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Class of 2025: First-Year Class President Candidate Statements

It's that time of year again and if you've walked by Collins this week, you've seen the banners that signal campaigns for First Year Class President have started! The Class of 2025 has started their first year of college and among them are courageous first-years hoping to lead as Class President.

Read on to learn about some of the candidates running for First Year Class President (FYCP) a voting member on ASCMC's Executive Board. As FYCP, they'll manage a budget of $3000 to plan events and represent their class in ASCMC and among college administration.

Candidates have until Wednesday at midnight to declare their candidacy by collecting 50 unique signatures from the members of their class. Speeches will be Thursday 7:30 pm at Pickford Auditorium. (in-person and live-streamed) We hope that you'll attend and support your fellow classmates!


Umer Lakhani

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

Our freshmen class is the largest in history, which inevitably leads to an incredible vastness of diversity, whether that be demographically, in our interests, or our perspectives. That's why I believe it is imperative that I build a cabinet that is truly representative of that diversity, so that we can consider issues from as broad a range of viewpoints as possible.

I don't want to cram fancy logos or clever slogans down your throat. While those are nice, I want the emphasis to be on how I will be your voice, relentlessly fighting for every last idea and issue you raise. I intend to pester the higher-ups to their very last straw of patience. Until I get a resounding "no" (with an explanation), I will unceasingly represent you to the best of my ability, no matter how small it may seem. I will fight equally as hard for an idea that has 1 person behind it as I will for an idea that has 200 people behind it.

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

Perhaps unconsciously, this is the maxim that I have lived my life by. I grew up in Dubai, where I gained my appreciation for diversity through my international schooling, trying to be as diverse as possible with my interests, ventures and experiences to be as unique and well-rounded as possible. This is why I am the candidate best poised to represent the diversity of our class.

Want to know more? Feel free to email me, message me on Instagram or just approach me in person! I'd love to connect with as many of you as possible and discuss what I can do for you as your First Year Class President!


Nelly Haley

A Vote for Nelly is A Vote for YOU!

A Vote for Nelly is A Vote for YOU! I'm running for FYP for US, I'm the voice that will speak up for you, especially when you can't do it yourself. I'm the ear that will always hear AND listen to you. We deserve a president that not only cares about us and our opinions, but is determined enough to work toward positive changes for us, and that president is me. Yall can depend on me to be the "Golden Gate Bridge" of bridges when it comes to bridging the gap between our class and the ASCMC executive board because I'll bring my ideas as well your ideas to the table in an effective way. When I'm voting on topics, it'll be with your opinions in mind, being the best spokesperson for class of 2025 that I can be.

We need a president that is an innovative thinker, coming up with new ways to better our freshman community, and that president is me. I will always fight hard to get results for us because I'm resilient and highly motivated. I've been president in student government since middle school, through junior high, and high school. Additionally, I was captain of the varsity cheer team for 3 years, vice president of NHS, and section leader in band. As well as 3 younger siblings that follow my lead. There's no doubting my outstanding leadership abilities, I know what it means to be a passionate leader and what it takes to lead successfully.

I'm the best candidate to represent the class of 2025 so allow me to prove it to you, just vote for you. With this position I aim to put into effect your ideas, host very entertaining class events that'll bring us closer, and to keep y’all updated on important resources and opportunities.


Abizer Mamnoon

Shazam! Shazam! Shazam! 🖖

Hi Friends,

This is your friendly, neighbourhood Abizer-man (Shazam), and I am an International Student from Dubai. I am running for President to create a welcoming community for all first-years. I love CMC, and I want to make this community even better. In order to achieve this purpose, I have a couple of ideas in mind.

I intend to arrange office hours every week (Monday 7 pm-8 pm and Friday 6 pm-7 pm) in front of the Dining Hall where you are welcome to sit with me and talk about your concerns or relax. Here is my agenda:

  1. I will organize numerous parties, games, and Netflix movie nights around campus that serve freshmen only. This will allow first-year students to mingle more with each other.

