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Candidates Release Statements for Upcoming ASCMC Elections

On Monday, March 4th, join your candidates at 10:30 pm during Collins Snack for ASCMC positions as they present their personalities, philosophies, and platforms for their tenure as your elected ASCMC representatives!  

Voting will be open to the whole school starting 11:59 pm on March 4th and will be open for 20 hours, ending at 8:00 pm, March 5th. 

Read more to learn about the specifics of each candidate, and their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for ASCMC and the broader CMC community. 

Here are your candidates for ASCMC elections:

Student Body President

Ava Kopp

Executive Vice President

Ryunosuke Nakase

Mateo Colbert

Vice President of Student Activities

Carson Bloom

Dormitory Affairs Chair

Senior Class President

Victoria Williams

Junior Class President

Kylee Tevis

Sophomore Class President

Amrit Dhaliwal 

Zubin Khera


Student Body President Candidates


Hello CMC!

I'm Ava Kopp, and I'm excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Student Body President. Throughout my involvement in ASCMC, I've held the role of Junior Class President, Boswell’s Dorm President (#BosIsBack), and a senator on the Student Life Senate Committee.

As your potential student body president, I am committed to the values of community, vision,

and accountability. Over the past semesters, I've engaged with numerous students, gathering

insights on a range of issues, including advocacy, events, dining, community engagement, and residential concerns. Clearly, there’s no shortage of action items, and the spectrum of suggestions highlights the varied needs of our community.

My track record as class president reflects my dedication to listening to my peers and taking actionable steps to fulfill their ideas. For instance, in response to concerns about dining hall options, I initiated the ASCMC Collins Committee, collaborating with our dining staff and student volunteers to implement improvements like the chicken caprese sandwich, acai bowls, build-your-own pizza, and a mac-n-cheese bar.

Recognizing the importance of community and connection in the college experience, I am

committed to advocating for a wide array of campus events. Additionally, equity, diversity, and

belonging are central to my work within ASCMC. If elected, I will continue supporting our

affinity groups and marginalized communities within the student body. While the following list

is not exhaustive, some key areas I plan to advocate for include affinity group budgeting, dining enhancements, affordable laundry options, support for transfer students, the implementation of a tap ID system, and promoting greater transparency and accountability within ASCMC to benefit the broader student body.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your student body president and address these issues collaboratively with the CMC community.


Executive Vice President Candidates


For those that I haven’t had the chance to meet, my name is Ryu Nakase, and I’m running to be your next Executive Vice President!

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had the immense pleasure of serving as the First Year and

Sophomore Class President for the awesome class of 2026. From planning pre games, social events like the weekly Sophomore S'mores and the ‘26 Dating Game, to sending out my ‘26 Weekly News, I’ve had a blast. (I actually loved writing my weekly emails, so you know I’ll send great Senate emails every week!) I could go on and on about the work my cabinet and I’ve done these past two terms, but instead, I encourage you to talk to the ‘26ers!

As EVP, I want to make changes on a broader school wide level. I want to build upon the great progress made during the past two administrations I’ve experienced while making changes to the parts that need improvement.

Like a good paper, here’s an outline of my thoughts:

1. Revitalization of the Senate

Something I love about the Senate is that it's the “People’s House.” It’s a place where any CMC student can voice their concerns and vote on numerous items, but an issue that the Senate has historically faced is student engagement. Your voices deserve to be heard, and I want to realize the democratic dream of the Senate. While changes in culture can achieve this, it can also be fickle. Within 4 years, a whole new CMC will exist, which is why I plan on creating institutional change toward achieving a better Senate.

2. Creating Traditions through Yearly School Wide Programming

Kara Hagler has done a phenomenal job during this term as the EVP by taking on a more proactive role by planning fun school-wide programs, and this is something that I

definitely want to continue. Hosting a dodgeball tournament to working with Priceless

Pets to bring dogs onto campus to having a Mardi Gras dinner at the Ath, these are things that I want us to have the opportunity to experience every year and more!

