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ASCMC Elections 2020: Candidate Statements

The term for ASCMC members runs from Spring Break to Spring Break, which means that it is time to elect the new Executive Board, and who those students are is up to you. Students have started campaigning across the school for the seven open positions. Tune in to the livestream of Snack Speeches Monday night at 9:45 PM on The Forum’s Instagram and Facebook page! Voting will be held online starting Monday March 2 after the speeches, and will be open for 24 hours. You can get a glimpse of the candidates’ platforms in their statements below.


Student Body President

Johnson Lin |CMC '21

Hello CMC!

My name is Johnson Lin and it has been my honor serving CMC as the Class of 2021 President for the past three years. I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for ASCMC President and hope you find my experience and platform worthy of the office.

Elevating Marginalized Communities

As a first-gen student of color who relies on financial aid to attend CMC, I’m incredibly grateful for the communities that have supported my journey through college. Unfortunately, there are still many systemic barriers that undermine the success of students of marginalized identities. As ASCMC President, I will be your advocate and elevate your voices.

The initiatives I’ve planned include institutionalizing funding for affinity groups, pushing back recruiting and mandating D/I training for campus organizations, making ASCMC elections more financially accessible, and pressuring CMC’s administration to finally take mental health seriously.

Institutional Accountability

A good amount of CMC’s endowment is generated via an unknown investment portfolio. As students, we deserve to know what industries our tuition dollars are put towards and what kind of practices our institution supports. I will lead efforts to uncover this information and work towards making our administration more transparent and accountable for its actions.

Revamping ASCMC Diplomacy

I plan on strengthening the CMC student body’s relationships with DOS, the Board of Trustees, the Office of Admissions, and other 4C’s so that we can access a plethora of new resources and increase our capacity for bigger and better projects.

Previously, my diplomacy with the 5C student governments garnered an unprecedented amount of funding for MonteCarlo, enabling us to expand event capacity, despite eliminating the revenue from ticketing.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at

Yours Truly,

Johnson Lin, #LinfortheWin



Cindy Lay |CMC '22

Over the past year and a half (or 1.44 yrs since 9/18/2018 but who’s counting), I’ve served as 2022’s First-Year and Sophomore Class President. I’ve had lots of fun planning events, announcing birthdays, and sharing anonymous shoutouts. I could elaborate on my work as class president, but if you want an honest and unbiased answer just ask a current sophomore/2022-er.

As EVP, I’m interested in change on a school-wide level. Bryan Carlen has done a fabulous job emphasizing the importance of Senate through our student body; I’d like to extend his work towards a purposeful inclusive Senate.

I won’t make promises because I’m not bribing... but here are some thoughts:

1. Tear down the wall between Ryal Lab and Phillips

2. Build a high-speed rail to Mudd (to the dining hall??)

3. Unlock the Hub doors leading out on the patio.

a) This could be possible

4. Get tap access on our IDs especially to swipe into meals.

a) This also might actually be possible

I’ll give 100% effort to implement the above changes.

Also, here are some realistic changes:

1. Fix the information overload in our inboxes.

a) Our time is scarce and valuable. Let’s implement more rules for school-wide emails. Let’s get more creative and efficient with communication. Emails shouldn’t be a default.

2. Shorten and improve the efficiency of Exec and Senate meetings

a) I’d love to keep increasing attendance at Senate and Executive Board. We can shorten meetings and create time stamps in the agendas. This allows students to attend specific parts of Exec Board meetings and stop by at certain times (ie 7:30pm) instead of staying for the whole meeting.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts and ideas

(I’ve kept an advice/ideas surveys on every class email)

Thank you for your valuable time; good luck on your midterms!


David Roman |CMC'22

Hi Stags and Athenas!

