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ASCMC Discusses Female Leadership at CMC

On November 11, ASCMC hosted its first “Sunday Snack,” a community town hall intended to provide students, community members, and club leaders with an opportunity to freely voice their opinions on issues affecting the CMC community. This town hall centered on the topic of female leadership on CMC’s campus. All were invited and encouraged to attend in an attempt to create a more involved community where everyone’s voice can be heard. “We bring the snacks, you bring the discussion,” ASCMC said of the event.

“It’s important to provide a platform for students to organically express their issues on campus,” said ASCMC President Maya Love ‘20. “These town halls are a way for us to come together and reach solutions on a consensus basis. Instead of ASCMC making decisions on behalf of students without their input, we are encouraging all members of the CMC community to show up and actively participate in the decision-making process,” she said.

During the event, students migrated around the room to different posters and wrote their responses to various questions pertaining to leadership on campus. These responses and suggestions are meant to provide ASCMC with tangible action items on ways to improve CMC’s campus.

Sunday Snack will resume next semester, and will occur once or twice per month.

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