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Director of Student Safety and Security visits Senate

At the final Senate meeting of the year, guest speaker Brian Weir, Director of Student Safety and Security, described his position and answered questions asked by Senate members. Weir is a retired law enforcement officer and has worked for the Beverly Hills Police Department and the U.S. Air Force. Overall, Weir said he wants a higher level of service at CMC. Over the summer, he will be responsible for vetting and training new security personnel that will be permanently stationed at CMC starting next fall. He said wants more engagement with the students to ensure that they feel comfortable reaching out to security during any emergencies. His goal is to be proactive in order to prevent any accidents from occurring and to make sure that everyone who comes on board understands the campus culture and climate.

RAs and and Dean of Students will also collaborate to best ensure student safety. They will be working with students from other campuses if they pose any safety threats at CMC events. Though there will be interactions with the other students on the CMC campus, the security team will most likely not be present at events or parties on the other 4C campuses. He also wants to meet with student leadership to ensure their presence at events such as protests where student safety may be at risk. Weir believes that early planning and open communication can guarantee both safe and successful events. During cabinet updates, Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee Chair Connor Bloom ‘19 said that though a few funding requests have come in, the committee is no longer able to fulfill the requests.

The committee also met to discuss potential future projects such as streamlining and updating parts of the website. Bloom also met with Danielle Dominguez ‘19 to discuss the leadership hand over. Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ‘19 said that they are going to continue to roll out the Re-Room project. Re-Room mimics a garage sale that collects reusable items, at the end of the year, from people who do not want them. These items are given to other students who may need them. They have gotten boxes and are updating flyers to put in the dorm lounges. Campus Improvements Committee Chair Biniyam Asnake ‘20 said they are finalizing the CARE Center textbook loan program. Boxes will be put in the dorm lounges during finals week so students can donate their old textbooks.

Connor Bloom '19 was sworn in as President Pro-Tempore for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. The new Senate Committee chairs were introduced and they shared their goals for the coming year. The new Environmental Affairs Chair Tallan Donine ‘21 wants to collaborate more with the institutes and clubs on campus to continue the projects started by Sam Becker ‘19. The new Technology and Innovation Chair Michael Hess ‘21 has already built a prototype that enables online ordering at the Hub. Student Engagement Chair Maxwell Knowles ‘20 wants to start a mentorship program to share information about classes, internships and more. Campus Improvements Chair Cristi Kennedy ‘21 wants to make information regarding available funding more accessible to freshman. The new Administrative Affairs & Appropriations Chair Danielle Dominguez ‘19 wants to coordinate with the CFO to update a 5C funding resources list to make people aware of available resources.

The meeting concluded with no additional discussion during open forum.


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