  2. I will ensure that more food trucks are set up around campus that go beyond the pizzas and burgers we are used to right now. We need to get food from other cuisines like Mexican, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic etc. food to cater to the various backgrounds of students on campus.

  3. I will arrange rides to the beach, Disneyland, or LA often for freshmen students looking for a fun weekend.

  4. I will have more light bulbs around campus to assure the safety and well-being of students wandering around at night.

  5. It tends to get very sunny in the morning. This is felt most by the students walking from Mid Quad and South Quad to classes and the dining hall. I will set up umbrella stands around campus for conscious students concerned about sunstroke and skin cancer!

You can shoot me an email anytime you want at I look forward to enjoying the rest of this year with you (Shazam! Shazam! Shazam! 🖖)!


Natalie Phillips


Hi everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Natalie Phillips, and I am running for first year class president! As a woman of the people, I too have felt the rush of past weeks and the inundation of new information, so I’ll tell you what I am running on in the most succinct way: Bettering Student Life:

  • Adding FREE menstrual products to all bathrooms

  • MORE and BETTER food options

  • Recognizing more holidays on campus

  • Introducing NEW and CREATIVE themes to parties

  • Adding INTRACLASS events for grades to socialize

  • Allowing our student ID’s to work as CASH in the Claremont village


Keeping our Community Safe:

  • Adding more WATER REFILL STATIONS all around campus

  • Adding student EMT training and jobs to campus

  • Creating more COHERENT Covid guidelines to keep our rates at 0

  • EXPANDING our mental health services so that every student knows they can get services that fit their needs

Pursuing Academic Excellence:

  • Adding students to CMC's Academic Standards Committee, so there is a student’s

  • VOICE in reviewing cases

  • Adding a READING WEEK before mid-terms and finals

  • More INCLUSIVE campus clubs that provide pre-professional help

  • Providing FACULTY DEI TRAINING to foster better class environments

I truly want to be the voice of our awesome student body. I like to think of myself as someone who is approachable, so please: come up to me, sit with me, walk with me and let’s have a catch about anything (what you want improved, how your day is going, or literally anything on your mind). If you vote me for first year class president, I promise to do everything in my power to make this year the best it can be. VOTE NAT, BECAUSE SHE HAS YOUR BACK


Eddie Wei


Hey everyone! My name is Eddie Wei, and I’m running to be your First-Year Class President. A little bit about me: I am from Ames, Iowa, I like going on picnics and traveling, and I worked at American Eagle this past summer. While we have only been at CMC for a few weeks, I have already LOVED every single moment with you all. As your FYCP, I hope to transform my excitement for CMC into tangible change.

Although my campaign includes goals relating to 1) supporting our transition to college life and 2) fostering school spirit, the main reason I’m running is to be your representative. As your president, I will fight for what you want. I understand that my goals for FYCP may not always align with yours. Thus, in formulating my campaign, I intentionally left room for your ideas. I will use my position as the only first-year on the ASCMC executive board to voice your opinions. If you have any proposals, complaints, or questions regarding CMC life, I will wholeheartedly advocate for you. My presidency will center around your ideas and the needs of our entire class.

In addition, a vote for Eddie is a vote for a realistic campaign. Although my goals aren’t big compared to other candidates, my goals are feasible. I have recognized the duties but also the limitations of FYCP, and I hope you will too with your vote.

It would be an absolute honor to serve as your FYCP. If you have any questions, please reach out at either, or @eddie4fycp on Instagram. In addition, if you see me walking around campus, don’t feel afraid to say hi! I’d love to have a conversation. Talk to y’all soon, and remember: THE BEST WAY IS WITH EDDIE WEI!


