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Introducing the 2021-2022 RAs!

Celebrate the first three weeks of classes with us by learning some new details about your RAs!



Marisa Mestichella Pronouns: she/her Major(s): Government & Economics with a Legal Studies Sequence Heyyy CMC! I’m Marisa and I’m ecstatic to be one of the Alexan Kendry RAs in the fall. I’m originally from Seattle so I can’t get enough of the SoCal sunshine. I am an explorer at heart, and love to get outside for hiking adventures, LA city crawling, or day trips to the beach. At CMC I’ve had some amazing experiences like traveling on the Appel Fellowship to interview street performers and learn their stories, as well as writing for The Student Life and the Lowe Institute (shameless plug for TSL and Lowe Down student blog), and co-founding the Sunrise Claremont Colleges, an inspiring environmental action community. After changing my major 4 times, I eventually declared as a Gov & Econ major with a Legal Studies sequence because I wanted to have the tools to understand and make positive contributions to my community. Outside academics, I am a lover of sports, music, and good food. I played soccer with the CMS Athenas, and I sing with Mood Swing, a 5c acapella group. I’m always down to talk sports over a good boba tea, play some pick-up soccer, or have a jam sesh. Alexan Kendry squad, get ready for cookouts and pool days - I can’t wait to get to know everyone!!


Max Weirauch

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): Double Major in Economics and German Studies I'm an international student at CMC involved with Admission, ResLife, CARE, Claremont Marketing Group and an avid inter mural soccer player. I'll be the RA at the off-campus Alexan Kendry Apartments and looking forward to build community together with my Co-RA Marisa. I grew up in Hamburg, Germany and attended high school in the Bay Area for a year.



Anna Green

Apartments (651) Pronouns: She/her/hers Major(s): Government and Gender Studies Hi CMC! My name is Anna and I am so excited to be one of the RAs at the Senior Apartments this fall. I am a Government and Gender Studies major from CT, but on campus I can usually be found recording episodes of Free Food for Thought on the second floor of the Atheneum, waiting in line at the Motley, or making PB toast at Collins' snack. I love being outdoors, reading, and my favorite form of procrastination is making Spotify playlists, so send any music recommendations my way. I can't wait to be back on campus, reuniting with familiar faces, meeting new ones, and (hopefully) getting to see people IRL instead of over Zoom. Please stop by my apartment any time for a cup of coffee or to try my latest cooking project! My door is always (metaphorically) open.


T.J. Askew

Apartments (661) Pronouns: he/ him/ his Major(s): EEP Hey everyone! My name is TJ and I'm hyped to be one of the Senior Apartment RAs this year! I grew up in Papua New Guinea until the age of 11, when I moved to San Diego, CA. At CMC, I play on the Men's Basketball Team and manage the Natural Science team at the Roberts Environmental Center. Academically, I study Environment, Economics, and Politics with a Sequence in Data Science. Some of my favorite hobbies are backcountry backpacking, surfing, and being called mijo by the Collins workers.


Alicia Reynaga

Apartments (671) Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Media Studies and Spanish Hey Everyone! I’m Alicia, and I am from Pasadena, CA. I am super excited to be one of the RAs of the Senior Apartments! I am a Media Studies and Spanish dual major. During the pandemic, I studied abroad for a year in Madrid, Spain, and Havana, Cuba. I have also lived in Barcelona for two summers. In addition to working as a DOS assistant, I am a part of the Kravis Leadership Institute, a member of the 5C Dance Company, and a Spanish TA. I have worked in nearly every office on-campus, and I am so excited to be a part of such an incredible family of RAs this year. On-campus you can always find me sipping on a matcha latte in DOS or working the hub. Feel free to stop by my apartment whenever to chit chat and chill!


