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ASCMC Elections 2019: Candidate Statements

The term for ASCMC members runs from Spring Break to Spring Break, which means that it is time to elect the new Executive Board! Students have started campaigning across the school for the seven open positions. Voting will be held online on Thursday March 7. Tune in to the livestream of Snack Speeches Wednesday night on The Forum Facebook page! You can get a glimpse of the candidates’ platforms in their statements below.



Maxwell Knowles Presidential Candidate

Through both incredible highs and devastating lows, CMC has become family. I love this school and its students, but there's great work to be done to make sure we are both listening and acting on the voices of this community. I'm running for ASCMC President in hopes of transforming the club experience, pushing new mentorship initiatives forward, expanding opportunities to hear your voice, and promoting a student culture that battles apathy. Feel free to follow along on Facebook at @knowles4ascmc to see more of my platform and campaign!

Dina Rosin Presidential Candidate

There is a common sentiment shared by everyone I know here at CMC -- we love our school, and because we love it, we all have things we think CMC could be doing better. Whether it is course offerings or admissions practices, new resources for mental, sexual, or physical health, new ways we can make our parties and events more inclusive and fun, or so much more, there are endless possibilities for how we can tangibly improve the lives of CMC students. There is another belief unfortunately shared by much of the student body: ASCMC does not have the power to make these kinds of changes. I am running for ASCMC President because I want our student government to act as the voice of the student body when advocating for, and enacting, meaningful social change on campus. We need a student government that will fight for the priorities of the student body in pursuit of a more equitable, just, and inclusive college. We need a candidate, and an administration, that is willing to try new and innovative avenues to reach these ends. Bryan Carlen and I have an ambitious plan centered on advocacy and accountability to make ASCMC a body that better amplifies the voices of students. We want to prioritize community engagement, mental health, and consent culture as key focuses of our administration. We want to transform Senate into a body in which every student has a say and a voice. We will create and grow new relationships with affinity groups, athletic teams, and student organizations so that your ideas become the bedrock of our administration. CMC, I don’t simply want to be your President, but your fiercest advocate for the issues that matter most to our community.

Max Dawson Presidential Candidate

What’s the point of ASCMC? To throw parties? Parties are fun, but there’s more to college than that. To supervise clubs? Sure, but frankly clubs are pretty good at supervising themselves. Maybe to buy pizza for things? Okay, yeah. Pizza’s great. But there should be more to student government than that. Right? My name is Max Dawson, and I believe ASCMC’s purpose is simple – to represent YOU. Not just those of you who have the time to serve on ASCMC, or the ones who are involved in a million things on campus and are still somehow completely put together. Trust me, I get it; just about any candidate will say that. But I ask you this – do they ever tell you how they’re going to get you involved? And more importantly, do they ever give you the information you’d need to even form an opinion? Unfortunately, the answer for most of you is probably no. But how is our student government supposed to… well… govern, if a room of fifteen people are the only ones who know what’s going on behind the scenes? As CFO, I’ve devoted my time to breaking down that wall. In the last eight months, I’ve drafted policies for reimbursement, club budgeting documents, long-term financial plans, and weekly financial reports: and been as open as possible about it with all of you. As President, I will continue that trend. Think weekly office hours. Think public forums that you actually feel invited to attend. And think of chances to give feedback on everything we do, from the club fair to elections to TNCs to the reimbursement system; all made possible by a president who knows better than anyone that representation is nothing without transparency. Thank you so much for your support! Love, Max Dawson (760) 207-2822



Bryan Carlen Executive Vice Presidential Candidate

If elected, this would be my third term serving on the Executive Board of ASCMC. Yet, through conversations with my peers and reflection on my experience, I’ve realized that athough ASCMC does some things well, there’s a whole lot more it doesn’t do well. Two things it doesn’t do well are: one, advocate for all students’ needs, and two, hold itself and the administration accountable. These two focuses are how I as EVP, alongside Dina Rosin as President, would work to improve ASCMC. Advocacy If elected, I will work to make a Senate a body in which students can arrive with problems, and leave knowing that issues are being addressed. This means creating avenues of communication with affinity groups, student organizations, and athletic groups to actually understand what students need, in order to ensure that those needs are met. I will use Senate’s Constitutional ability to pass Resolutions to voice student’s concerns publicly and vocally to the CMC community. Accountability Accountability is the second tenet of my platform. To hold ASCMC accountable, I will ensure that all Senate Committee Chairs are both Teal Dot and Queer Allyship Trained. To hold Administration accountable, I will use Senate to create student face time with important individuals on campus, including President Chodosh, the Director of Admissions, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The actualization of these goals requires a shared vision between both Senate and the Executive Board. Only with Dina leading Executive Board and me leading Senate can we make these goals a reality. If you want a student government that advocates for you and believes in real accountability, then vote for Dina & Bryan for President and EVP when polls open.



