candidates (Alphabetical Order):

Kahani Malhotra

Nripesh “Brian” Agarwal

Rohan Mathew

Tanveer Grewal

Violet Ramanathan

Zubin Khera



A vote for Kahani is a vote for transparency

HELLO GORGEOUS FOLKS! My name’s Kahani, and I’m running for president because I want to see YOU adequately represented.

My main focus is simple: transparency. You deserve to know what’s going on within ASCMC, and what decisions are being made about you. I will achieve this by:

  • Having weekly office hours Janie’s Kitchen (Valach Lounge) to allow y’all to come and chat with me about anything & everything

  • Send out a form after parties so y’all can suggest new themes and music!

  • Sending out weekly email blasts with all the information you need for the week in a fun way >:)

So I’ve got the ideas, but where’s the experience? Well:

  • I have three years of student government experience (from being a class representative to an Executive Council representative to Vice President!)

  • I am an international, queer student who’s lived in 5 different countries and understands the value of conversation and open communication - I will always be here to listen to you and speak up for your experiences

  • Through my combined 10 years in Model UN and Speech and Debate, I have the experience and ability to speak up for our class, whether to fellow ASCMC members or the administration

I’ve been at CMC for a month, and I’ve already fallen in love, with both the campus and the people. Representing you is my top priority.

So Puck Fomona, and vote Kahani for Class President :)

PS - If you want more details on my campaign, check out the gram:



Hello! My name is Tanveer and I am running to be your FYCP!

A vote for me is a vote for more fun as a class! Whether your vibe is joint study sessions or pre-games before football games, I got you!!

I also plan to create more spaces where everyone can be involved and feel like they’re part of the Claremont community!

As Class President of my high school from freshman to senior year, I have experience in building a community and look forward to doing that here with your help!!



Zub is a Dub!

What’s up Class of 27! For those of you who I haven’t already met, my name is Zubin Khera(he/him), and I’m running to be your First-Year Class President.

A little bit about me: I enjoy going on long walks with my dog, Axl, listening to a wide variety of music (indie, r&b, rap, and everything in between), and talking about all things Marvel or DC. There’s a LOT of candidates running to represent you this year so you may be wondering what makes me qualified?

Odds are that if you took the time out of your day to read through these statements in the first place, then you care about the future of our class. As do I! If you want to put your trust into a FYCP that will make sure your voice is heard, and will fight (and party) with our class’s best interests in mind then I’m your guy!

As your first year class president, I want to foster a culture of change and that starts with tackling a wide variety of practical issues such as…

  • Introducing weekly Food Around the World cooking nights at Valach for more diverse late night snack options!

  • Changing Collins from swipe only to include meal card tap as an option and introducing student curated playlists during mealtimes

  • Faculty appreciation initiatives for Collins dining staff and residential hall facilities staff (shout out to Nancy who taught me how to do my laundry)

  • Having more diverse class bonding experiences such as sock assassin, beach days, campus nerf battles, video game tournaments, and karaoke nights

  • Adding FREE menstrual products to all residential halls

  • Replacing the chained chairs from Roberts (why is this still a thing…)

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so feel free to reach out to me at any time through insta - @zubinkhera23 or email


Violet Ramanathan

Hello!! My name is Violet Ramanathan, and I am running to be your First Year Class President.

Throughout my life, I have worked in activism and diplomacy, and I hope to apply my skills as a leader,

communicator, advocate, and organizer to serving the Class of 2027. Even though we have only been

here a month, I have found a home at CMC, and I want to make sure that each and every one of you feels the same.

Ultimately, the role of the First Year Class President is to ensure that there is a strong sense of community within the Class of 2027. This job is split into two components: planning events, and representing the class in ASCMC.

One of my main goals as Class President is to have lots of events, ranging from awesome parties and pre-games to chill movies and board game nights (and, of course, lots of food!). I plan to host a wide variety of events, so that there is a way for everyone to feel engaged. I also want to use my platform to promote school and class spirit, through spirit-focused events and some super cool merch!

I believe that I am well equipped to represent the Class of 2027 in ASCMC. I

am vocal and articulate, so I can ensure that our voices are heard, and I am determined to serve the class by advocating for your needs, desires, hopes, and dreams! In addition to promoting your initiatives, there are a few things I would like to push for personally, including a stronger focus on environmental sustainability throughout CMC. In the last month, I have noticed that there are a number of ways we could make our campus more green, and I want to be the voice within ASCMC pushing us to be better.

An important part of the Class President job is managing a team and working together on a number of projects, which is why I will be appointing a cabinet full of qualified people - I encourage all of you to apply!

To see details about my specific plans and ideas for the next year (there are lots!), cabinet positions, and more, check out my website:!

Or feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, ideas, or if you just want to chat! You can find me on IG @livefreeorVi or shoot me an email -

I look forward to getting to know all of you better and serving as your First Year Class President! #CMCISUS


Candidates who did not provide a statement will still give speeches!

Speeches will occur during Snack (10:30pm) on Thursday, September 21st at Collins Dining Hall! Voting is open starting at Midnight and is open till 8pm on Friday the 22nd!


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