Adhitya Venkatraman

Apartments (681) Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): PPE and Data Science Hello everyone! My name is Adhitya, but you can call me Adhi. I hail from San Jose, California and I'm really pumped to be back in Claremont this fall! On campus, I study PPE, work at the Rose, and frequently miss serves in intramural volleyball. I'm hyped to be one of the RAs for the Student Apartments! My door's always open, so stop by anytime to chat or hang! Pumped to see everyone in-person very soon!



Eric Warmoth

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): Environmental Analysis + Public Policy Hey! My name is Eric and I will be the RA for Appleby this year! I'm from Los Altos, California and I'm an Environmental Analysis and Public Policy major. I'm looking forward to returning to the pool to play water polo for the Stags this fall, and on campus I'm also a Co-President of Sunrise Claremont Colleges and a Tour Guide/Senior Interviewer. My favorite study spot is the Lower Kravis classrooms and I will always defend this (also come to ASCMC Senate down there). I am a committed reality TV fan and I even joined CMC's first on-campus season of Survivor. I'm really excited to continue some awesome Appleby traditions like Hump Day, so get ready for a great year! See you soon CMC!



Brandon Rho

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): 3+2 (Econ+Engineering) Hello! My name is Brandon Rho. I'm from Orange County, California and am an incoming senior. Over the fall, I will be an RA for Auen along with my co-RA Janise Waites! I'm also a member of the CMS baseball team! During my free time, I love to play sports and hike, so if you need any advice on which routes/trails to take in Yosemite, or how the baseball season is going (Go Dodgers!), feel free to ask me! Video games are a hobby of mine, and I can go for hours on end ranting about the upcoming AAA games and underrated indie games on Steam!


Janise Waites

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Major(s): Government with a Leadership Sequence Hi! My name is Janise and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a Government major with a sequence in Leadership who also spent a semester "abroad" on the DC program. I’m from San Diego, CA. On-campus, I am a Career Services Mentor at the Soll Center and I used to play rugby with the Claremont Foxes before an injury. I am also the manager of the CARE Center and love working with the fellows and meeting new people. (And Free Food!) Catch me in Stark computer lab writing my thesis this fall, (I have no self-control so I'll talk to you for hours). Please come by if you want to give me music or tv show recommendations, want tips on how to navigate college, want to talk about your passions, or play cards! Can't wait to see you!



Jamie Bitz

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): International Relations and Film with a Leadership sequence Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I'm so excited to be one of your Beckett RAs! I may not have had to endure the Great Beckett Flood, but this dorm is a survivor and I'm so proud of her :') I'm a Film Studies and International Relations dual major with a Leadership sequence but also almost definitely the only person you know from South Dakota. I'm also a Gemini Rising, so do with that what you will (I say as if I have any idea what my chart means). You can pretty much always find me with a coffee in hand (I drink more library iced mochas than I do water), running off to watch my latest film obsession (yes I did in fact watch all 15 seasons of Criminal Minds in one month), or talking about my most recent trip abroad (Tunisia was amazing and I WILL be going back). I have the obnoxious habit of overdressing for literally every event, but I can make up for it with my breakfast sandwich machine that's open for everyone's use, of course, and my 50+ playlists for every mood imaginable (including the infamous "green beach on a saturday night"). I'm literally up until 3 AM every night, so when I say stop in and chat anytime, I mean it. Can't wait to meet everyone in CMC's most loved lounge! :)


Keir Keenan

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): Economics & Engineering (3+2) Hey everyone! My name is Keir and I am so excited to be one of the RAs for Beckett along with Jamie! I am majoring in Economics & Engineering (3+2) and love to get involved on- and off-campus. On campus, I am either leading a campus tour or at Roberts playing basketball with friends. I also love taking trips to the beach or Joshua Tree, going on hikes with friends, and staying fueled on Yerba Mates (mint is the only way to go). Feel free to stop by my room whenever and talk about anything, I am really excited to meet all of you! :)



Luke Lenhart

Major(s): Econ/Math Hey there! My name is Luke – born and raised in Los Gatos, California. I am excited to meet you all as one of your RAs for Benson. You can usually find me at Axelrood practicing for the swim & dive team, in Roberts working out or playing intramurals, or geeking out over the sheer amount of knowledge in the library. I am also involved in CCG and major in math & economics. I enjoy getting out in the mountains whether it be backpacking or skiing – and you’re welcome to join any time! I absolutely love board games (and am a bit competitive), so stop by any time for Catan, cards, chatting, or snacking. Excited to see all of you in-person!