Luis Mendoza

Luis Is the Missing Piece

Hello Class of 2025 Stagthenas! My name is Luis Mendoza and I’m from North Carolina. If you would have asked me two months ago if I would run to be the First-Year President, I would have called you dillusionional. However, here I am. Now, why am I running, well here is why:

Enhancing the beauty of our social life Who would have thought that we would have the privilege to be on campus for our first year at CMC. Events such as Holiday Parties, a “Before I Graduate…” mural and more could add to CMC. In addition, I want to ensure that action is taking place to address concerns from the student body. Such as having Water Bottle Stations around campus to stay hydrated and adding more light sources around campus to feel safer during the night. Evolution through Diversifying Inclusion I want to make sure that all students are heard and respected in their community. Also, I will strive to make a community where minorities are recognized and provided with resources throughout CMC. Having a Cultural Food Festival and a Festival of colors, would show how multiple cultures can come together. Also, working with affinity groups would help the voice of the minority, like hosting workshops for FAFSA and the CSS profile. Stress Relief and Mental Health Access For ALL

Students are becoming more stressed because of homesickness, joining clubs, and the substantial amount of readings. Having pet therapy with Theo, hammock stations, and tea stations would provide a chance to lift some stress off their shoulders. Also, I want to make sure that each student’s mental health is being validated and everyone knows about the resources CMC has for all students.

Feel free to contact me on IG (luis4fycp),


Peter Dien

A core belief I hold is that our excellency as a school does not matter as long as the excellency is not attainable for everyone.

Hello! My name is Peter Dien and I am running to be your CMC First Year Class President. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but have lived in West Covina, California my entire life #WestCoastBestCoast. In high school I was a theatre and choir kid (tenor 1 gang wya) and also founded a community organization in my hometown called Change West Covina. A core belief I hold is that our excellency as a school does not matter as long as the excellency is not attainable for everyone. As long as our endowment is built off of oil pipeline money and the oppression of indigenous people, we can not live up to the expectations of “anti-racism” and “sustainability.” My job would be to spread awareness, build a class consensus, and garner public pressure so that WE can use our agency as a school to take a stance against the KKR pipeline.

I am aware that my role as class president is not simply a big picture one. The details make the portrait, and I will spend as much time crafting emails and organizing community bonding events as I will spend time lobbying in certain committees to enact broad change. Our task is daunting, but it can only be accomplished through your vote, your voice, and your solidarity.


Bryan Soh

The Choice Is Soh Damn Obvious

Hey y’all, it’s Bryan Soh and I would be extremely thrilled and privileged to serve you all as first-year class president. A little bit more about me: I’m from sunny Singapore, my favorite artists include The 1975, LANY, and Fiji Blue, and I have an unhealthy obsession with perfume. Let’s first preface this by saying that whoever ends up as FYCP will do a fantastic job at building a strong sense of camaraderie for this class. But if you want to put your trust in someone who’s willing to get his hands dirty and serve others before himself, I’m your guy. With the same dedication of an army officer that lives to fight and die for his men, I will not rest till my class is satisfied. My ideas currently, though certainly open to your criticism and improvement, include:

  • A centralized spreadsheet/website for freshmen to easier navigate through CMC’s & 5C’s resources, support systems, and affinity groups

  • Streamlined dissemination of information (social events, athletic games, off-campus trips) to freshmen

  • Initiation of more campus traditions to instil class and school spirit (songs, chants at games; weekly open-field karaoke sessions)

  • Finding a way to use meal plan Board Plus Dollars to pay for laundry

Beyond this, I will be a reliable bridge between us and the school. I’ll surface feedback and concerns accordingly to give you answers. Central to my vision are actionable goals. More than your voice, I will be your hands and feet, working tirelessly to effect the change you want to see in CMC. And most importantly, beyond this FYCP position, I just want to be a listening ear and a source of support for you guys. Feel free to talk about anything under the sun with me at or on the ‘gram at @bryanjedidiah!


Addison Reddinger

Don’t be misled, vote Addi Redd! :)

Hello beautiful people! My name is Addison Reddinger and I’m running for First-Year Class President. My time here at CMC so far has been absolutely incredible. Our student body is supportive and intellectually curious, we have vast resources that allow us amazing opportunities, and the community here is like no other I’ve experienced. This is a truly special place. CMC is home to me and I want to ensure that everyone feels the same. Here are some of my plans and ideas for the upcoming year:

Student Life and Happiness As we transition back to normal, building student support systems and hosting engaging social events are my top priority. This includes continuing to raise awareness for mental health and committing to bringing fun, innovative events and traditions to campus. I plan on selecting a Mental Health Coordinator for my cabinet to help me spearhead issues on campus and create new policies that ensure students feel safe and heard. Additionally, I plan on working closely with the Student Life Committee(SLC) to consistently provide entertaining social functions.

