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Several Cell Phones Stolen at Boz Frat Party

Several students from across the Claremont Colleges reported their cell phones missing at ASCMC’s Boswell Frat Party on Saturday night.

After the party, a group of students collected outside of Boswell Hall to file reports for their lost phones. Public Safety, ASCMC, DOS and the Claremont Police Department are working together to investigate this matter. Students were made aware of this incident as the “7C for sale/free” Facebook page was flooded with notices of lost phones.

Throughout the party some 5C students noticed that their phones were no longer in their pockets, and in some cases, students felt their phones being removed from their pockets. One CMC sophomore told the Forum that she “was just standing in the middle of Boz Frat not moving and felt [her] phone leave [her] pocket and tried to look for it on the ground and didn’t find it.”

After the party, students noticed that there was a large group of students crowded around Campus Security to report their lost phones. The CMC sophomore shared her experience with the Forum: “my friend and I waited it out and went to Public Safety or whoever was monitoring the party and asked if they had seen a phone. They said no and a whole bunch of people were crowded around saying the exact same thing.”

This student was able to track her cell phone to an address about two blocks away from the CMC campus and reported it to Campus Security who is now pursuing this lead with the Claremont Police Department.

Along with the CMC sophomore was Adrienne Tong POM who also reported her stolen phone to Campus Security that night. Unlike the CMC sophomore, Tong’s phone was shut off right after she noticed it missing. Upon reporting to Campus Security, Tong said that other students also reported that their phones were shut off.

As of February 24th, the cell phones have not been returned.

The CMC Forum reached out to the Office of Public Affairs and Relations, and received this statement from Gillien Silsby: “We received reports from some individuals that their cell phones were stolen during a party at CMC on Saturday evening. CMC Public Safety is interviewing individuals who have come forward to report their phones missing and reviewing any available video footage. We will provide this information to Claremont Police Department. If anyone has additional information about the incident, they are encouraged to contact Brian Weir, Director of CMC Public Safety.”

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