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Introducing the 2019-2020 Editorial Board!

Tanya Kotecha ‘20 Editor in Chief

Tanya Kotecha is an Economics major at CMC. She’s not really sure where she’s from after growing up in five different countries. All she can say for certain is that she’s an avid traveler and her camera roll is full of funny videos and pictures from the places she has visited. She loves reading, writing, drawing, and creating things out of nothing. She truly believes that life is about producing remarkable memories and hopes to publish articles on the Forum that stay with you long after you’ve read them!


Gauri Taneja ‘20 Managing Editor

Gauri is an Economics-Literature dual major from New Delhi, India, and is excited to help international students tell their stories this upcoming year at the Forum. She loves eating good food (hit her with the restaurant recs), traveling, dancing and hopes to get lots of people involved in Claremont Tamasha's annual production Sanskriti. When she’s not in Poppa, you can find her at the Hub, watching Netflix or in LA almost every weekend.


Grace Kelleher 20’ Co-News Editor

Grace Kelleher is a senior at CMC from Wilton, CT majoring in literature and philosophy. When she's not in class or working at the Gould Center, there's a good chance you can find her reading at the Scripps pool or doing the NYT crossword at the Motley with an iced latte in hand.


Evelyn Zixuan Wang ‘22 Co-News Editor

Coming from Tianjin, China, Evelyn Wang is a sophomore potentially majoring in economics and philosophy. When she isn’t enjoying Cali sunshine on the Crown balcony, you can find her in search of the best Asian food in surrounding areas. As the news editor, Evelyn intends to bring CMC the most authentic and up-to-date news in the most interesting way possible. Although she is far from home, she finds CMC to be her safe harbor where she can be her true self; and she wants to make The Forum a safe space for everyone to have themselves heard by their community and a space for great storytelling.


Sofia Trigo 20’ Co-Opinion Editor

Sofia is a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with an interest in literature and history. Growing up in New York City means Sofia loves meeting new people, eating great food, and drinking coffee. At CMC, Sofia works as a journalist for the Kravis Leadership Institute, a writing consultant for The Center for Writing and Public Discourse, and a writer for bi-partisan publication "The Radius". Off campus, Sofia loves to travel, to play soccer, and to watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm."


Wylie Makovsky ‘20 Co-Opinion Editor

Wylie is a senior from Connecticut majoring in both Economics and Philosophy. He enjoys playing basketball, golf and skiing, as well as all things music. On campus, he is the Senior Advisor for the Student Investment Fund.


Bianca Carrizal ‘20 Co-Life Editor

All the way from Houston, Bianca feels so lucky to call Claremont her second home. As the new Life Editor, Bianca hopes to provide The Forum with articles that explore all the wonderful (or maybe not so wonderful) truths of what life is like at CMC. She is a Government and Legal Studies major, and has learned to believe in the power of voice in both of these studies. Bianca enjoys scrolling endlessly through Twitter, writing/reading poetry, and blasting music through her Alexa. When she isn’t stuck in the library, you will probably hear her talking about Shawn Mendes, astrology, or the weirdest words in the English language.


Chandler Presson ‘21 Co-Life Editor

Chandler hails from North Carolina, the land of humidity and hushpuppies (if you don't know, look them up for your own good). A junior majoring in History and Literature, Chandler loves to write almost as much as she loves to read. When she isn't procrastinating through reading the New Yorker, you can find Chandler consulting students at the CWPD or in line at the Motley. As a Life Editor, she hopes to assist her fellow writers in authentically sharing their experiences as CMC students.


Maria Emilia Piacsek ‘22 Photo Editor

Maria Emilia Piacsek, but most people call her Mila, is proud to call Sao Paulo, Brazil home. A sophomore at CMC, Mila is an International Relations major with a Human Rights sequence. During her first year at CMC, she loved her job as a photographer for The Forum, so she cannot wait to be the new Photo Editor. She wants everyone to feel free to approach her during events so they can be featured in The Forum!


Jessica Kim ‘20 Copy Editor

Jessica is a senior majoring in Neuroscience with an Asian American Studies sequence. She is excited to be one of the RAs of Beckett this year. She loves free snacks and fresh air. During times when she should be working, you’ll most likely find her napping. When she’s actually free, she enjoys making new friends, lying on the grass, and eating ice cream (even though she's mildly lactose intolerant)! She can’t wait to have another great year with the wonderful people at The Forum!


Mrinalini Bhushan ‘21 Copy Editor

Mrinalini Bhushan calls the very far-away land of New Delhi, India home. A Junior at CMC, Mrinalini is an Economics-Psychology Dual major. Her interests range from dancing to reading and of course, writing. Her mind is always in ten different places at once, so her friends like to describe her as “always somewhere, but never anywhere”. She also loves spending time outdoors, especially under the stars! As a Copy Editor for the Forum, she aims to ensure all that you read is bereft of any mistakes, and interesting! Fun fact- this photo captures Mrinalini’s state of mind pretty much all the time, so if you ever need someone to romanticize life with, she’s your girl!


Zoe Carlson 22’ Copy Editor

Zoe Carlson is a sophomore from Boston, Massachusetts. Her academic interests are wide, but she has an innate affinity for words. She is currently a STEM major, but plans on exploring her interests in the humanities. As a copy editor, Zoe hopes to make The Forum a linguistic pleasure to read. In her free time, you can find Zoe in Roberts instructing yoga, spending time on the water, biking, writing/reading poetry, throwing around a football, or doing the New York Times Wednesday crossword puzzle.


Brandon Mitchell ‘21 Web Manager

Coming from Seattle, Brandon Mitchell is a junior majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He enjoys playing baseball, hanging with friends, and watching repeats of The Office. He hopes one day he will have a major impact on the world through tech and science.


David Ying ‘21 Business Manager

Coming from Illinois, David Ying attends Claremont McKenna College in the pursuit of widening his domestic and international perspectives. Apart from just writing, he enjoys surfing (currently learning), archery, watching Patriots football, hiking, and exploring LA. He is also well-versed in ballroom dancing, especially the tango and the waltz. While he is not being active, you can find him either sleeping, eating, or brainstorming his next Forum piece.


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