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Introducing the 2020-2021 RAs!

The Resident Assistants for the new year have just been announced, and they will be starting their RAships after Spring Break. The room draw process will take place shortly after that. Check out these profiles to meet your new RAs!



Leana Jacobs

Hi friends! My name is Leana and I’m super excited to be your new Appleby RA! I’m a first-generation college student from Los Angeles, California and am majoring in Econ-Accounting. Some of my favorite shows include You, Stranger Things, and all three Bachelor series. If you guys have suggestions for me, please send them my way! Skills include being able to quote every episode of Spongebob and scarfing down on Wingstop wings at an alarming rate. On campus, you can find me catching rays, stocking up on Collins’ cookies, or being dragged across Parents at 8 am by my friends for a workout. I’m always here for you guys, whether that’s as a gym buddy or someone to wait in Frary’s omelet line with :/ Come stop by my home on Apple-beach anytime to grab, sip, or spill tea! Snacks, workout plans, advice, and hugs will be provided. See you all super soon! Love, Your new Queen 🐝, Le!



Brandon Mitchell

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon and I am ecstatic to be one of the RAs for the Golden Tower: Auen! I am dual majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science so feel free to ask any questions about either. On campus, I am either on Arce Field playing baseball for the Stags, hacking away like Gilfoyle from SV, or at Roberts working out. I also enjoy going to concerts, hiking with friends, and drinking ridiculous amounts of cold brew. Feel free to stop by my room whenever and talk about anything! I am really excited to meet all of you :)


Taite Jorgensen

Hi! My name is Taite Jorgensen am I’m the new Auen RA with my co-RA Brandon! I’m from the best city in the world - San Diego! When I’m home, you can catch me at the beach and eating at my favorite restaurants (lots of cinnamon rolls and Italian). I am majoring in Organizational Studies and minoring in Leadership sequences. I also was an CMC Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and feel really passionate about making our campus a safer, more comfortable place for all members. For the past four summers, I have interned at a digital marketing agency and focused on marketing strategies, advertisements and social media! I don’t know what I want to do with my life after CMC… but hopefully it’s something in the fashion industry! In my free time, I love finding new food places, taking film photos, and relaxing with my friends. Feel free to stop by my room for snacks or to watch the Office with me!



Maezelle Hope Millan

Hey hey! My name is Maezelle (like Hazel with an M), and Taylor and I are the new Beckett RAs! I am majoring in Econ and Phil with a Leadership sequence. I am also part of the CMS Women’s Basketball team and SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting. In my free time, I like to watch NBA games, listen to old R&B, talk faith and philosophy, play card games, dance to Beyoncé, and go on food explorations! I’m hyped to get to know all my Beckett Boos! But resident there or not, come swing by and chat with the coolest RA team!


Taylor Jackson

Hey y’all! I’m Taylor, and I’m from Chicago! I’m a Russian and Eastern European Studies and International Relations double major (I know it’s a mouth full). I spent my sophomore spring and junior fall semesters abroad in Russia, and it was crazy! I’m so excited to be the co-RA of Beckett, and even more excited to get to know all of you. Feel free to swing by Beckett and chill with me!



Mohamad Moslimani

Hello everyone! My name is Mohamad Moslimani. I am from Queens, New York City, and I am hyped to be one of the Co-RAs of Benson Hall! I lived in Benson in my Sophomore year and can't wait to move back in. Some more info about me: I am a PPE Major who might just tack on a sequence at the last second. Although currently I just work as the Student Manager to the CARE Center, I've previously worked extensively in QuestBridge and with a variety of other affinity groups, planned and led the Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks, been a FYG, and hosted events like QuestGiving for students who stay back on campus. In my free time, I love to watch Netflix and Hulu (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? SLAPS. Saiki K? SLAPS. Castlevania? SLAPS. The Good Place? SLAPS. My Hero Academia? SLAPS. Steven Universe? SLAPS.), replay the Kingdom Hearts series, go to Menkoi Ya and Kazama Sushi in the village, live vicariously through my own Amazon wishlist, and find new music on Spotify! As a low-income student, I have taken advantage of DOS funding, SIE funding, Kravis funding, PPE funding, the Yonsei Program, the Washington Program, and I have bothered the Director for Fellowships and the Center for Global Studies with more things than you can imagine. I am passionate about access to resources for students from marginalized backgrounds (getting what's yours), being a friend to anyone who needs one, and not letting anything bother me without first asking "Does this affect my credit score?" Please come by if you wanna try giving me new art to consume, want tips on how to navigate college and the world beyond, want to talk about your passions, or just want to hang out. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


