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21 Gift Ideas for the 7 People You Might Buy Presents For

Happy holiday season CMC! As we make our way through the best time of the year, I’m sure you don’t have time to think about much other than finals. So to ease a bit of your stress, I put together a gift guide for all the people in your life while sticking to a college student budget. So whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just the end of the semester, I hope you find some inspiration from these gift ideas!

For your roommate:

  • If your roommate is from the U.S., give them a piece of their home state with one of these candles, each of which has a specific scent to remind them of home ($30).

  • If your roommate constantly loses their phone or is now on their fourth Hydroflask, get them a tile so they’ll never lose their essentials again ($15).

  • For the room setup that doesn’t allow for a bedside table, this bedside caddy will keep your roommate’s phone, water bottle, or chapstick in reach ($22).

For your friends:

  • These multicolored lights have bluetooth speakers on them, so your friend can spruce up their dorm while also having surround sound ($24.99).

  • A weighted blanket might sound like a strange concept, but these blankets are insanely relaxing and really do help with stress relief, making them the perfect post-finals gift ($59.88).

  • Help your friend find the perfect studying and/or Netflix watching position with this wedge pillow that will take their XL twin the the next level ($30.99).

For your suitemates or hallmates:

  • You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks, and this 12-pair pack, will have enough to go around ($27.99).

  • Buy this 2 pound bag of pink Starbursts and split it between your suitemates or hallmates so they don’t have to experience the disappointment of a yellow Starburst ($21.07).

  • While it may seem a little bit strange, this squatty potty can be a suite or hall bathroom game changer. This is the gift that never stops giving ($19.99).

For your significant other:

  • Your significant other would no doubt love the opportunity to see your face when they wake up every morning with this cardboard face cutout ($27.99).

  • You can also pamper your significant other a bit with a super luxurious feeling silk pillowcase so they get good sleep and never have a bad hair day ($37.99).

  • This one is a bit pricey, but a sports-loving significant other would definitely love to spruce up their dorm with an Art of Words print ($49.99).

For your professor:

  • An Augie’s gift card to grab some coffee from one of Claremont’s most well-loved coffee shops ($ varies).

  • If you’re feeling generous, a massage certificate to relax after frantically grading finals is always appreciated, or at least re-gifts well ($ varies).

  • This peppermint bark is a holiday classic that is easily shareable and sure to please ($21.71).

For your siblings:

  • A game for game night that they will want to play with their friends! I know a board game may not sound like the most exciting gift, but I promise this game is insanely addictive ($14.89).

  • I always bonded with my brothers by mildly annoying our mom together, so reminisce about the good old days of childhood with a sibling through this mug that is perfect for anyone who used to love to play with their food ($25).

  • CMC gear is always a great option as you make an effort to indoctrinate your younger siblings to the CMC way of life.

For your parents:

  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant in your hometown. Now that you’re out of the house, your parents can finally have some time to themselves, so treat them to dinner on you.

  • Hire a local photographer to do a family photo shoot when everyone is home for once. Your parents would no doubt appreciate the photos for years to come.

  • These inexpensive herb planters that look great in the kitchen are also extremely functional and, more importantly, hard to kill with their hydroponic growing system ($18-25).

I hope these were helpful, and happy shopping!

Credit for many of these ideas goes to Business Insider’s gift guides.


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