Dorcas Saka

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Science Management Hello everyone! My name is Dorcas (she/her), and I am super excited to be one of the RAs for Benson! A little bit about me- I am a Science Management major with a public health concentration on the premed track. I have an interest in the intersection between business and healthcare. I’m originally from Nigeria but grew up in New York City. On-campus, I am a vice president on the College Programming Board (CPB), a student researcher in a microbiology lab, a senior interviewer, and a member of various other clubs. You can always find me in Heggblade (the DOS building) when I am not in class or on my bed with my 10 pillows and too many blankets to count. Feel free to stop by my room anytime (I’m always awake) to chat, study, or just grab some snacks (I have a large selection)! I am looking forward to getting to meet and know you all!



Caitlyn Arce

Pronouns: She/her/hers Major(s): International Relations Hi my name is Caitlyn! I’m majoring in International Relations with a focus in Environmental Studies. I’m super excited to be the Berger RA and meet you all! On campus I’m involved with CMC’s College Programming Board and Claremont Sustainable Consulting. In my free time, you can find me lounging on Green Beach, working out at Roberts, our hanging out and studying at the Hub. If you’re ever in the mood to go on a hike, play some tennis, or have a dance party, I’m your girl!


Tyler Craigwell

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): Philosophy & Public Affairs What's up everybody! My name is Tyler Craigwell and I am excited and honored to be one of your RAs for the Dirty Berg(er)! I am from New York, born and raised, but LA isn't half bad. I'm majoring in Philosophy & Public Affairs (Fancyspeak for Phil, Govt, Econ) so drop by and we can talk about anything and everything, from the weather to the deepest rabbit holes we can find. On campus, you'll find me all over the place from performing dark arts in the Student Investment Fund, making our experience better with ASCMC, building the future in the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, promptly delivering the smoke in Claremont Lions Rugby, or giving Live Nation a run for their money in Quantum. As you can see I love to be involved and that is a testament to the energy and variety found at CMC! Outside the clubs and classrooms, you can find me hanging with friends, trying new foods, attending concerts, gaming, jamming out, impromptu napping, reading etc. So, Berger or not, you are more than welcome to join the family where you can find all the vibes represented. We are here for a good time and a long time. Excited to meet you all in the Fall and don't be a stranger!



Jennifer Bernardez

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Psychology Major, Computer Science Sequence Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Bernardez. I am from Seattle, Washington, and I am so excited to be the RA of Boswell! I am studying Psychology and Computer Science and am extremely passionate about technology, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and leadership. On campus, I am an Admissions Tour Guide and Senior Interviewer, CARE Center Fellow, and Kravis Leadership Institute (KLI) Institute Fellow. In my free time I love taking photos, playing tennis, and cooking. As an RA, I am so excited to meet tons of new people, welcome our two new classes to campus, and host some amazing events! I cannot wait to see all of you on campus in the fall!