Student Representation Larger student representation is a must this year! This means more student involvement in critical decisions on campus. Some of the ways I plan to do this are working with the Academic Affairs Committee(AAC) to ensure student representation on the Academic Standards Committee and committing to selecting a diverse cabinet that’s representative of the entire student body and ensures everyone from marginalized groups are heard.

Other Goals

  • Establishing set formatting guidelines for professors using SAKAI.

  • Working to bring free, high-quality menstrual products to bathrooms.

  • Innovating ways to ensure all halls have easily accessible water.

  • Vastly improving WIFI networks.

  • Weekly/Biweekly food events(In-N-Out/Canes/etc).

  • Better social media presence.

Don’t be misled, vote Addi Redd! :) Ask me more! @addison4cmc2025/


Giovanni Pierre

Hey CMC Class of 2025!

Gio is your Hero!

For those of you I haven’t met, I’m Giovanni Pierre (he/him). I’m from Woburn, MA, and I like skating, The Beatles, and long walks on the beach, and I’m running to be your first- year class president! If you’ve seen me around campus, I was probably in front of Collins, dapping up everyone that I come across, and shouting people’s names across campus. That’s because my mission is to be a representative in the fullest sense of the word, and to accomplish this, I’ve attempted to establish a relationship with every member of our class of ’25 community. Since I will be the only first-year on the executive board, it’s imperative that I get to know each of you, as the better I know you, the better I can represent you. I want you all to see me as someone that you can call up at any time or sit with at Collins if you need anything. If you want to reach me, shoot me a DM or a text and we can meet up. We can talk about whatever you want, ranging from changes you want to whether Donda is better than CLB (it is btw). My main way of connecting with all of you—other than seeing you in person—will be through Instagram. Expect consistent Q&As, polls, suggestion boxes, and CMC memes from me.

I understand that CMC’s party culture isn’t the most inclusive and that parties aren’t for everyone. So apart from class parties and my side-mission to make North Quad actually fun, I have a ton non-party of first-year class events planned: In-N-Out dinners, class barbecues and field days, video game tournaments, open mic nights, and class beach trips.

One of my core values for this community is inclusivity, so in this spirit, my cabinet will be comprised of a diverse group of people of various backgrounds, identities, and points of view in order to ensure I can properly advocate for all members of our first-year class when making decisions on the executive board.

That’s a quick run-down of my campaign without giving everything away (the rest to come during my campaign speech on Thursday). If you have any questions or just want to talk, stop me around campus, I’m happy to chat with you.

Remember, Gio is your hero! Peace and Love <3 Gio


Day Sangmo

Hi everyone, My name is Lodoe, but I go by Day. I’m from NYC but I’ve been living in LA for the past year. You’ve probably seen me falling off my longboard, riding behind Clare’s wheelchair, or hogging all the sriracha at Collins.

Here are a few fun facts about me!

I originally arrived in the U.S. as a Tibetan refugee before becoming a citizen. Pre-covid, I was a swim instructor for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.

And lastly, Justin Bieber follows me on Twitter!

I really hope to become y’alls First Year President. I intend to implement various plans regarding improving campus safety, inclusive social activities, and amping up school spirit. I would invest in speakers that would play a CMC-curated playlist to make parties more inclusive.

To increase campus safety, I would work with the CMC administration to get more lights including string lights and lamps ensuring that people get back to their dorms safely, while adding to the CMC aesthetic.

To improve social life, I plan to create Game Boxes filled with recreational equipment, board and card games.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have to make CMC a more lively, safe place. If you like these or have similar suggestions I would love to hear from you!

Thank you! Contact me at


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