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Introducing the 2024-25 RA's

Meet the next slate of CMC Resident Assistants!



Name: Chloe Vijandre

Dorm: Appleby Hall (North Quad)

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Major: Economics + International Relations

Hello everyone! My name is Chloe Vijandre and words cannot describe how excited I am to be the RA for Appleby! A little bit about me: I am an international student from the Philippines and was also raised in Vietnam. I am a senior dual majoring in Economics and International Relations. My favorite thing about CMC is the tight-knit community and all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know throughout the years. From being a FYG, an I-Connect mentor, or simply loitering on Bos patio, I’ve been so lucky to connect with others and I cannot wait to continue fostering such a great community as one of the North RAs. I am always down to chat, jam, play basketball, etc. So come hang out!

Name: Izzy Yau-Weeks

Dorm: Boswell Hall (North Quad)

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Major: Environmental Analysis

Hi everyone!! My name is Izzy Yau-Weeks and I’m so excited to be the Boswell RA. I’m a senior from Oakland, CA studying Environmental Analysis on the Race, Class, Gender track. I love CMC’s tight-knit and supportive community and I can’t wait to cultivate a great Bos dorm culture as well. On campus, I’m a Success Coach, member of my 5C a cappella group the After School Specials, and dedicated IM basketball player for THE Jordan Poole’s Baddies. Other than that, I love crafting, jamming out, being outside, and making friends so feel free to stop by my room anytime!!! 

Name: Vito Molina

Dorm: Green Hall (North Quad)

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Major: Economics + International Relations

Hello everyone! My name is Vito Molina and I am so excited to be the RA to Green. I lived in Green during my first two years of college and I am so happy to be back! I am an Economics and International Relations dual major from Santa Rosa, California. I love to mountain bike, hike, watch/play soccer, and boulder. On campus, I am involved in SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting (but honestly I still do not know what consulting is). My favorite aspect of CMC is the culture of our close-knit community. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than being surrounded by such bright, lively, and supportive individuals. I can not wait to meet and connect with all of the Green residents. Looking forward to a great and memorable year together! 

Name: Lucy Thompson

Dorm: Wohlford Hall (North Quad)

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Major: Literature + Media Studies

Hello! My name is Lucy, I’m from Bangkok, I’m a Literature and Media Studies major, and I’m going to be the RA for Wolf! I am SO SO SO excited to be part of the RA Cohort, as there is nothing here at CMC I love more than building and participating with our community here. My favourite hobby is HANGING OUT, so please drop my open door hours, Wolf resident or not, and we can chat, read, eat snacks or do whatever together! When I’m not in Wolhford, you can find me creating content for CMC Admissions, singing with the After School Specials, or letting it linger in Collins or the Hub with a cup of tea or a coffee. I can’t wait to foster some awesome dorm community in Wohlford, so shout out Wolf residents, can’t wait to meet you all! <3


Name: Kobey Jorgensen

Dorm: Beckett Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Hermiston, OR

Major: Biochemistry

Howdy! I'm Kobey Jorgensen and I have the privilege of being one of the Beckett RA's! I'm from a few different small towns in Oregon, and I'm majoring in Biochemistry with a sequence in Leadership Studies. I play football for CMS on the D-line and love being active! I pretty much have all of the hobbies: art, reading, exercise, music, etc... I'm not particularly good at any of them though, so come get better with me! I personally have a "work hard, play hard" mentality, and plan on bringing that energy with me to Beckett! Also, I'm actually a transfer student from Silly Goose University, so I'm always down to clown around! I've loved my time at CMC and I hope that you do too!

Name: Nikki Tran

Dorm: Beckett Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Economics

Hello everyone! My name is Nikki, I am from San Diego, and I am one of this year’s Beckett RAs! I am an Economics major and on campus, I am involved in APASA, CWIB, RLCIE, and work at the Soll Center and Office of Financial Aid. In my free time, you’ll find me running, at a cafe (anything with oat milk tastes good to me), or talking about a new movie with my friends. Super excited to meet everyone and keep the Beckett vibe alive through on and off campus activities!

