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Introducing the 2019-2020 RAs!

The Resident Assistants for the new year have just been announced, and they will be starting their RAships after Spring Break. The room draw process will take place shortly after that. Check out these profiles to meet your new RAs!


Appleby - Martha Baker

Hello friends! My name is Martha Baker and I am from Denver, Colorado. My two younger brothers are my favorite humans and inspire my highly energetic, goofy and situationally-competitive personality. We were raised on skis and I #findmyzen in the mountains. Ask me about hiking in Patagonia for an enthusiastic recap of my abroad experience in Argentina. I study International Relations (at CMC) and Cognitive Science (at Pomona) and nerd out over education policy, international human rights and social norms. I am probably the only non-athlete CMC student consistently waking up at 6am, and I fuel my days with numerous hot almond-milk lattes. My planner is more colorfully composed than your average Picasso. I am obsessed with Soulcycle and am 100% obnoxious about it. Outside of class, you’ll catch me walking backwards around campus as a Tour Guide.

Please reach out for a date at The Motley or Augies. I can’t wait to meet all of you! Much love from your new Queen Bee.

P.S. I am also really in to leopard print right now.


Auen - Bianca Carrizal

Hey y’all! My name is Bianca Carrizal and I am SO excited to be an RA for the Golden Tower, along with my awesome Co-RA, Savannah! I’m from Houston, Texas (you’ll see me “throwing up the H” literally all the time.) On campus, I work at the Office of Admission as a tour guide and as the Student Director of Outreach, and I’m apart of organizations like Mi Gente and 1 Gen! I’m a Government major, but I’m really passionate about Texas politics and studying ways to support historically underrepresented communities in higher education, so if you have an interest in those things let’s chat! In my spare time, I enjoy reading (please share your favorite books with me <3) going out for ice cream, writing on my blog, creating poetry, blasting all types of music through my homegirl Alexa, and scrolling endlessly through Twitter (the superior social media site, duh.) If you ever want to talk about traveling abroad, Shawn Mendes, astrology, or the weirdest words in the English language then hit me up!


Auen - Savannah Green

Hey Everyone! I am Savannah and I am from the Bay Area. I am dual majoring in Economics and International Relations. I play softball for the CMS Athenas (Sco' 'Nas!), I am part of CPB, and I write for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy. I spent last semester studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany (yes, I am a huge fan of beer and sausage now) so if I start saying random words they are probably in German. I am beyond excited to be back on campus in the Golden Tower: Au(en). You will most likely see me in Heggblade, on the softball field, or sitting outside the Hub. I love Big Bang Theory, The Office, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Wife and am always down to binge watch full seasons. Feel free to stop by Auen anytime and say hi. I promise there will always be snacks!


Beckett - Sam Whittemore

Hello! I’m Sam and I am from Mill Valley, California. I love the 5C’s (Curry, Cookies, Coffee, Christmas, and CMC!). I am always ready to talk all things Peaky Blinders, Jim Croce, Ghibli, and Podcasts … if you know, you know. In my free time I enjoy watching the Warriors win and playing video games. I am an economics major and I spent last semester in Edinburgh, Scotland where I learned a lot about whiskey, kilts, and how to herd sheep! I am often found distracting myself from important work in Beckett Lounge or frantically trying to catch up in the Beckett study room. I am beyond excited to get to know everyone better with my wonderful Co-RA Jess.


Beckett - Jessica Kim

Hi!!:) I’m Jess, a Beckett flood survivor and coffee addict. I love the 5S’s (snacks, slumber parties, sunlight, spontaneity and silliness). I’ve lived in Beckett for the past four years, and for the sixteen years before that I lived in Murrieta, CA (you probably have to look it up). I’m an APAM mentor, editor at The Forum, and co-president of the 5C Korean Student Association. You can probably find me napping in the library, eating lunch at the Oldenborg Japanese table, or hanging out in the halls of Beckett. Looking forward to becoming friends with all the future Becketteers with my tall co-RA Sam!!