Georgia Wood

Hey y'all! I'm Georgia and I'm a born and raised Jersey girl living in Anaheim, CA. I'm one of the new Benson Hall RAs! I am a Government and Psychology dual major with an interest in counter-terrorism. On-campus I am a Success Consultant in DOS and I used to play rugby with the Foxes before an injury. I'm the biggest LA Kings hockey fan (yes, we're bad, don't talk about it) and hockey is the only sport I will watch on TV. I love everything country and country music and you can catch me in my cowboy boots line dancing on weekends (currently in search of the perfect cowboy hat). I am so excited to be a part of the 20-21 RA cohort and can't wait to get to know all y'all!



Emily Pugh

Hello friends! My name is Emily and I’m just a curious soul from small-town Georgia who wants to see the world. My family is one of the most important things in life to me along with dark chocolate, ambitious checklists and anything pastel. In the mornings you can catch me running around Claremont or eating a mostly-healthy breakfast at Collins. I also love getting out into either nature or the city on the weekends and hope to conduct research in China before going to grad school. Please swing by anytime to chat about study abroad, starting your own podcast or whatever random thing is going on around Claremont!


Wendy Torres-Badajoz

I’m Wendy one of the new Berger RA’s. I’m an LA local like actually LA not the surrounding area .. lol anyway and maybe the biggest dodger fan ever. I’m a Philosophy History dual major and spent a year abroad on the DC program and then in Cuba. On campus I do a lot of work with admissions and the preview program and have been granted SIE twice, fingers crossed for a third time! Off campus and during breaks i’m an older sister, dog mom and puzzle enthusiast. I’m also crazy organized: I’m talking g-cal, planners, color coding, the whole thing. So if you want to chat about any of these things, build a 5,000 piece puzzle or need help getting organized lmk, whether you live in Berger or not.



Declan Judge

Hi everyone, my name is Declan and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I’m currently studying Economics and Finance here at CMC. I played football here for the Stags and love watching and playing all sports. I enjoy having fun with my friends whether on the field, in the classroom, or off campus. One of my favorite parts about CMC is the accessibility of seeing a concert in LA, or doing quick weekend trips to Mammoth or Vegas. I think myself along with the others within the cohort have a good understanding of the social, academic, and personal struggles that come with being a college student, and hope that those living in Boswell or elsewhere on campus will feel comfortable talking with me and/or the other RA’s. I’m really excited to be the RA of Boswell, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!



Mimi Thompson

My name is Mimi and I am so excited to be your Chall RA! Dorm events are my favorite thing, so get ready for scavenger hunts, trivia nights, and bake-offs. I’m a Literature and Psychology major who has a passion for theater, so I am always either reading Shakespeare or Austen (out loud, with the accents, of course), or scamming people with my psych studies. Bangkok, Thailand is where I call home and I love being with my family. My sister, Lucy, is coming to CMC next year, and can definitely share all the crazy adventures my family gets up to! On campus, you can find me in Ryal, getting glittered up for a party with friends, or watching The Vampire Diaries. Being an RA has always been a dream of mine and I’m so grateful for this incredible opportunity.



Max Dawson

What’s up CMC!! My name is Max, I’m from San Diego, CA, and I’m SO excited to be one of Crown’s new RAs! I lived in Crown triples for two years (no, I can’t tell you why) and I’m thrilled to be back in the best dorm on campus! I’m majoring in the BA/MA program with a math dual, and am the CFO of ASCMC and CIO of SIF – if you couldn’t tell, I spend WAYYY too much time in Excel. When that’s not happening, you’ll find me playing pool at the Hub (shoutout to Josh Meadows), or at Roberts training for American Ninja Warrior. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and getting closer with the ones I already know: stop by my open door hours whether you’re a Royal or not! You KNOW the biggest rooms on campus have space for extra snacks…


Emma Finn

Hi everyone! I am Emma Finn from Westport, CT. I am a science management major with a biotechnology sequence. On campus, I run 5C EMS, work as a career service mentor, and work as a student researcher in an organic chemistry lab! I love being outside, playing sports, cuddling dogs, and journaling:) I am also a transfer student, and feel very lucky to have ended up at CMC after taking a winding path. Please come by Crown to see me- I love meeting new people!



