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Executive Board Returns from Retreat with New Election Ideas, Project Updates, Nov. 12

November 14, 2017

Executive Board Returns from Retreat with New Election Ideas, Project Updates, Nov. 12
by Lily Cohen and Bhavika Anandpura

This week the ASCMC Executive Board discussed changing the election process (a topic brought up during last week’s retreat) and ran through updates for the many projects board members are working on. ASCMC members attended an on-campus retreat last weekend, where they were asked how ASCMC hopes to identify and what it should be as a resource. Chief Operating Officer Grace Kelleher '20 said that ASCMC needs to engage more students, particularly women. 

Presidential Advisor Jess Wissinger '19 proposed electing two class presidents per grade and replacing snack speeches with tables similar to a club fair.

Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla '19 discussed an easier system to add students to club mailing lists. There will also be an upcoming workshop to evaluate club budgets, and a Diversity and Inclusion 'club of the month' will be selected for December.

The Diversity and Inclusion Board hosted Expression night Thursday, which Chair Maya Love '20 said had a great turnout: "I think the main reason why people enjoyed this event is that it provided a platform for students to highlight their talents and the empowerment they find in them,” Love said. “We will be hosting another event after many requests!"

Love also shared that she is talking to members in the community to try and increase the number of faculty members that reflect the student body, as well as working towards increasing the flexibility on which courses can fulfill General Education requirements.

Additionally, Executive Vice President Patrick Elliot '19 is attempting to give senior apartments residents access to the Bauer Center parking lot, increasing programming options for international students, putting up televisions in south quad dorm lounges, and getting a 19-swipe meal plan.

200 Days was a huge success, according to Senior Class President Daniel Ludlam '18. He is now planning for the event celebrating 100 days until commencement and also shared plans to have a designated table in Collins for individuals who come to eat alone to be able to sit with other individuals and make new friends.

The Class of 2020 is hosting a spa/self-care day this Sunday in the Bubble, and Fried Sagehen t-shirts are now on sale.

In light of Thanksgiving coming up, President Sami Malas '19 spoke about a gratitude event where ASCMC members will serve a meal to facilities faculty and dorm attendants as a way of thanking them.

Lastly, the Board welcomed two new Events Commissioners: Grace Wang '21 and Daniel Hayon ‘21.

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