Benson - Juan Villaseñor

Hello everyone! My name is Juan Villaseñor, but you can call Johnny. I am from Chicago, Illinois the best city in the world! I am so excited to be one of the Co-RAs of Benson Hall! I am a Biology major on the Premed track. At CMC, I am part of ¡Mi Gente!, I am involved in IM soccer and trivia, and I love going on and to CPB events! At the 5Cs, I work as a Peer Health Educator at Health Education Outreach and have served as a CLSA mentor for the past two years. In my free time, I love to play soccer, play the guitar and bass, go to concerts (bands I’ve seen recently include Joyce Manor and Remo Drive), play FIFA with friends (Real Madrid is my team), go to the movies with friends (Marvel and horror movies are my favorites), act and do improv(if you’re interested in improv HMU), find memes, buy shoes (Vans are life), and listen to podcasts (My favorite is Lore)! If you ever see me around please say hi!

Best, Juan "Johnny" Villasenor


Benson- Ariel Sepulveda

Hi Everyone! My name is Ariel (like the mermaid) and I am one of the new RAs of Benson, the best dorm at the 5Cs of course. I am a SoCal girl, born and raised in LA county. I have signed my life away to major in Economics and Engineering. I am on the CMS Track and Field team competing in the pole vault (that thing where you run and jump with a large pole to get over another large pole). When I’m not jumping, you can find me dancing with Groove Nation, a 5C urban dance team. I enjoy capturing moments on my canon whether it be through videography or photography. Come hangout with me if you enjoy going on boba runs, listening to Ariana Grande, or nerding out over Dodger Baseball. If you don’t like any of those things, still come find me. I can’t wait to see you at the Benson table during room draw ;)


Berger - Maya Love

Hi friends! My name is Maya Love and I am the new Berger RA! I am from Aurora, Colorado and I am a dual major in international relations and a government dual with a leadership sequence. I spend a lot of my time learning about how the school works with ASCMC and on the basketball court as a CMS student athlete. I am passionate about traveling, language-learning, 3-v-3, and student advocacy. In my free time I love drinking tea, listening to music, telling jokes and meeting new people *hint*. Whether you are a Berger Resident or not, please do not be shy to visit! For my Berger Residents get ready to bust it down in Bergiana!


Boswell - Amanda Kandasamy

Hey! I’m Amanda and I’m so excited to be back in the best dorm/frat on campus (#fullsend)! I’m from Palo Alto (like the fifty-percent of students not from Seattle), and I’m a Gov/Psych major. When I’m not in Poppa, you can find me at the gym (probably laying on the ground instead of actually working out), watching The Office, and tagging friends in FB memes. Top five favorites: my golden retrievers (all four of them gudbois), carbs on carbs on carbs (I studied abroad in Italy and yes, I can work that into any conversation), the feeling of freshly cleaned sheets, and beaches but not the sandy parts. Please come talk/vent with me about Wikipedia as a reliable source, hiking/national parks, and why Pitzer omelets are the best (or anything else you want, ofc!) — my door is always open!


Claremont - Vin Srikanth

Hey y’all, I’m Vin! I’m from San Antonio, Texas (hence the “y’all”), and in stereotypical CMC fashion I’m an Economics and Government major. When I’m not busy pretending to be studying so I can feel less bad about my grades, you can catch me trying to get swole in Roberts (emphasis on “trying”) or watching whatever NBA or NFL game or tennis match is on. I’m also super passionate about politics and world affairs, so if you want to waste far too much of your time listening to me talk then just ask me about those. Good coffee, good tea, and good food are the ways to my heart, so if that’s your thing then hit me up and we’ll grab some. I’m hyped to be the RA of Chall! Feel free to swing by any time; I’m super excited to meet more people!


Crown - Sydney Baffour

Hi guys! My name is Sydney and I'm from Arlington, VA. I currently study Economics with a Computer Science sequence. On campus, I work as a Tour Guide, and a Care Center Fellow. I'm also part of the Black Student Association, and actively argue about random topics on the Debate Team. I love spoken word, and going to plays at Seaver Theater. I love dogs (as every logical person should), and can be easily bribed with a Chai tea from the Motley. I love music and am always looking for a good playlist so if you ever have any good suggestions please stop by Crown and see me!


