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Class of 2021: Six Word Memoirs

Following the tradition established by Claremont McKenna seniors many years before us, the Class of 2021 presents its six-word memoirs. In a virtual senior year ravaged by the COVID-19 global pandemic, we were able to collect more responses than ever before. Our conclusion? The Class of 2021 is more resilient and cohesive than we ever could have imagined. From sentimental on-campus activities to insatiable hunger and thirst during late nights to complete inside-joke gibberish, we present the concise, yet all-encompassing quotes from the senior class of 2021.

To whom it may concern, please remember us for our fun-loving, work-hard, and positive attitudes. We didn’t deserve a senior year like this, but we made the most of it. Goodbyes are not forever. We will be back soon. Compiled by David Ying ’21.

Abby DeShazo: Wohlford205: we'll plan parties & nurse hangovers

Abby Gilliland: I did not kill the bunny.

Adrienne Kafka: Come to Collins, it’s Little Italy!

Alejandro Posada-Sanchez: Wheres the Vegas Money?

Alex McDonald: Hey JT, aim for the bushes?

Allison So: Stop hating on my scooter!

Amanda Huang: i think we all sing

Amelia Ayala: Send Lins at 5 for din?

Angel Ornelas: Fancy dinners and good food at Ath

Angela Chen: Coffeeshop? Sunrises? Meet at Fawcett 808.

Anisha Advani: CMC: Crown, Keck, Friends, Dance...Repeat!

Anna Green: It's not easy being Green

Anne Jang: I mean, I'm not not down

Barron Banta: Time to light the beacons

Brandon N. Piel: Yada yada guacamole smiles Bactrian camel

Brandon Ruiz: Wait when is that due again?

Bryan Williams: Take me back to snack

Caitlyn Louzado: I'm giving up meat next week

Cameron Hamson: Tired, stressed, cold brew, can't lose

Cameron Hendrickson: I’m gonna be at the Motley

Cameron Lauren Gonzales: Let's day drink, then Pitzer pasta?

Camrion Davis: Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold

Caroline Cox: I like it rough but my lentils tender

Caroline Houghton: 50 degrees, bring a winter coat

Carolyn Weisman: It’s Carolyn not Caroline

Chahat Kaur: Everything at once. Yes, its doable :)

Chance Sears: the challesseum, ever heard of it?

Charles Streator: Had Bar in Room, Not Books

Chris Hu: Meet you at South Quad!

Christopher Box: Stratospherical study habits, stags. Collins now.

Cindy Duong: I haven't really thought about it

Clayton North: late nights end on crown roof

Coleman Cornell: These freshman took our snack table...

Daniela Finkel: Sorry I think you're still muted!

David Chen: Yes, I stash pineapple dole whip.

David Ying: Boz101 #imnotleaving

Diana Hernandez: Aveces lloré, aveces dudé, pero nunca me rajé

Emily Bhatt: I'm taking a 30 minute nap

Emily Howard: probably with the same 7 people

Emily Pugh: That girl who lives at Pomona

Emma David: Can I wear sweats to that?

Furaha Njoroge: It isss what it issss.

Gabriel Blum: Uh oh, I PPE'd

Georgia Dietz: Eat. Sleep. Repeat. At the Hub.

Georgia Wood: Maxwell I messed up again

Grace Pratt: Missing Sunday Morning(s) with the Nas

Hank Snowdon: CMC senior allegedly graduates

Harrison Hosking: At Snack, 4seater - everyone is here

Hephzibah Oyibo: "let's grab a meal"

Isabella Maramica: Guys, I'm not a corporate sellout...

Jacob Adolphe: Did unspeakable things for Collins cookies

JaDa Johnson: H-Town, Hold It Down

Jake Leischner: Third Most Popular Boy in School.

Jason Newman: Its 2pm on a Tuesday

Jennifer Collao: where's the Vegas money?

Jennifer Franklin: Anyone want to go to In-N-Out?

Jennifer Zhuge: Hoch at 6, grutoring at 7?

Jeremy Seow: I wear many hats

Jessica Fox: Do you want that on flex?

Johnson Lin: Yours Truly

Jordan Venglass: Send me a GCal invite?