Name: Luis Mendoza 

Dorm: Benson Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Warsaw, NC

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) + Chicane-Latinx Studies

HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Luis Angel Mendoza (he/him), and I'm from Warsaw, North Carolina. I am a QuestBridge Scholar on the pre-law track, studying in the PPE (I can't do Economics for the life of me) program at CMC. I also study Chicane-Latinx Studies, which is a 5C major. You can find me studying (yapping) at the CARE Center, the Motley at Scripps, or the Chicane-Latinx Studies lounge at Pomona. On campus, I have been involved with CARE as a Fellow, Research Assistant for Gould and Keck, Tour Guide, Affinity Group Leader, and MUN (let me know if you have any questions). I also love playing volleyball (who's down to form an intramural volleyball team?), going to the village for some açaí at Ubatuba (better than Pepo Melo), and looking mysterious around campus while listening to music. I can't wait to meet all of the Benson Baddies <3

Name: Eva Pruitt

Dorm: Benson Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) + Philosophy 

Hi everyone! My name is Eva (she/her), and I’m super excited to be one of Benson’s RAs. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and I am a dual major in philosophy and PPE with a sequence in legal studies. On campus, I’m one of our Mock Trial team directors, involved with the admissions office, and have loved working with our Philosophy department in research. One of my favorite parts about being a CMC student is going to the Ath! And my other favorite part of CMC is our friendliness, so please say hi if you see me around campus and stop by Benson anytime! I love hiking, reading, making art, listening to music, and being outside. I am also a huge fan of tea, so I'm looking forward to some tea nights in my open door hours :) I am super excited to meet all the Benson residents next year and build an awesome dorm community!!

Name: Meg Birenbaum

Dorm: Berger Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: Science Management

Hey y'all! My name is Meg, and I am a Science Management major from Charlotte, NC. I am passionate about building community at CMC, and have strived to achieve this as the Vice President of campus organizations in ASCMC and a First Year Guide. I am also involved in Claremont Women in Business, and conduct research at Keck Science. I am a huge animal lover and grew up riding horses and teaching riding lessons. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at Priceless Pets, going for walks, going to Roberts, or playing pickleball. I look forward to cultivating a fun and welcoming environment in Berger next year and getting to know my residents!

Name: Eddie Wei

Dorm: Berger Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Ames, IA

Major: Economics + International Relations

What’s up! I’m Eddie and I am excited to be one of the RAs of Berger Hall. I was born and raised in Ames, Iowa, and study economics and international relations here at CMC. When I’m not working in Poppa, you’ll probably catch me on the pickleball courts, speedrunning every NYTimes game (connections is my favorite!), or leading a campus tour. I also enjoy playing (winning) intramural grass volleyball, watching any law TV show, and cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones. Don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me skateboarding around campus — I’m super excited to get to know anyone I don’t already know and help make everyone’s time here at CMC extra special!

Name: Colin Scanlon

Dorm: Crown Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Sag Harbor, NY

Major: Government + Film Studies

Yo! My name is Colin and I am from Sag Harbor, Newww Yoooork. I am a Government and Film Studies dual major, as well as a hurdler for the Track and Field Team. When I’m not at Malott eating breakfast, I love to loiter, scream at the tv cause the Knicks are playing, get funky, discuss leadership battles in the House of Representatives, make obscure references, and to live, laugh, love. Come stop by my room (or else…) for a music recommendation, to overshare, or discuss changes you’d love to see in your community. Now let’s get out there and make a difference!

Name: Kaavya Narayan

Dorm: Crown Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Major: Economics

Hey everyone! My name is Kaavya Narayan, and I am so hyped to be one of the RA’s for Crown Hall this year. I am from Sunnyvale, California and studying Economics on the Pre-Med Track. If I’m not hanging out in Crown, you can find me losing my voice cheering on the Warriors, giving tours, doing research at KLI, watching the Bachelor, teaching dance at the local senior center, standing in the caprese sandwich line at Collins, or playing on the 5C Club Volleyball team. Can’t wait to hang out with you all soon and build an awesome Crown Hall family this school year!! P.S.--Anytime you see my co-RA Colin, feel free to tell him the Warriors are better than the Knicks :)

Name: Mateo Colbert

Dorm: Marks Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Major: International Relations

What's up! My name is Mateo and I'm from Santa Monica, CA. I'm super stoked to be the RA of Marks! I'm majoring in International Relations (and I studied abroad in Copenhagen). Some people peak in high school, others in college, I'm pretty sure I peaked in pre-school -- I miss nap time and juice boxes. On another note… I like watching TV shows, reading fantasy novels, and frolicking outside. Feel free to hit me up at any time and with any questions. I can’t wait to get to know y’all and plan some awesome events. For those returning to CMC: welcome back, and to y’all arriving for the first time, I’m excited to meet you!