Ashley Wang

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Econ-Accounting & Data Science Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Wang and I will be the RA of Claremont Hall! I’m from Pasadena, CA and I’m majoring in Econ-Accounting with a Data Science sequence. I love camping, being in nature, playing tennis, going to concerts, and reading. On campus, you’ll find me in Bauer Reading room or watching the sunset on Marston Quad. I spent most of the pandemic back home and in San Diego so I’m super excited to return and welcome everyone back to campus! Please swing by Chall to see me and say hello! :)



Josiah Tarrant

Pronouns: He/Him/His Major(s): Economics w/ Leadership Sequence CMC!! My name is Josiah and I’m stoked to be one of the Co-RAs of Crown. I am from Westport, CT, about an hour outside of NYC. I like to think that my vibe is New York intensity meets California chill. I’ve got an awesome 14-year-old brother with a big personality who took over my room and wouldn’t give it back during the pandemic (doesn’t that just sum it all up)! While I no longer swim competitively, I still haven’t kicked the early wake up habit so find me at Collins at 7:30am. I study Economics at CMC and I may be the best ice cream scooper you ever meet. I geek out over music (and concerts!), cooking and food, laughing over the little things, technology, CMC Admission, and ITWP (iykyk). My favorite part of CMC is the people I’ve met, and yelling “hello” across campus is one of my things, so yell back! Hyped to be back on campus! See you soon!


Hannah Zhang

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Math + Econ + data science seq Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm so excited to be one of your co-RAs of Crown!! I'm from Arcadia, California and currently a Math + Econ (pending data science seq?) major. On campus, I'm involved in CPB, APAM, and SWS(lots of acronyms haha). One of my favorite hobbies back on campus is exploring new study spaces at the 5C's--my top ones have been Estella (previously Milikan) at Pomona, the hub, and Crown lounge (best lounge/dorm on campus hands down). I'm also a huge foodie, and am always down for a trip to the Village to get some good eats! In my free time, I also love binging reality TV(the trashier the better)like the Bachelor, Love Island, and more. Feel free to stop by 2nd floor Crown, and can't wait to meet/see you all again back on campus!



Sophia Ramirez-Brown

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): PPE and International Relations Dual Major Hi everyone! My name is Sophia RB (or RB if you know one too many Sophias) and I am so excited to be one of the Fawcett co-RAs!! I'm a PPE and International Relations Dual Major, so come talk to me anytime about politics. I'm a born and raised LA native and a huge coffee fan, and you can always find me at one of the many cafes on/around the 5Cs. I was super fortunate last fall to study abroad in Seoul in the midst of the pandemic, and spent last spring taking online classes in Eugene, Oregon. Though I love to travel, I cannot wait to be back on campus in the fall! In my free time I love to hike, explore local restaurants, watch Netflix, and volunteer at the Children's School on campus. Regardless of if you're my resident or not, I would love to chat (or binge Bob's Burgers) with you, so come on by!


Natasha Wong

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Computer Science and Asian Studies Hello hello! My name is Natasha Wong and I’m stoked to be your RA for Fawcett (I promise, we’re about to get Fawce-lit). I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and over the past year, I’ve unfortunately gained the ability to convert time quickly between Pacific and Malaysia time. I’m a computer science (at Mudd) and Asian studies (at Pomona) double major, and I’m not looking forward to having to speed walk between the two soon. I am looking forward though, to grabbing boba with people (literally anytime at all), being reunited with my guitar I bought right before leaving campus (also big on music so send me any music recs at all), and meeting all of you (woo!)! Outside of the classroom, I’m part of the Roberts Environmental Center, Claremont Consulting Group, and Claremont Christian Fellowship. Being at home over the past year has made me incredibly excited to meet people, so Fawcett resident or not, swing on by to the room with *the best* views on campus – Fawcett 806 anytime! :)



Sam Harrison

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): RDS BA/MA Economics, Finance Howdy! My name is Sam and I will be the RA of Green Hall for the 2021-2022 school year. On campus I play on the CMS Men's Water Polo team and serve as Executive Vice-President of ASCMC. In my free time, I like to play Super Smash Bros. and go surfing. A fun fact about me is I've only ever lived in Green Hall on campus, and I will never have done room draw (Green 216 for life, shoutout Andrew Winssinger CMC'22)! I'm super stoked to meet all the future lovely Green residents and friends of residents :) Here's to the best dorm, and best year yet!