Joseph Deleon: Long story short I survived

Josh T Meadows: Yes I should have already graduated

Josh Tatum: With great power comes great responsitrilitrons

Joshua Rodriguez: Can I get an extension, please?

Josie Savaria-Watson: the first 2.75 was really great

Juan Diego Herrera: Party? Sorry bro, got CS homework

Julia Catolico: I still don’t understand consulting

Julia Hwang: Alright, who stole my scooter?

Anonymous: I'm quitting when this vape dies

Kalee Cummings: I'd rather be at McKenna Palooza

Kate Parrish: What even is a sagehen though

Katherine Adelman: Just a girl and her blanket.

Katrina Ostrom: A one hip wonder!

Kelly Keene: Have courage and be kind

Kiubon Kokko: Let's jump out of a plane.

Koss Klobucher: Easy peasy difficult lemon difficult difficult

Kyrellos Ibrahim: You haven’t started the reading yet either?

Laky Li: Friends are the family you choose ❤️

Lauren Gode: lobotomy, acron, binchy, bonchy, gorl

Lauren Trihy: CMC Advocates' Hotline is 909-377-2400

Lauren Widasky: fancy little dinner party... who's down?

Leana Jacobs: Hub chicken tenders calling my name

Lincoln Bernard: Single-digit hour wakeup? That's too early

Lizzette Roja: I can't believe I did that

Luke Dhillon: I go to snack to socialize

Luke Ostrander: Whatever you do, go all in

M. Matt Sill: Oh four, twenty-eight, nineteen <3

Maezelle Millan: I'm just here for Roberts Pavilion.

Matiss Ozols: My accent’s fake, I’m Latvian, Sorry

Matty Grundlingh: I'm doing the best at this

Max Dawson: I'd live at the hub

Max Fisher: Here for a good-time, not long-time

Maxine Baghdadi: Chicken tenders and curly fries please

Megan Perron: Please change EEP to PEE

Meyya Muthiah: Been in Claremont 2/4 years hehe

Michael Hess: Sorry, I can't. I have lab.

Mimi Thompson: Please don't forget me: Mimi Thompson

Mrinalini Bhushan: There's a party in my head

Nandeeni Patel: D3 competitive napper.

Natalie Gould: Do I still go to CMC?

Nicholas Mendez: Lads and Gals it’s been fun

Nick Britt: Grub? Mongolian Stir Fry?

Nicolas Ludwig: Welcome to the DL, full bass

Nina Samko: I had 4 cups of coffee.

Olivia Ison: Sponsored by Diet Coke.

Olivia Snell: Could you take my survey?

Patricio Madero: This GE is so useless

Renee Perper: Oh, you mean Toaster's mom?

Rishi Raj Deva: quick motley break? **4 hours pass

Robert Cain: Find me in the Hub

Sabrina Hartono: I'm sorry, can't tonight; I have Ath

Sam Fiske: This is a six word memoir

Sami Murphy: Don't tempt me with a good time

Satya Mindich: Fancy breakfast day is every day

Sean Pine: Real friends Late nights Birch lab

Seoyoon Lee: Thank you CMC. We'll miss you.

Sevion DaCosta: Tomorrow isn't promised, not even today

Shanil Verjee: Deep breath. Chin up. Hub quesadilla.

Simran Arora: lets go get pepo melo?

Skyler Addison: I'm not turning the music down

Spencer Lang: Mudd breakfast -- always worth the walk

Stuti Grover: I'm not feeling very worky today

Teressa Ulrich: There’s a dog on campus? Where?!

Theodore Chamberlain: It's simpler than they tell you.

Tori Johnson: echo that idea...

Tumisang Michelle Mosedame: Econ bro money without the attitude

Uddhav Gupta: Will I regret these six words?

Vera Kratz: In Mailroom, wanna grab Frary takeout?

Vi Nguyen: Shoutout to the history department :)

Walter Brostrom: Garlic?

Wendy Torres-Badajoz: It is what it issssssss

Will Birchard: Pritz and Roberto's are my home

Xinran Xing: Come to College Park - I'll cook.

Xinyi Zhang: The AC has its own temper

Anonymous: I'm quitting when this vape dies

Yusuf Ismaeel: A very hazy four years

Ziad Badr: Hot take: Collins best dining hall


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