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Introducing the 2020-2021 Editorial Board!

We're proud to introduce the members of our Editorial Board. The new editors are enthusiastic about a variety of topics, and hope to bring you reliable and relatable content.


Evelyn Zixuan Wang ‘22 Editor-in-Chief

Evelyn is a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) major from Tianjin, China. In this remote semester, she misses Californian sunshine and the Korean tofu soup places near Claremont. She wants to bring CMC the most authentic and up-to-date content in the most interesting way possible. When Evelyn is far from home on campus, she finds CMC to be her safe harbor where she can be her true self. As Editor-in-Chief, she wants to make The Forum a safe space for everyone to have themselves heard by their community and a space for great storytelling.


Georgia Tuckerman ‘22 Managing Editor and Opinion Editor

Georgia is a junior at CMC from Columbus, Ohio. She is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Spanish. At CMC, she is also a member of the CMS Women’s Tennis Team. Georgia believes that the goal of journalism should be to help people and not hurt them. She wants the CMC Forum to be a unifying and inclusive force on campus. In her free time, Georgia loves to hike, watch Ohio State football, and eat ice cream.


Miriam Farah ‘23 News Editor

Miriam is a sophomore majoring in Public Policy and History from Redondo Beach, California. She has enjoyed journalism since high school, and she is happy to continue that passion at CMC. She looks forward to covering campus news, especially during this online semester and the current political climate. In her free time, you can find her eating acai bowls at the beach, making (a lot) playlists, and reading! Feel free to talk to her about any story ideas!


Chandler Presson ‘21 Life Editor

Chandler hails from North Carolina, the land of humidity and hushpuppies (if you don't know, look them up for your own good). A senior majoring in History and Literature, Chandler loves to write almost as much as she loves to read. When she isn't procrastinating through reading the New Yorker, you can find Chandler consulting students at the CWPD or in line at the Motley. As a Life Editor, she hopes to assist her fellow writers in authentically sharing their experiences as CMC students.


Anya Syed ‘23 Copy Editor

Anya Syed is a second-year International Relations and Economics major. Growing up in London means that she loves to eat good food and explore new areas. Anya is very excited to be a copy editor for the Forum this year, and she will make sure it is fun and easy to read!


Maria Emilia Piacsek ‘22 Photo Editor

Maria Emilia Piacsek, but most people call her Mila, is proud to call Sao Paulo, Brazil home. A junior at CMC, Mila is an International Relations major with a Human Rights sequence. During her first year at CMC, she loved her job as a photographer for The Forum, so she cannot wait to be the new Photo Editor. She wants everyone to feel free to approach her during events so they can be featured in The Forum!


Brandon Mitchell ‘21 Web Manager

Coming from Seattle, Brandon Mitchell is a senior majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He enjoys playing baseball, hanging with friends, and watching repeats of The Office. He hopes one day he will have a major impact on the world through tech and science.


David Ying '21 Business Manager

Coming from Illinois, David attends Claremont McKenna College in the pursuit of widening his domestic and international perspectives. Apart from just writing, he enjoys surfing (currently learning), archery, watching Patriots football, hiking, and exploring LA. He is also well-versed in ballroom dancing, especially the tango and the waltz. While he is not being active, you can find him either sleeping, eating, or brainstorming his next Forum piece.


Zachary Davis ‘24 Social Media Manager

Zachary Davis is a first-year at CMC from North California prospectively majoring in PPE with the Legal Studies and Data Science sequences. Zac's excited to join campus for the first time as a student. Beyond the Forum, you'll see Zac on virtual campus at Kravis Lab, CMG, CCC, and Vector Data Analytics. In Zac's spare time, Zac coaches debate, writes, and sings!


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