Crown - Taylor Hughes

Hi y’all! :-) My name is Taylor, and I’m from Tucson, Arizona. You might doubt the authenticity of my use of “y’all” when you discover that I don’t, in fact, have a southern accent, and to THAT I say… it’s a great gender neutral group pronoun, and people I knew growing up had horses, okay. I’m a Biochemistry major with a Leadership Studies sequence, and I’m on the CMS Women’s Golf Team (#ScoNas!). I’m also a supervisor at Roberts Pavilion, and a peer leader with The Body Project. I firmly believe that rainbow goldfish are different flavors, and to date I have a 75% success rate at guessing their color in a blind taste test. I’m a huge proponent of chicken nuggets, never letting Vine die, going to the movies, Disney music, and dogs! I cannot wait to be one of the RA’s of Crown. If you’d like to challenge me for goldfish identification supremacy, let me know that actually the red goldfish is just *naturally flavored with beet dye*, or need literally anything else, my door is always open!


Fawcett - Alex Garcia Delgado

Hey Everyone! My name is Alex and I am one of the new RA's of Fawcett (AKA South Green Beach and the #1 South Quad Draft Pick!). I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, born and raised. I am Mexican-Guatemalan American and also the oldest of four siblings. I am 3-2 Engineering Major, which I am more than happy to talk and answer questions about. One of my favorite pastimes include plunging down the rabbit hole that is youtube and ending up watching the most random videos on there. I am huge fan of Game of Thrones( I'm counting down the days to April 14th!!!) and also Black Mirror. I'm also the proud owner of an accordion I'm trying to learn to play and a small succulent I've had since freshman year called "El Tanquito" (The Little Tank). You can usually find me working at the CMC Bike Shop, studying at Keck, or grinding at MUDDs' engineering labs. I'm excited to get to know you all, swing through to Fawc-Lit fourth floor!


Fawcett - Lia Gagliuso

Hi I'm Lia, one of the RAs of Fawcett (maybe known as: the classic Fawc-lit-, (South) green beach, or the lesser know #1 Draft Pick for Best Tower in south quad! I'm originally from Hinesburg, Vermont, but I recently moved to Portland, Oregon (does this mean I'm a ~PNW~ kid? lmk). I'm majoring in Neuroscience, planning on going to medical school and love everything about the brain and science-y things. I also thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and am always down for a trip to the mountains or beach (#neature). On campus, you can usually find me in Keck, my newfound love Poppa Computer Lab, or Ath Tea enjoying both the lemon squares and copious amounts of coffee. Come by for snacks and/or to help me think of a more original name for my room on the 8th floor than the Penthouse! See u there!


Green - Connor Gaskin

Hi everyone, my name is Connor Gaskin and I'm from Canton, Michigan. I'm studying economics and finance at CMC. Being from the Detroit area, I'm a huge fan of all of the Detroit sports teams, especially the Lions (which has obviously been rough for many years). Beyond my Detroit sports teams, I played soccer here for the Stags and am a huge fan of soccer, so if you ever want to watch/go to a game with me, talk soccer, or play some FIFA, swing by my room in Green! Besides my obvious love for sports, I love going to concerts, trying out new restaurants, and binging shows on Netflix. Looking forward to being RA of the best dorm on campus!


Marks - Sam Lee

Hey there, my name is Sam! I'm from San Diego where I grew up eating REAL burritos (suck it NorCal), playing soccer, and going to the beach. Although I'm an Economics-Accounting kid, CMC somehow let me study film and arts (and maybe a tiny bit of Econ) in Prague last fall. When I'm not sleeping, eating, studying, or driving the DOS golf cart, you can find me taking photos, eating dark chocolate, and/or working on CPB stuff. I'm super excited to seize the means of production and continue leading the proletariat in the good fight against the bourgeoisie, so feel free to swing by and experience the one and only Free Dorm on campus!