Name: Andrea Posada

Dorm: Marks Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Government + Economics

Hi! My name is Andrea Posada (she/they) and I’m from Dallas, Texas! At CMC, I’m dual-majoring in Government and Economics (heavy on the Gov) and currently I’m a CARE Fellow, a Student Manager at the Gould Center, and a student assistant at the Faculty Support Office in Kravis. I am beyond excited to be one of the RAs for Marks, and I look forward to creating a safe and fun community for everyone! I love crafting – which includes making collages, painting, making bracelets and embroidery. My favorite snack ever is açaí, specifically from Ubatuba in the village. On campus you can always find me at the CARE Center, the Gould Center, or in my room playing Animal Crossing. Feel free to drop by and chat about whatever, whenever :) I can’t wait to meet y’all!! 

Name: Ilma Turcios

Dorm: Phillips Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Economics + Government

Hi! My name is Ilma and I am SO excited to be Phillips’ RA. I’m Honduran but grew up in Miami, FL, and am an Economics and Government dual major. On campus, I’m a CARE Fellow and have also worked with the Keck and Salvatori Centers as a Research Assistant and at the Mgrublian Center as a Student Assistant. I’m a huge fan of cats, coffee, art, squishmallows, and music. In my free time, I love writing, reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends–––which I hope to do with my residents. Around campus, you can find me at the CARE center or using up all my Flex at the Motley. I can't wait to meet and get to know all you beautiful people!!!

Name: Daphne Achilles

Dorm: Valach Hall (Mid Quad)

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: Government + Chemistry

Hey y’all! I’m Daphne, I’m a Government and Chemistry major on the Pre-Med track, and I currently call Boise (Boy-see iykyk), Idaho home. I’m so excited to be the Valach RA next year! I can’t wait to host movie and baking nights (Valach has the one kitchen on campus). I am an amateur baker, but would love to hone my skills this upcoming year (If anyone has a tried-and-true gluten-free sourdough recipe, I’m all ears). On campus, I am a peer health ambassador, co-president of CCEMS (I’m an EMT), and I do research in Keck about parasitic infections in local species. Outside of school and extracurriculars, I love spending my free time outside whether it’s hiking, skiing, or rock-climbing! Come stop by and say hi!


Name: Perce Alvarez

Dorm: Auen Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Major: Media Studies

Hey Everybody! My name is Perce (they/he) and I'm excited to be one of the Auen RA's! I'm a Media Studies major with a passion for film and animation. On campus, I've worked with the Hive, QRC, and Gould Center on a variety of design projects for queer expression and affinity-focused work. If you've ever seen someone running around the 5C's like a headless chicken with a bell-boy job that was probably me trying to get to class on time. I've been told I'm a bit too passionate about Just Dance but if you're ever looking for a fun challenge feel free to pull up with Rasputin and a Wii controller. All that aside, I am really excited to form new connections with my residents and the CMC community.

Name: Eduardo Mellado Jacinto

Dorm: Auen Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Economics + Data Science

Hi everyone! My name is Eduardo and I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I’m a senior dual majoring in Economics and Data Science (fun combo but at times too many numbers). On campus I’m involved in SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting (best org on campus!) and you’ll catch me attending 5C Latinx in Tech events. When I’m not busy I like to watch sports (tbh any sport), play video games, try new places at the village, or go out for a coffee. I’m excited to be one of the RA’s for Auen and am looking forward to getting to know all of you. Feel free to reach out if you need anything and say hi if you see me around!

Name: France Ferreira

Dorm: Fawcett Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major: History

Hi everyone! My name is France Ferreira (she/her/ella) and I am from the Bronx, NY majoring in History. I spend most of my time on campus at the Chicano Latinx Student Association building, or in my room! I love anime, baseball and coffee, so if anyone ever comes over, I will offer a cup of coffee while watching a baseball game or an anime. I just spent my junior year studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea, so if anyone would love to chat about studying abroad, please feel free to contact me or find me in my room! I can't wait to get to meet you all and hopefully, we can have a great year!

Name: Stuart McCallum

Dorm: Fawcett Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Major: Economics-Accounting with an MA in Finance

Hello! My name is Stuart McCallum. I grew up in Massachusetts, but I’ve really enjoyed the weather in Southern California. I’m studying Econ-Accounting and Finance here at CMC. On campus, I’m part of the CMS Stags Basketball team and the Romero Success Coaches. Outside of my on campus-commitments, I am a board game enthusiast who loves playing Settlers of Catan and a food lover who enjoys both cooking and eating. I love watching all levels of Basketball, especially #d3hoops and the NBA (I am still very much pro-Celtics and anti-Lakers). I’m really excited to live in South Quad for the first time this year in the luxurious Fawcett Hall penthouse. I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of the Fawcett residents!

