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Class of 2019: Six-Word Memoirs

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Ernest Hemingway told his readers an entire story in six short words, and decades later we are asking the class of 2019 to do describe their CMC experience the very same way. They came up with fun, unique quotes that define themselves and their lives so far.

Here they are!

Hey lets order some chicken nuggets Blaze Li

Sorry, gtg 2 tutorial Jack Gleiberman

Good morning and sco nas. Megan Lo

Whats up betch, time for selfcare Malka Kausar

“I drink and I know things” James Jiang

Picked my battles: all of them Zippy Wilson

Corie Hack has a back. Corie Hack

Dodge duck dip dive and dodge Peter Williams

It's hard being a meme of yourself Allie Carter

Successfully did not over-destroy people Pocket-Sized Satan

Chris Raguz Chris Raguz Chris Raguz Nick LaBerge

De pronto me gusta la adrenalina Patricio Aguilar

4th Quarter, Stag Quarter! Malcolm Stolarski

Squirrels, resilience, capitalism, owls, laughter, chaos Ande Troutman

I go to newport for haircuts Jason

Came back for the Athenaeum strawberries! Saloni Dhir

watching Friends with Maya, wanna join? Elena Seifert

I mastered the art of procrastination Annie Park

biggest win- not falling off collin’s roof Emily Wang

Gledaj napred ali osvirni i nazad. Ajlina Bašić

No recording, no phones, yes cannolis Bruno Youn

Fue un chinga, pero lo hice Jenny Perez Resendiz

Welcome to Roberts! What's your loop#? Remi Edwards

Remember when JLaw...? Neither does he Matt Psaltakis

“Wait, doesn’t she go to Scripps?” Malea Martin

Finesse tomorrow before tomorrow finesses you. Patrick Jamal Elliott

The best parties are at RYAL Riya

I thought I went to Keck. Kathrine Whitman

Please come to my party Adele English

Probably burned my tongue this morning. Peter Brody-Moore

No, I'm not a literature major. Emma Henson

Hey, wanna Uber to Millikan? Ieva Burk

I've still never been to Oldenborg. Ellery Koelker-Wolfe

Keep the change, ya filthy animal. Jack G. Lori

Science Midterm. Mental Breakdown. Repeat. Ravi Sadhu

320,000 dollars worth of wood chips. Laira Aggarwal

Grilled chicken and one-on-ones Brendan Suh

Freedom's a wager for more freedom George Charles Nigel

Jeremy Gregorio Anderson Stark Resident Assistant Jeremy Anderson

Barn party! Barn party! Barn party! Kimmy Tuttle

Strangers to friends, friends to family Andrew Friedlander

A little cortisol, so much serotonin David Brown

Skipped class but met prof @Collins Sylvan Zhang

Beach? ElRanch? Elvira’s? Let’s send it Tess van Hulsen

Degree made possible by Starbucks Coffee Natalie Coffin

Please pay in coffee, books, ramen. Kevin Mercado

Learn to love your own company! Pallavi Deshpande

Hot take? Civilization prospers with kindness Sam Becker

Good vibes save lives☮️ Namrata "Ninu" Dev

Future brighter than my Asian glow. Alice Chen

These were the good old days Conor Hogan

Who’s calling Uber to El Ranch? Maya Gutierrez


Want to study at Scripps pool? Jennifer Mace

KFBR392 Matt Daruty

Reading room anyone? Sco nas. Sydney Talmi

I’m glowing, I know, it’s fine ! Krystal Sung

Can we have a dance party? Jahnavi Kocha

Left for a year, now cultured. Luke Radice


I am like Collins, consistently mediocre. Nolan D. Rajakumar

Let’a go to Juanchos on Thursday. Kelly Ransom

CMC: Poppa, Keck, Friends, Repeat! Katie Carrillo

Umm, did someone say Wine Wednesday? Amiya Narula

Sorry, I’m on shift in poppa Becky Shane

I came, did my job, left André Simoneau

I'm gonna go take a nap Seoyoon Choi

“Let me check my GCal.” Michelle Cao

SOURCE Meetings, Snack, and Filtered Water Lili Muskal

Is the course catalog out yet?!?! Leya Aronoff

Do it later, let's go skiing Bryn Miller

How many junifer berries in gin? Jay Chung

Civilization prospers with Ath lemon bars Hamsa

Keil is texting me gifs again Celeste Terni

Long live Collin's dry ass chicken Eryn Rogers

I need to take a nap Kiki Yang

I can handle the business side Patrick Hennessey

What am I even doing here? Jack Huang

Collins has lasagna AND garlic bread Hannah Berg

Civilization prospers when you're not an asshole Marisa Galvez

Every thing happens for a reason. Julian Castañeda

Hey, can you play Paper Planes? Charlotte Morrissey

Retainers in. Swiffer out. Party on. Megan Schneider

c'mon, let's go out! Betzy Perez

gayer than expected Sara Freimuth

Team, life's short, drink good wine Connor Bloom

First we must fight for Eros Jake Hudson-Humphrey

Cottage Cheese. Caffeine Pills. DoLab Warrior. Corbin Bethurem

Sponsored by Claremont's local coffee shops Meredith Thieme

Got that Slumdog🐶 Millionaire💰 Bollywood💃🏽 Flow🌊 Devang Patel

"I see your light" - Leanne Betasamosake Simpson Kandace Fung

Always down to party. Or sleep. Kara Schachter

Festivals, friends, and full sends. Yup! Patrick Myers

How many words is six words? Patrick Shore

This many words is six words Sean Smooke

Extras on flex? Mackenzie Bradford

A transformative, unforgettable and rewarding experience. Mengting (Valerie) Huang

i would do it all again Vanessa Romo

Let’s help the world without “productivity” Isaac Roth

trust that mf process! sco nas Teeana Cotangco

1Gen Forever Rafael Velasco

Each Claremont day I am becoming. Blake Lapin

Turned this in way too late Michael Chen

And so the SAGA continues... C.C. Schwab

Time is a flat circle Christian Tchamitchian

I'm heading up to the Rose Alec Lopata

Stop doing it for the prestige Roxane Sazegar

drank the kool-aid, spat it out. Kai Vogel

No, it’s called EEP, not PPE. Will Cullen

Shooters shoot -JR Smith Tre Gonzales

I'm taking my talents to vlogging Tony Chau

Your name’s too ethnic for me!' Shivali Joshi

Patrick Shore is actually very mature Logan Miller

Wait, did someone say Tequila Fest? Payson



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