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Senior Superlatives 2019!

No graduating class would be complete without a list of seniors winning fun awards outside the realm of academics. Who in the class has the best humor? Who is most likely to become president? Who is always working in Poppa? Well, the votes are in, and here are the Senior Superlatives of 2019! Compiled by Jessie Ainslie, Teagan Knight and Edgar Warnholtz

Colgate - Best Smile

Jason Barbarosh

  • Becky Monroy

  • Betzy Perez

  • Adele English

  • Emma Houston

Genghis Khan - Most Likely to Rule the World (and have a banger named after them)

Melia Wong

  • Lindsay Burton

  • Edgar Warnholtz

  • Corbin Bethurem

The John Faranda - Most Likely to Come Back for Every Alumni Reunion

Samarth Chawla

  • Connor Bloom

  • Betzy Perez

  • Edgar Warnholtz

  • Adele English

The Oval Office - Most Likely to Become President

Lindsay Burton

  • Maddie Lee

  • Melia Wong

  • Bryn Miller

  • Edgar Warnholtz

Robin Williams - Best Sense of Humor/Class Clown

Marisa Galvez

  • Andrew Friedlander

  • Isaac Roth

  • Patty Shore

Full of Tea - Best Athee

Bruno Youn

  • Becky Shane

  • Sasha Houy

  • Jeremy Anderson

Farrah Fawcett - Hair Goals

Ieva Burk & Dani Chami

  • Riley Hoffman

  • Jessie Ainslie

  • Nikaya Manley

  • Chandler Koon

Your Last Name Hall - The Next CMC Trustee

Jared Barclay

  • Logan Miller

  • Nick Federochko

  • Connor Bloom

  • Edgar Warnholtz

Call Me Poppa - Find them Cranking Here, Always

Kai Vogel

  • Will Cullen

  • Jason Barbarosh

  • Amiya Narula

  • Becky Shane

Frank Sinatra - “I Did it My Wayyyy” (Most Unique CMCer)

Isaac Roth

  • Lindsay Burton

  • Jake Hudson-Humphrey

  • Quincy Brown

Dexter’s Lab - Science G’s Who Wish they Came to CMC Post-Keckxit

Tim Gallagher

  • Mary Bryan Owen

  • Gayatri Ketavarapu

  • Adrienne Jo

  • Elena Seifert

Mr. Stag(s) &/Or Ms. Athena(s) - Couple Goals

Jake Hudson-Humphrey and Nick LaBerge

  • Henry Frome and Maya Guttierez

  • Patrick Hennessey and Renata Drucker

  • Franny Lin and Kevin Hsu

  • Jack Huang and May Mcdonald

Da Vinci - Artist, Genius, Scientist. A True Renaissance Woman

Jahnavi Kocha

  • Melia Wong

  • Emma Houston

  • Isabel Milano

Air Bud - The Most Athletic Person Ever. Also Cute AF and Fun to be Around

Corie Hack

  • Adele English

  • Corbin Bethurem

  • Elijah Jackson

  • Peter Williams

  • Sydney Talmi

Arya Stark - Will Save the World from Impending Doom

Zippy Wilson

  • Lindsay Burton

  • Emma Houston

  • Maddie Lee

  • Adele English

Friends Most Likely to Get Married

Ninu Dev and Malka Kausar

  • Andrew Friedlander and Anthony Burre

  • Melia Wong and Skip Wiltshire-Gordon

  • Jason Barbarosh and Edgar Warnholtz

Wish They Were Your FYG - Teagan Knight

Most Likely to Drive You to In-and-Out - Skip Wiltshire-Gordon

Most Likely to Reverse Climate Change - Maddie Lee & Sam Becker

The Next Anna Wintor (Great Style)- Jen Petrova


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