Chase Mendell

Pronouns: He/Him/His Major(s): Environment, Economics and Politics Hi everyone! My name is Chase Mendell. I am super excited to be the Marks RA!!! I am from just outside Philadelphia. Fun fact: HBO's "Mare of Easttown" was filmed right by my house. I am an EEP major with a sequence in Data Science. Outside of class, I work at the Roberts Environmental Center, lead OI trips and procrastinate my work by going to the beach as much as possible. I have a mild coffee addiction so feel free to stop by if you want some cold brew!

Jocelyn Song

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Media Studies and Economics dual major with an Asian American Studies sequence Hi everyone! My name is Jocelyn Song, and I’m super excited to be one of the new RAs for Marks! I’m from Monterey Park, CA (basically East LA) and I’m dual majoring in Media Studies and Econ with an Asian American Studies sequence. On campus, I’m either shooting hoops with my teammates in Roberts, meeting up with the APAMily in CARE, getting my ~almost daily~ fix of overnight oats at the Hub, or procrastinating at a table near the Kravis faculty offices. In my free time, I love watching films/TV (psycho thrillers are my fav!), going on boba runs, and having long late-night talks. With that being said, please swing by Marks to chat about anything! Can’t wait to meet y'all and see your lovely faces in person!! :)



Leila El Masri

Pronouns: she/her/hers Major(s): Chemistry-Government dual! Hey guys!! My name is Leila and I'm originally from Houston, Texas (Texas forever bb). I'm so excited to be the RA of Phillips this year! On campus I'm a chem-gov dual major and I'm super passionate about environmental chemistry- you'll find me doing research at Keck on wildfire emissions! If I'm not doing research, catch me at Axelrood pool getting some yards in as a member of the CMS swim team, planning the next Middle Eastern culture event on campus, or arguing over which dining hall is truly the best. As a member of the Yelp Elite Squad I'm always talking about food, so if you need some good recs head my way! I also LOVE watching The Office and Seinfeld, and I'm obsessed with Pepo Melo in the Village (peep me with the gals on Sundays). Hop on over to Phillips because my door is always open and a plethora of TJs snacks are always on hand!! I can't wait to see y'all soon! Leila ;)



Luke Webb

Pronouns: he/him/his Major(s): Econ-Accounting What up! My name is Luke Webb and I am going to be the RA at Stark Hall and I am unbelievably stoked about it. I cannot wait to get back to campus to see everyone and have a great last year. A little bit about myself is that I have a dog named Bear who is a labradoodle with a huge nose, I have a collection of, at the time that I am writing this, 62 Cheez-It boxes, I am a huge Phoenix Suns fan and their playoff run has been absurd, my Chipotle order is a bowl with white rice, both beans, sofritas, veggies, lettuce, mild salsa, medium salsa, and guac, lastly, I am the self-proclaimed best Super Smash Bros Ultimate player at the 5C's and I welcome any challenge. Hyped to be the Stark RA with the amazing and wonderful Avi Gupta and looking forward to a great year!



Aditi Chitre

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major(s): Neuroscience and Philosophy

Hi everyone! I’m Aditi, the new RA for the best dorm on campus. I’m from a quaint little town in SoCal called Claremont, am a Neurophilosophy major, and am planning on going to medical school. I’m interested in the intersections of healthcare, technology, & society, and am passionate about veganism, the Oxford comma, and sleeping. I love being active by running around Claremont or even trekking to Mudd for dinner. On campus you can find me studying at Poppa or Honnold, laying by the Scripps pool, or sticking people’s heads with EEG gel in lab. I also run the Claremont Colleges EMS, an amazing community for pre-health students. Off campus you can almost certainly find me eating açaí bowls at Pepo Melo, chilling at the beach, or doing my laundry at home. Come by Wohlf literally anytime to talk, vent, or share indie/rock/R&B song recs!


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