Name: Brenna Bell

Dorm: Stark Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Murrieta, CA

Major: Environment, Economics, & Politics (EEP)

Hi! I’m Brenna Bell. I’m a volleyball player, research assistant, Coastal Caretaker club president, CMS recreational worker, and now RA! If you want help getting involved on campus, I’m your gal. I’m majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics, with a minor in Data Science. I love meeting people and helping out! You’ll probably be seeing a lot of boba, crafts, holiday events, and gaming tournaments in stark soon. I love to get outside and play sports of all kinds. If you’re ever feeling brave, challenge me to a ping pong match in Stark! I have two lovely cats at home named Gandalf and Strider. But I love all animals! Especially those underwater.

Name: Kenshin Ueoka

Dorm: Stark Hall (South Quad)

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand + Kyoto, Japan

Major: Environment, Economics, & Politics (EEP) + Data Science Sequence

Hi, I’m Kenshin Ueoka, an Environment, Economics, and Politics Major with a Data Science Sequence. I was born in Japan and grew up in Thailand — CMC is my third home. I’m a Graphite Group Consultant and Romero Success Coach on campus, so feel free to talk to me about anything academic, pre-professional, or personal! Around campus, you might hear me making noise on the Stark lounge piano or on Taiko drums with the 5C Shogo Taiko Club. Aside from that, I love racket sports, golf, boba, photography, and all things anime! I’ve lived in Stark since my sophomore year and loved every minute of it. Let’s go for a game of table tennis, pool, or badminton! 


Name: Adamaris Sanchez

Dorm: Alexan Kendry Apartments

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Economics-Accounting 

Hello! Hola! My name is Adamaris Sanchez, an Econ-Accounting major originally from Los Angeles, CA. I am thrilled to be one of the Alexan Kendry RAs this year and look forward to fostering a supportive and inclusive community on and off campus. On campus I am President of the Ballet Folklorico Club de Claremont, a 5C cultural dance performance group! Besides dancing and performing, I enjoy exploring new places with my daughter Everly, studying at my favorite coffee shop Tierra Mia (highly recommend, especially their muffins), and volunteering at early education centers or organizations that serve low-income or first-generation students. I can’t wait to meet everyone and foster meaningful connections with my residents and fellow RAs!

Name: Nelly Haley

Dorm: Alexan Kendry Apartments

Hometown: Chicago

Major: Government + Psychology

Hey y’all, I'm so honored to be one of your RAs at CMC! I love community building and interacting with new people. I'm a huge fan of movies/tv shows, books, and music. My idea of a good time is lots of laughs and just making new memories. I love to chat so be prepared for me to talk your ear off. I'm so excited to plan fun dorm events for you guys! Please know I'm here for you all and I hope I can help make campus feel a little more like home.

Name: Matt Meredith

Dorm: Student Apartments

Hometown: Orinda, CA

Major: Economics-Accounting

Hey everyone! My name is Matt, I'm from Orinda, CA, and I will be one of the RAs at the Student Apartments this year! I'm an economics-accounting major, also pursuing a sequence in data science. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, reading books, and playing or watching a variety of sports. I am also part of the CMS men's basketball team. My favorite part of CMC has been all of the amazing people I have been able to meet and spend time with. I'm excited to be able to help spread that positive community at the Student Apartments and throughout campus. I'm always down to chat and connect with new people, so please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm excited for a great year!

Name: Gio Pierre

Dorm: Student Apartments 

Hometown: Woburn, MA

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE)

Hi! My name is Gio Pierre, and I am a philosophy, politics, and economics major from Woburn, MA. I am beyond excited to be an RA at the student apartments this year. My favorite part of my time at CMC by far has been the community. I cannot wait to build a tight-knit community at the apartments and continue to contribute to the wider CMC community. You can catch me playing my guitar or watching the Celtics in my room. I'm looking forward to what the year has in store!

Name: Claire Vlases

Dorm: Student Apartments

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Major: Computer Science + Ethics

Hi! I'm so excited to be your RA this year. My door is always open. I love going to the botanical gardens, being outside in the sunshine, and eating cookies. Catch me at art club, ski club, and coding club! I do love to hit the clubs. I hope to plan a lot of fun events, so let me know if you have any suggestions. I’m so lucky to live in the best community with the best people. :) Let’s make senior year unforgettable!

Name: Xristina Zogopoulou

Dorm: Student Apartments 

Hometown: Preveza, Greece 

Major: International Relations + Psychology 

Hey everyone! My name is Xristina and I come from a tiny town in Greece called Preveza. I am a dual International Relations and Psychology major and I will be one of the RAs at the student apartments. I am excited to meet everyone I haven't interacted with yet or reconnect with the ones I have! I love dancing, traveling, and hanging out with people!  Looking forward to an amazing year, my door is always open for you!


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