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The Salvatori Center Presents

We the Students

Prof. Richard SanderWe the Students
00:00 / 25:04

Join Henry Long and Abizer Mamoon in their discussion with UCLA’s Jesse Dukeminier Professor in Law, Richard Sander. Professor Sander has dedicated nearly all of his career to exploring questions of inequality in America. In this episode, Henry, Abizer, and Professor Sander explore solutions to issues in social welfare, affordable housing, and affirmative action. 

Andrew Rizko and Tamoy Pitt sit down with writer David Weiden to discuss the Criminal Justice System.

By his request, the interview is only available to CMC Students, Faculty & Staff.

Prof. Tamara LawsonWe the Students
00:00 / 46:27

Tamoy Pitt, Henry Fina, Henry Long and Maribella Muñoz-Jimenez sit down with Professor and Dean of UW Law School Tamara Lawson '92 at the Ath before her dinner speaking engagement. We the Students ask questions addressing the idea of justice juxtaposed with the systemic process of justice. 

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