Chandler Koon Executive Vice President of Student Affairs Candidate

Hello! My name is Chandler Koon, and if elected VPSA, I want to focus on improving ASCMC’s accessibility, inclusivity, and financial responsibility. While open to any and all suggestions, I have some ideas on how to get started: First, I propose maintaining a Sunday Snack every Sunday, planned in conjunction with CPB’s on the first Sunday of every month. I did this while serving as VPSA in 2017. Not everyone at CMC drinks, or goes out, and ASCMC is meant to serve the whole student body, not just those who party. Second, I propose lowering ticket costs for Monte Carlo and Wedding Party to $5 for CMC students. More accessible events with higher capacity and greater ticket sales will have a similar revenue: this is basic economics. Even if ASCMC eats a slightly larger proportion of the costs, I believe that ASCMC shouldn’t be charging students for the events they put on. While the budget as it exists requires some degree of ticketing, I want to mitigate barriers to entry such as ticket caps and excessive prices. Third, I hope to facilitate true collaborations and partnerships with student groups on campus. ASCMC has the resources and responsibility to assist groups like Mi Gente and 5C Records in creating and promoting successful events, and the ability to give student artists a platform. I particularly want to work with groups who feel their voices and ideas have not been heard by ASCMC historically, in the hope that ASCMC can become an organization that actually represents and works on behalf of the student body. I would work with the elected DAC to partner with dorms for events such as TNCs and Sunday snacks, and if elected, would love to support any student groups, clubs or otherwise, that want to make big things happen.



Joseph Noss Senior Class Presidential Candidate

Unlike any other ASCMC position up for election this Spring, the President of the Class of 2020 comes with responsibilities in perpetuity. Sure, the Senior Class President is charged with carrying on senior traditions like 100 Days and 200 Days, and I can guarantee you those events will not disappoint. However, I care far more about leaving CMC knowing that every senior feels connected to one another and this institution for life--so that they leave this place knowing it will always be a home for them. Yes, in the coming term, I will ensure that there will be real puppies at de-stressing events--no more of the small-dog bs--but I will also keep an eye toward senior-specific challenges that will come to define how our class is remembered. This past year, the Class of 2019 has made it clear that they did not feel involved in the process of selecting the Commencement speaker that will mark their last milestone at CMC, and I want to represent the voice of the Class of 2020 in this process from the very beginning. Our class speaker will be an individual who can speak to our experience at Claremont--someone funny, someone reflective, someone to tell you everything will be fine even when your work week no longer ends on Thursday at 2:45. As program coordinator of Camp Wahanowin, I spent an entire summer with the primary task of planning enjoyable events for a group of over 500 people. Not only were there incredible parties, but also quieter events that fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. As for policy, I plan to align myself with the priorities of Dina and Bryan, who I’m confident will make every effort to sustain a culture of student advocacy and ASCMC accountability. As I support them in making this vision a reality, I will dedicate all of my energy to keeping our class together for the rest of our lives and making sure that when your phone rings in five, ten, thirty years from now, you’ll be happy it’s my voice on the other end, asking to hear what you’ve been up to.

Laleh Ahmad Senior Class Presidential Candidate

Hi! I’m Laleh Ahmad, and I’m running for Senior Class President. I’m super excited for a chance to represent our class and plan awesome events! I have two main priorities:

  1. Community building through event planning: I’m committed to using our budget responsibly to foster a robust community in our grade. We have a lot of different types of people, but we don’t have a lot of different types of events. I want our events to reflect our class. I want to plan fun parties like 100 and 200 Days, ensure Mount Baldy TNC and Ski-Beach Day actually happen, and use my position to create more creative and new events that enable us to create incredible memories together. I’ve heard ideas from the Class of 2020 like a Senior Formal, regular CCA nights, apartment parties with food trucks, and more. I want to plan workshops so we can learn how to pay rent, find apartments, negotiate salaries and more. We can make these events happen. Moreover, I want to ensure that the Senior Apartments are a welcoming and fun space for all seniors, whether they live there or not.

