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Class of 2020: Six Word Memoirs

Continuing a CMC tradition that started in 2012, The Forum asks graduating seniors to reflect on their time in Claremont and write a memoir in six words or less. The result is a medley of emotions, snapshots, and inside jokes. Here is Class of 2020's contribution to the tradition.

Aary Sheoran: CMC, have you considered being better?

Alan: Life moves pretty fast - Henmedy Forever 😎

Alanna DeMuro: Sorry I can't, I'm at Mudd

Alex Rose: Senders gotta send, so send it!

Alisandro Fernandez: It's the Journey not the Destination

Allie Gould: Made all my friends in Poppa

Allie Hill: I’m sorry, I was taking a nap!

Amanda Han: ...I got it from the Ath

Amanda Kandasamy: I'm not leaving, yes you are.

Angélica Campos: Real clown girl shit.

Anita Frances: Sleep? Don’t know her!

Anna Beth Burniston: Should I do my hiccup cure?

Anna Graves: I like collins chicken, don’t hate.

Annette Wong: Econ bro? More like media hoe.

Autumn Olivia-Noori Khym: Vou ter saudades de você CMC

Becky Chung: It's because I'm a Leo

Ben Dibble: Tom Brady takes cold showers

Bianca Carrizal: I do be feeling many feelings!

Biniyam Asnake: I can handle the technical side

Brian Flores Luna: Hello Hello!

Bridget McCarthy: Sco Nas, am I right ladies?

Bryan Douglas Carlen: Hub chicken tendies and fries please

Bryn Edwards: Got Pressed and outplayed the playas

Cameron Cash: I probably said hi to you

Chloe Vich: Sorry I can't, I have dance.

Claudia Chandra: The best is yet to come

Colleen Brennan: You're married?! Yep, five years now.

Connor Gaskin: Servando’s and Liqourland. Automatic. Still is.

Connor Sinclair: I played CTE and got football

Crystal Salinas: Wait, can I record a 1SEC?!

Dhara Singh: Reading Room bathroom dance party?

Dina Rosin: College with my 1300 best friends!!!!!

Erin Alexander: Lab can wait...going to Australia

Frankie Rayis: No, I will not play VossiBop

Gabby Clouse: I still don’t believe in Econ

Gauri Taneja: Yeah it's due at midnight, heh

Gemma Sykes: John Rawls is my celebrity crush

Gloria Bates: Dream a little before you think.

Grace Kelleher: Who gave me permission?

Hanna Shiferaw: It do be like that huh?

Hannah Alderete: Sorry I gotta go to war

Hayley Giffin: Let's pregame then hit the hub!

Hazal Su Dinc: Wanna drive to Hoch? (from Wohlf)

Hunter Kettering: Either nerd out or go out

Isaiah Tulanda: And it was all worth it :)

James Dail: 4 more years

Janeth Garcia: I’m omw back from the village!

Jenny Gurev: Sorry I’m at the climbing gym

Jess Selig: To make a long story longer

Jessica Kim: Lived in Beckett my whole life

Jocelyn Crawford: Peace out boy scout

Joe Noss: Can't sleep when you're having fun

Johnny Villaseñor: Sorry for busting your parties #1AMquiethours

Joshua Graves: CMC is the place for me!

Julian Rothschild: Graduation cap, never worn, for sale.

Julie Tran: Is it a four loko night?

Katie Callaci: Better have mozzarella sticks at Collins

Kendall Hollimon: Make sure to plan ahead so

Kira Weiss: Want to sneak in the pool?

Laleh Ahmad: Ily CMC but do better please

Lena Mersereau: Lemme hear you say wayoh! Wayoh!

Lia Gagliuso: It’s hard being a science kid

Lina Aluzri: Which new sneakers should I get?

Lindsey Seidner: Let's send PZ caesar salad night

Linnea Uyeno: I will miss Collin’s Breakfast

Lisa Hao: Somewhat fit and a little flirty

Lizzy Riffle: Consent is mandatory bitches.

Luisa Valles: Good vibes save lives #Green104

Luke Livingston: This party’s dead, let’s hit Sanamluang

Luke Scanlan: Poopy Boys for life

Martha Baker: Happy Humpday Appleby! Love Queen Bee

Maya Love: God is greater than the highs & lows

Mayra Perez: Does the hub have hot cheetos?

Medina Latic: Sustained by Augies' honey cinnamon latte

Megan Tankersley: I’ll send you a gcal invite!

Mel Wolfe: Hang on, helping Joe with something

Mia Prine: Is it Thursday yet?

Michelle Nguyen: Just woke up from a nap

Mitchell Black: Stir the pot. Bury the lead.

Monica Lopez: Goes to library, only watches Youtube...

Nick Sage: Have you considered majoring in History?

Nirel JonesMitchell: All-nighter? Down. Coffee or vodka?

Rachel Alaynick: Time to go to hell job

Rachel Lim: Want to come feed the chickens?

Rhiann Holman: Lots of memories but not enough

Ricardo Mateos: Mandamos el dia a la verga?

Richy Chen: Made friends. Suddenly separated. Scattered globally.

Sahil Sinha: I didn't think to not.

Sally Carlson: In Green 104, bring friends

Sam Whittemore: Yea, I've never met that person

Santiago David: I didn't do it, Vicky did

Sara Reid: Pain is temporary, gpa is forever

Sarah Tocher: Fuck corona. Sco nas

Sarah Tritschler: At hub if u wanna join

Savannah Green: I promise Auen is fun, buddy!

Shannon Steele: Work hard, party harder, get cat

Shreya Bhatnagar: At least I’ll always have Snapchat memories

Sofia Trigo: Meet me at the hub!

Sophia Krivatsy: Dude don’t stress it’s all good

Sophie Boerboom: College ends, Chaco tans are forever

Sydney Baffour: Here she learned who she was.

Tobin Hansen: Grab me from Ryal before Collins

Tyler Chen: Where the Poopy Boys at huh?

Vicky Flores: I didn’t do it, Santi did

Vin Srikanth: C'mon bro lets go to TNC

Whitney Lieberman: Four lokos, blacking out, then Applebee’s..?

Will Sileo: Still gonna scend it!

William L. Jacob IV: Grateful, Happiness, Kindness, Optimism, Pitzer Pool

WM: Come through, I'm DJing tonight

Zane Tolchinsky: Philosopher? What, I barely know her!

Zenaida Huerta: You worried about the wrong PPE


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