Josh Meadows

CMC! My name is Josh Meadows, I’m from Washington DC, and I’m incredibly pumped be one of the new Fawcett (Fawc-LIT ) RAs. I lived in Fawcett for the fall semester last year and I absolutely loved the dorm’s scenic views and close-knit community. On campus I’m an Organizational Studies and Philosophy Dual Major and I work for RDS in the Soll Center. On any given day you can find me walking around campus with an iced-coffee or at the Hub distracting my friends and playing pool (shoutout to Max Dawson). I can’t wait to connect with everyone on campus, chat, and share some of my many strong opinions including that pineapple belongs on pizza and that regular Cheetos are better than hot Cheetos. Talk soon! Josh


Dri Tattersfield

Hello friends!! My name is Dri, and I am super excited to be the new Fawcett RA! I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan (the birthplace of boba!) and now live in Portland, Oregon (the birthplace of Raining Every Day). My pronouns are they/them/theirs and I'm always down to talk about gender identity with anyone that wants to learn more. I am a Physics and Philosophy major who is really interested in how science shapes + is shaped by society. I am also a fellow at the CARE Center and love stopping by there for dope conversations and yummy food (that 12/week meal plan...)! On campus, you might find me volunteering at the farm, performing spoken word poetry, or laying in the grass. Talk to me about studying abroad in Tanzania, Studio Ghibli movies, Avatar the Last Airbender, and making comic books/zines! I am SO STOKED to get to know you all - hit me up anytime to hang at the Motley/Augies, make art, or just chat in my room (I have many comfy floor pillows)!!



Naseem Nazari Hi everyone! I am Naseem, the new RA of Green. I am from the far far away land of Claremont, CA (yes, people actually live here). On campus, I am a PPE major, research assistant at the Rose, and tour guide at Admissions. I have a really cute puppy named Jooni and am planning play dates for her and Theo on Green Beach; stay tuned as the world's cutest love story unfolds. I love fresh air (fun fact: my name actually means fresh air in Farsi), traveling, and doodling. I am always looking for new music, so please hit me with some recs. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so if you see me at Collins in the morning, feel free to say hello :)



Robert Cain

Greetings, friends and future residents! My name is Robert Cain, but my friends call me Classy Cain. It is with deep excitement that I relieve the current RAs and assume their position as co-RA of Marks Hall alongside the fabulous Elena Castellanos. Less thrilling news is that I call Little Rock, Arkansas home, but thankfully, my birth certificate reads Sacramento, California. At CMC, I am majoring in Applied Mathematics and Media Studies with a to-be-determined Data Science Sequence and an obsession for TV dramas. My current favorites are Pose, How to Get Away with Murder, and Shameless. I also work at DOS as a student assistant, and if you see me engaging in sarcastic commentary or hear my loud laugh, please say hi! If not in DOS, you will usually find me working at the Hub, tanning near the fountains, or watching an episode of Wendy Williams. I am passionate about fashion, photography, and international travel as I serve fits regularly and recently returned from a year abroad in Thessaloniki, Manila, and Prague. If you need fashion advice or tips on studying abroad, hit me up. I am super excited to meet you all! P.S. My pronouns are he/him/his.


Elena Castellanos

Hi Friends! My name is Elena, and I’m an LA local. You can typically find me watching the newest Netflix food show, drinking oat milk lattes, and biking to Trader Joe’s (but not always at the same time). On campus, I study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and I am a fiend for urban planning and design. I’m so excited to be one of your Marks RAs! Get pumped for some fun, relaxing dorm events — avocado toast included. I can’t wait to get to know you all over a coffee at Augie’s.