  2. Advocacy: I want to support ASCMC leadership in fighting for more mental health resources that work and tangible ways to create a consent culture on our campus. I also want to fight for our class to have a Commencement Speaker that we are inspired by and can all support.

I would love the opportunity to make your senior year more fun! Thank you for reading, and I hope I can count on your support. I, along with Joe Noss, support Dina Rosin for ASCMC President and Bryan Carlen for Executive Vice President. We believe they will bring necessary change to ASCMC.



Johnson Lin Junior Class Presidential Candidate

Hey Friends! As of writing this, I believe I’m running unopposed so I’ll save you some time by keeping it short. It’s been an honor serving our class for two years now and I’m more than ready to make it three. My administration has come a long way, from planning large scale events like the Toga Party pregame and Puppies+Poptarts, to advocating for important causes on campus like aiding survivors of sexual assault. I plan to continue these great initiatives and to keep working my hardest to make your CMC experience beyond memorable. Thanks for your support <3 Yours Truly, Johnson Lin P.s. don’t worry, there will be yet another amazing line of apparel coming soon ;)



Cindy Lay Sophomore Class Presidential Candidate

What’s up Class of 2022!! It’s been an honor these past 6 months to serve as your class president. Thanks also to the teamwork of our First Year Class Cabinet, we’ve been able to have lots of events like Cookies with the Deans, Class Registration Snack, Class Pregames, TNCs, Junior X Freshman meet and greets, 5C First Year Field Day, and more! This term I want to focus on planning events that bring unity to our class. It’s extremely important to me to foster a strong sense of community within our class. We all come from amazing different and impressive backgrounds; I’m truly blown away by all high-quality people. I want to continue making sure people have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with all of our classmates. Here are some things I’d love to do if I was your sophomore class president: Class Apparel: Creating a design that not only allows increased funds for our class but also represents the amazing class of 2022. An AWESOME Pirate Party Brunch- Pancakes anyone?? Wellness and self-care events that allow our class to connect on a deeper level. More dry events like First Year Field Day! An unBirthday Party: So that we can properly celebrate and pond everyone with a birthday during break/summer. Class Specific Snacks on occasional Sundays and Fridays. (Because showing up at Collins at 10:30 pm then realizing it’s Sunday is the worst) As always if we haven’t met I’d love to! You can find me in Appleby 104 or at Sunday Tea Time from 3:30 - 5:00 at the Appleby tables. I always love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Hope to be sending you guys more class emails! Remember, have a great day and vote Cindy Lay All my love, Cindy

Marilyn Liriano Sophomore Class Presidential Candidate

My name is Marilyn Liriano and I am from the Bronx, New York. I love chicken tenders and avocado from the hub and spending my weekends at Doms. Coming to California has been more than a blessing and I’m so happy to be a part of the class of 2022. My favorite part of being in the Claremont colleges is meeting new people from all over. My first goal as president is to have more events where we can have more get togethers during the day with good music and good food (I’ll always ask for your input! If you want boba, I’ll get you boba! If you hate boba and want Raising Canes, I’ll get you Raising Canes!). I want everyone on this campus to be able to find friends as amazing as the ones I found here. I come from a high school where the community was very disconnected and it was hard to make a lasting relationship but I want to make sure that isn’t a problem here! I also want to make the campus more sustainable. I plan on holding events to give out reusable/ eco friendly goods such as metal straws, totes, and bamboo toothbrushes. I’m running for class of 2022 because I want to create a more inclusive campus and I want you all to have a President you can feel comfortable chatting with when you’ve had a bad day or great one. I want to be an open and honest candidate. I promise not to make any empty promises. If you ever want to chat, my room is Beckett 128. You can also message me on social media @mxrilynx on Instagram or Marilyn Amara on Facebook. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate and I hope you find me to be a presidential candidate worthy of your valuable votes.


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