My name is David Roman, and I am running for the position of Executive Vice President. My past experience in ASCMC as Chief Operating Officer and Dorm President has afforded me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the operations of the organization and the powerful impact we can make on campus. As Executive Vice President, my platform focuses on three areas: transparency, accessibility, and inclusivity.


a) Increase transparency and accountability with a biannual report on affairs b) Move meetings to a more accessible location to increase student turnout

2. Dormitory

a) Allocate dorm budgets to subsidize free menstrual hygiene products and tide pods b) Keep Dorm Presidents accountable in using budgets c) Eliminate laundry machine fees

3. First-Generation/Low-Income Students

a) Work with DOS and Roberts Pavilion to eliminate PE course fees b) Advocate for a Summer Bridge program for entering first-years to ease the college transition experience c) Collaborate with Registrar Office to advise students on course scheduling

4. Arts and Music

a) Sponsor the Marks Cave Club for a music space b) Increase art resources in the Bubble with funding and supplies for a creative space

5. Student Activities

a) Increase funding and collaborations with Dorm Halls and Quantum Records for TNC

6. First Year Programming

a) Collaborate with DOS to mandate Resume/Cover Letter workshops b) Create a club document and inform book with application deadlines

7. Disability/Accessibility Resources

a) Advocate for ADA compliment buildings/dorm halls with automatic doors b) Collaborate with DOS to mandate accessibility trainings for disability support and informs students with accomodations about civil rights

8. Mental Health Resource

a) Destigmatize the mental health conversation with forums and town halls b) Fund extra on-campus therapist for CMC students only



Daniel Heron |CMC'21


My name is Daniel Hayon, and I am running to be your next VPSA. With my two years of experience as an Events Commissioner in ASCMC as well as my internship in live event production, I believe I am both qualified and ready to take on the role of Vice President of Student Activities.

Now, I want you to think back to your first year here at CMC. Freshman year was sooo fun! From your first TNC to your big 5C party introduction at Toga, you created memories for a lifetime. But then what happened after? You go to the same TNC and the same big party, and it all gets a bit repetitive. I think it is about time we spice up CMC’s party scene.

My goal is to reinvent each event so that you walk in and think: “Oh? This is different!” But in the best way. Moreover, I plan on reintroducing ‘co-hosted TNCs’ so that clubs, organizations, and everyone else can get the proper funding needed to throw a party for all to enjoy. Tradition is fun, and CMC has a lot, but my hope is that we can create a new big party to look forward to. How about we have a darty in the winter? Why must we wait between 6:01 and McKennapalooza? What about a secret Speakeasy party hidden away on campus?

Additionally, I want to hear YOUR ideas, and get your feedback on what YOU want. That’s why, I will include a form for ‘event suggestions’ in every Party Inform I send out. That brings me to my final point: I will make sure you receive an informative, stacked Party Inform by Tuesday each and every week, so come Monday night, vote Daniel for the most fun year yet!


Amadeo Cantu-Trevino |CMC'22

What’s up CMC!

My name is Amadeo Cantu-Trevino (aka “Guy”) and I am a current Sophomore born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

My hobbies include: playing IMs such as Basketball and Cornhole, riding my longboard down the Roberts hill, heckling any opposing player who competes against CMS, and, as many of you guys know, DJing events here on campus on the weekends.

Over the past two years, I have been an Events Commissioner for ASCMC and have loved every minute of it. For almost all of my time here at CMC, I have helped with every major event and TNC. I have been a part of some really awesome events as well as some that didn’t quite go as planned. I also have had the wonderful pleasure of working under two VPSAs. Over the years, I have acquired the knowledge of what works at CMC and what doesn’t.

My goals for this upcoming term are to provide more assistance to clubs and organizations that want to throw events for either their own members or for the school as a whole, increase the presence of a CMS student-section across all sports and games, host events that foster more of a community feeling here on campus, and make the CMC party culture accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Over the past year, I believe that events on campus have improved thanks to the ASCMC events team and the student body’s support. I am excited to keep this trend going.

Feel free to stop me next time you see me around campus or let me know if you want to grab a meal for whatever, whenever! My ultimate priority as VPSA is YOU. Thank you.






Grace Wang |CMC'21

Hello Class of 2021,

My name is Grace Wang and I am running for your Senior Class President. This role is very important to me because over the past three years I have gotten to know this class very well and I want to make sure that we have the representation that we deserve.

A major part of the role for senior class president is to plan a number of our largest events such as 100 days, thesis party, the Vegas trip and many others. Another major part of the role is to meet with the class cabinet every week and plan well in advance for all of our events and to make sure the logistics work out. These are skills that are not easy to navigate without experience. I have served on multiple class cabinet, working with Johnson every week to plan our class events. I have also served on ASCMC as an events commissioner as well as the VPSA. Through these roles I have had plenty of experience navigating between representing our class and the student body as a whole and working with DOS to make sure that we not only have fun events but also safe events.