3. Strengthening Relationships with Clubs and Organizations on Campus

ASCMC stands for the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College, meaning

that it’s a body that is meant to serve the people (that’s you!) and that includes CMC

clubs and organizations as well. Something I’ve noticed throughout my time here is the

strained relationship between ASCMC and CMC Clubs and Organizations. I want to

create a space where ASCMC and Clubs and Orgs can productively collaborate to better

serve the student body.

4. Getting more Grassy Terrain

With the installment of the Qwalala, we lost a huge amount of green spaces in Mid Quad. While I won’t promise you that I’ll get it back, because I can’t, I want to find alternative solutions so that the only grassy area where large events, both alcoholic and

non-alcoholic, isn’t Green Beach (Green Beach, I still love you though).

5. Tap Access on CMC IDs for Dining Halls

Similar to quality of life improvements (like small bugs game developers fail to fix), this

is something that has plagued our student body. While unkept promises have been sung

before, this is something that I want to actually implement. While it may not be a huge

deal to swipe our cards instead of tapping them, given that the rest of the 5C colleges can swipe their cards, I want to give us the same privilege.

As a fellow CMCer, these are issues that I believe will make our time at CMC better, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts!

Yours truly,

The 5’ 6’’ Japanese man from Hawaii (the other one)

Ryu Nakase


Hello my People!

My name is Mateo Colbert and I am running to be your Executive Vice President (EVP). I am currently a junior who used to be a freshman. As a freshman, the first thing that jumped out at me was the community offered here at CMC. I was surprised to learn that ‘way back when,’ the community at CMC was even closer. I have found that some of the best information I’ve gotten, and learning I’ve done on this campus has been through my peers and friends. My main goal is to increase the sense of community here at CMC. How? Prior to the pandemic, there was a capture-the-flag game on Parents Field between grades. I’m committed to bringing this back, as it could further increase inter-year camaraderie. I’d like to maintain pre-sporting event tailgates. I’d also like to implement student-faculty workshops so that students may learn more about their professors, courses, and campus prospects.

Now, there are some grumblings about EVP being a role whose sole focus is our ASCMC Senate… These grumblings do hold a degree of validity. A goal of some prior EVP candidates included increasing interest, turnout, and the efficiency of senate meetings. There are a plethora of things that could be done within the Senate to try to increase the three aforementioned items. ASCMC has a lot of agency, and as EVP, I would try to diversify the weekly Senate topics. This semester, I tried to implement candidate debates. While not feasible this year, I’d like to revisit it next year and shout out Kaitlyn and Kara for planning a town hall instead. However, the first thing I would do to increase interest, turnout, and efficiency is foster community engagement.  A close community is an effective community. 

I would be honored to represent you, the students of Claremont McKenna. I am asking for your trust, your support, and your vote. I am dedicated to serving this community, and further fostering unity between the CMC student body.


Vice President of Student Activities Candidates


Hello everyone, I’m Carson Bloom, a sophomore from Whitefish, Montana, running to be the next Vice President of Student Activities!  

I first got involved with the Events Team my freshman year. I soon became the Director of Events, a position which works closely with the VPSA (they are basically their assistant) in planning all ASCMC hosted and sponsored events including Pirate Palooza, Wedding Party, 601, and Club Claremont to name a few. As the next VPSA, I’ve got a list of initiatives I plan to tackle.

First, I’ll ensure we retain our prized traditions. Last year we had to fight to allow seniors to spray champagne at 601. It’s a tradition I will continue to fight to preserve like so many others that make CMC the college we all love (most of the time at least)!  

Second, we’re all aware that most TNCs and smaller parties simply aren’t what CMC students want. I’m going to reallocate a portion of my budget to buy fog machines, lasers, lights, and new bluetooth speakers. I hope to start a loan program where students can borrow the equipment they need to host their own small party, and the ASCMC Events Team will support them in doing so.