Lizzette Rojas

Hello everyone! My name is Lizzette Rojas, but I sometimes go by Liz. I'm an Econ-Accounting major from Houston, Texas (so you know I'm H-town 'til I drown). I lived in Phillips my Freshman year, strayed a bit my sophomore year, and am now back with the Pham! I am SO excited to be an RA and to get to know everyone. On campus, I'm involved in 1Gen, FYG, the CAA, and in CMS Intramurals. In my free time I enjoy being active- whether that's playing volleyball, working out, or just walking to Mudd for dinner. I am passionate about animals and the environment and can whip out animal facts at any given moment. I have an unhealthy addiction to coca cola and pickles, so you know I'm always stocked. If anyone ever wants to stop by for a pickle, a good laugh, or some quality phamily time, my door is always open! <3



Placide Gatabazi

Muraho mwese! (Google is your friend) My name is Placide Gatabazi and if you can't tell from my greeting or last name, I am from Rwanda. I am a Science Management major with a Computer Science or Data Analytics track. You will find me at the library most of the afternoons and evenings trying to study or just bored and reading Malcolm Gladwell's book or piece. What do I love? I would talk about Rwanda for the whole day, I love dancing to Afrobeats, I love making some risky investments, and LOVE listening to other people's stories. Feel free to stop by my room to have a sip on some of the finest juices from Rwanda or talk about anything. Thrilled to be back in Stark! Go STARRRK!


Lupe Valente

Hello everyone! My name is Guadalupe Valente (but please, call me Lupe) and I am one of the two new Stark RAs! I am from East Los Angeles, California and am dual majoring in Mathematics and Spanish. Although I like to think I spend a good portion of my time studying, I’m actually pretending to do work at the Hub while sneaking fries from my friends. I have a clear obsession for succulents and flowers and try to collect as many leafy friends as I can. And even if I may not look it, I try to hit the gym a few days a week to make up for my taste for snacks - so be assured, I will always be packed with goodies to eat and snack on in my room! If I’m not at the Hub you can probably catch me working at the C.A.R.E Center, Admissions or giving tours around campus. I'm so excited to get to know as many of you as I can!



Mitchell Kirsch

Hello everyone! My name is Mitchell Kirsch and I'm from Atkinson, NH. I am a passionate sleeper and love eating vegetables. Academically, I geek out over Psychology and Economics, but I love learning about optimal human performance the most. During my free time I take full body ice baths, walk around barefoot, go bird watching, and look for opportunities to compete. I am a shooting guard on the CMS Men's Basketball team and spend many hours a day in Roberts Pavilion! I am super excited to be one of the three RAs at the Student Apartments! Please stop me on the path and say hello! If you're reading this, I challenge you to get 9 hours of sleep tonight.


Sevion DaCosta

Hello all! My name is Sevion – but you can also call me Sev. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada (yes, Drake is my cousin) and I am a PPE major with a Legal Studies sequence. I am very excited to be one of the RAs of the apartments along with Caitlyn and Mitch. On-campus I am the President of the CMC Mock Trial team (feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in joining), an avid New England Patriots fan and am always happy to talk about sports, movies, cooking, or anything else. Feel free to stop by the Apartments to say hi or stop me whenever I’m passing by!


Caitlyn Louzado

Hi everyone, my name is Caitlyn Louzado and I am from Pune, India. I am super excited to be an RA at the Senior Apartments along Mitchell and Sev! My majors are Economics and Psychology and I am especially interested in the environmental and the educational sector. I enjoy playing piano, painting and eating anything chocolate related. You can always catch me on Kravis fourth floor for a good sunset or at Frary breakfast. On campus, I am part of the mock trial team, make pastries at the ath, and am actively involved with ASCMC. I love going to new places, pushing myself out of my comfort zone (like the time when I skydived) and meeting new people! So come through to the apartments whether you’re a senior or not and I will provide the Indian snacks :) Always here for a good conversation and I am looking forward to this new role on campus.



Salomé Lefort

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be your new Wohlford or as I like to call it Wohlf pack RA, woof woof . My name is Salomé or better known as Sal here on CMC's campus and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. You might not recognize me because I was working away in politics in Washington last semester (No I cannot and will not be president). Catch me sounding mad but really joking with my mom on the phone in French, watching an absurd amount of reality television, and wearing sneakers to business casual events (oops). On campus I work at DOS and the Office of Events at that building really far away. I have also been a part of ASCMC, and am still a proud member of 1-Gen! Please say hi if you see me on campus or dancing till I drop on a weekend night and I am so pumped to be your new RA!


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