If elected, I plan on being a class president who not only represents the class through my own ideas, but also gets our plans from the class. I will have a diverse and experienced cabinet who will not only help represent our class well, but will also be actively talking to the class. It is important to me that everyone in the class is well represented.


Much love,




Samuel Harrison |CMC'22

What’s up everyone?

My name is Sam Harrison and I’m running as the Class of 2022 President. I have been an active member of our class cabinet for the last two years, so I have a good understanding of how the Class President role functions. This year I’m also serving as the Administrative, Appropriation, and Affairs Chair, where I manage Senate budget requests, amendments, and resolutions.

These experiences have given me a solid amount of institutional knowledge that will help our cabinet and I successfully program events aimed for you all. CMC promotes Community, Purpose, and Play, so to keep things simple, my programming will align with these principles. I will promote and place emphasis on health & wellness, both physical and mental, to remind everyone in this high-stress environment to take care of themselves — in every aspect. I will strive to promote a strong sense of community in our class and to proudly celebrate individuality and self-expression in all realms of our lives.

Class events should be in accessible and safe spaces, with programming that can include everyone. I’d also like to hold more class events in mid-quad rather than north-quad since the majority of our class lives in mid-quad. These are my current plans, but I am always open to all of your thoughts and ideas. I plan on holding Office Hours for an hour every Friday afternoon outside the hub, so if you want to get a message across, just come say hi.



Molly Luce |CMC'23

Hey CMC ‘23!

I’m Molly Luce, and I am running to be your Sophomore Class president. I have loved meeting you this past semester, and if we haven’t met yet, you can find me in my room (207 Chall), outside at the Hub, or at Ath Tea!

Our class is incredibly passionate, diverse, and intelligent; we deserve someone as president who will give their all to this position. Our class president should be someone who is accessible, available for questions, suggestions, and concerns. You deserve someone who can advocate for you; but also someone you can feel comfortable approaching.

If elected, I plan on hosting “office hours” twice a week, where you can come to me with anything, from suggestions and questions, or simply just to chat. This next term, our class should host more inclusive events that cater to the various interests of CMC ‘23.

I have many ideas for events and programs, such as:

1. CMC ‘23 Apparel! Creating designs for quarter-zips (among other clothing) that help fundraise for our class, while still allowing for inclusive pricing. Additionally, we can give back to our local community by donating some of the proceeds to local charities.

2. Mid-day Naptime: A couple days throughout the semester the Class of ‘23 would host coffee, Yerba Mates, tea, and snacks in Mid Quad surrounded by outdoor blankets and pillows!

3. Partnering with the Soll Center for sophomore specific career/summer internship events! 4. Hosting pregames, Sunday Snack, and occasional TNCs! I would also like to continue the emphasis on volunteerism, by making opportunities more transparent and accessible for students, especially those that don’t have the ability to travel outside campus.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, my number is (630) 881-9213 and my email is!


Colin Sam |CMC'23

Hello, my name is Colin Sam and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio however my family is originally from Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. I was the ASCMC First-Year Class President as well as a mock trial prosecution attorney. I consider my biggest accomplishment as FYCP the creation of CMC’s first Volunteer Calendar which was my main campaign promise. Upon arrival at CMC it was very apparent that there was a lack of culture based around volunteer work and giving back to Claremont. I met with 12 different non-profits around Claremont to see what we could do to help. Through these meetings we were able to set up many different events such as blanket making for the Children’s Foundation of America, the BFS volunteer day for Sustainable Claremont, an event helping Crossroads Women, etc. This is just the beginning of my goal to help establish a volunteering community into CMC much like there is at the other 5Cs.

My first year on ASCMC was very rewarding, because of everything I learned about the way that ASCMC functions. There were a lot of aspects of the job that I didn’t even know about when starting, but that I learned how to do throughout the process. Even simple things like being able to use Workday, understanding how executive board meetings work, and learning how to successfully run on-campus events. There are so many little things that go into the job that go unseen. With a year of experience doing the job under my belt, I have learned what works and what does not and that is why I know that I am the best candidate for the job. This is a job that I loved doing and know I can do well again, and nothing would make me happier than your support!


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