Third, when we do host smaller events such as a Halloween Party on a Thursday night, I want to make them 5C. We’ve all had the experience of showing up to a Mudd or Pomona party only to be denied entrance due to capacity or because we don’t go to the respective school. While wristbanding is a good way to prevent overcrowding at large Saturday events, we don’t need to make our Thursday night ones exclusive. They’re a lot more fun when there are 200 people there from across the 5Cs rather than 50 from CMC.  

Fourth, I’ve created a list of DJs from across the 5Cs. We are currently up to about 25. My goal with the DJ list is to ensure that CMC always has the best DJs for our major 5C events, whether they be from CMC or one of the other 5Cs.

Here’s a few more ideas for specific events.

  • Pong table-making event (we provide tables and paint supplies, you paint the table)

  • Slip and slide on Green Beach (it's been done in the past)

  • Air fresheners for Snowglobe, Monte Carlo, and Club Claremont (lol)

  • Collaborate with CPB to ensure there are substance free offerings on busy party weekends

  • Work with the ASCMC President to get tappable student ID cards (why are we the only ones who can’t tap our cards?!!)

If there’s anything else you would like to see changed about how ASCMC Events are run or if you have a great idea please reach out @


Senior Class President Candidates


Hello Class of 2025! My name is Tori and I am super excited to be running for Senior Class President. A little bit about me: I am an Econ-Accounting major with a sequence in Leadership, I was born and raised in the Seattle-area, and I have a passion for contributing to the CMC community in any way I can!

The biggest goal of mine is to help make our senior year together the most memorable yet. Whether this be through events, class bonding, or off-campus outings, senior class traditions, or brand new ideas and initiatives, I am committed to bringing your ideal senior year experience to life.

I've spent the past two years on the ASCMC Events Team, first as Director of Event Operations, and then as Vice President of Student Activities. So, I do have a good amount of existing experience and institutional knowledge when it comes to event execution, which will come in handy when planning 200 Days, 100 Days, Thesis Party, and more. Although, I do understand that my responsibility as Senior Class President encompasses far more than just these staple events. I'll make it my top priority to maintain transparency, focusing on your feedback and ideas in order to cultivate a senior class culture filled with collaboration, community, and fun!

If you have specific goals or changes that you'd like to see within our class -- or the CMC community as a whole -- I always want to be an accessible resource. So come talk to me at senate or executive board meetings, or if you see me around campus (my frequent spots are Appleby Lounge and the Hub). Thank you and I hope to receive your vote of confidence! :)


Junior Class President Candidates


This is how excited I am to be junior class president!


Sophomore Class President Candidates


"And so, my fellow [CMCers]: Ask not what your [school] can do for you – ask what you can do for your [school]. My fellow citizens of the world: Ask not what [CMC] will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. -JFK" 

         -Amrit Dhaliwal 


Hello again, Class of 27! 


Chances are, you've stumbled upon the words above in your inbox over the past school year as you've sifted through campus updates and upcoming events to stay in the loop. Well, those emails were from me! Serving as your first-year class president has been an absolute blast! We've thrown some epic parties, bonded over Roommate Trivia sessions, spread love with Candy Grams, and so much more! However, let's keep it real—despite our best efforts, politicians lie, and I was no exception to this rule. I wasn’t able to touch on all the goals I had set out to accomplish this term. Stepping into the office is one thing, but understanding the inner workings of CMC's machine is a whole different ball game. It took me about two months to really grasp the powers and responsibilities of my role before I could start making tangible changes. So, here's the deal: let's skip the crash course, and I promise that we can hit the ground running for the rest of this year and next year!


If Freshman Year was all about meeting your peers, my focus this year is strengthening those bonds by hosting even more fun-filled events that scream friendship! Think more off-campus adventures, more class pregames, and more excitement just for you! If you support fun, friendship, and festivities, then you support Zubin! Help me make your sophomore as awesome as possible! Hear more about my ideas at the candidate town hall this Monday at 8 p.m. or during speeches at the late-night snack on March 4th. Get Zub-In office!


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