Marks - Danny Martinez

Hey y’all! I’m Daniel or Danny (whichever is easier for you) one of the new Marks RAs. I’ve been told that I’m the prime example of a Libra, so do with that as you like. I’m an Accounting/Spanish major and lived in Berger the last three years so I’m super excited about the change. On campus, I work as a Research Assistant for the Spanish Department. Spanish is my first language so if you’re looking to practice it or need help, be sure to reach out! I love FIFA and all things soccer, #NoEraPenal #MessitheGOAT, you can catch me at the library or the Motley drinking coffee and pretending to study. When I’m not busy, I love to watch TV/movies including B99, Queer Eye, and all sorts of documentaries. My fav of the Fab Five from Queer Eye is Tan so definitely hit me up if you’re looking for any style tips!


Phillips - Julia Weinstein

Hey y’all, my name is Julia and I am a native San Diegan majoring in neuroscience with an emphasis in neuropsychology. Around campus, I am a tour guide for the admissions office, a yoga instructor for the Sunday drop-in class at Roberts, and a student researcher in a Keck neuroscience lab. In my free time, I like to forget things in my room and go back for them, be really covert about my embarrassingly extensive knowledge of Harry Potter, and try to get new slang phrases in popular rotation.


Stark - Janeth Garcia

Hi everyone! My name is Janeth and I’m from Houston, Texas. I am a Math and Econ-Accounting major so catch me crunching numbers in Beckett study lounge every now and then. I love shopping (maybe a little too much), drinking coffee (also maybe a little too much), and having dance parties in my room. I love talking and meeting new people so whether you’re my resident or not, come by my room for tea/coffee/snacks anytime! Super psyched to be your new RA! GO STARRRRK!!


Apartments - Gloria Bates

Hey there, I'm Gloria. I'm from Anaheim, California; I actually grew up two blocks from Disneyland! I'm majoring in biochemistry, but also dabble in computer science, and I play for CMS basketball. Once I'm back in my room, I'm definitely into the Uncharted series, Battlefield, and I'm working my way through Destiny 2. Then again, I also love spoken word events and movie screenings. If you ever find yourself out at the apartments, don't be afraid to knock on my door!


Apartments - Max Kirsch

Hi all, I’m Max. I’ll be one of the three appartments RA’s. I’m a Chemistry-Economics dual major from New Hampshire (so I never think it’s cold here). You can often find me in Roberts as I’m a member of the CMS Men’s Basketball team. My favorite thing about the consortium is eating at all of the dining halls. In my free time you can find me at Collins Snack or eating somewhere else. I love to play cards love talking to anyone and everyone about almost anything. Excited to meet as many of you as I can!


Apartments - Melanie Wolfe

Hello CMC! I'm psyched to be one of the incoming RAs of the Apartments, and for anyone thinking of introducing themselves, I promise to maintain a constant stream of freshly baked goods down in 651G. Coming from South Florida, I was not expecting the desert chill of Claremont, but I've come to love CMC in spite of its winters and now use them as an excuse to drink more coffee. I'm a PPE major, studied abroad in Madrid last semester, and have had quite a few jobs and roles around campus, but I'm most proud of the work I've done with the team at Free Food for Thought--if you've never listened to our podcast, check it out! Generally, listening to podcasts and audiobooks are about as close as I get to "quiet time," so if you ever have a great rec or need one, please come by! For the (few) morning people out there, I can almost always be found catching up on readings at Frary breakfast.


Wohlford - Crystal Salinas

Hi, I’m Crystal and I’m from Chicago. Yes, I know Obama. Yes, I know Chance the Rapper. But no, I cannot introduce you (it’s against the contract). As a Science Management major, I’m passionate about healthcare and business and spend an unreasonable amount of time in the reading room....When I’m not studying, you can catch me at the next half marathon, saving the turtles #shellsquad, or listening to bangers only. I am also a CARE lead where I work with the most incredible people to promote diversity and inclusion on campus (swing by!!!). Super excited to continue the Wohlf pack legacy, don’t be afraid to reach out. I won’t bite :D

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