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ASCMC Exec Board Beat: CO voting rights and Pride Party debrief, Nov 19

November 21, 2017

ASCMC Exec Board Beat: CO voting rights and Pride Party debrief, Nov 19
by Tanya Kotecha

On Sunday, Nov. 19, ASCMC discussed whether the Campus Organization Committee Chair should gain the right to vote before the end of this year. The Board also granted a funding request for a 5C party hosted at Pitzer. The Board debated whether the Campus Organization Committee Chair's vote should begin this year or next. The CO chair is in control of one-third of ASCMC’s budget, giving her key insight into how ASCMC is allocating and using its funds. Nevertheless, Tanvi Gandham ‘17 argued that if the motion to give the CO chair voting right was accepted this semester, it could lead to biases in the allocation of funds. She noted that even in Congress, members cannot vote to increase their own salaries, ensuring that they do not have an incentive to vote a certain way. The motion failed to pass by a margin, with four no's, three yes's and one abstention.

Vice President of Student Activities Chandler Koon '19 debriefed last week’s Pride Party, co-hosted by ASCMC and CMC's Sexuality and Gender Alliance. Though the general consensus was that the event was a success, Koon noted that due to many other events also occurring on campus, there was a lower than expected turnout.

After asking Quincy Brown '19 questions about the funding request, the Board voted to grant funds for a 5C party hosted in Pitzer. Event Commissioner Andrea Amaya ‘20 confirmed that the band for Mistletoe Rock has been booked.

Lastly, ASCMC President Sami Malas ‘19 verified that he was in touch with Claremont Women In Business regarding how to further their club and that ASCMC was in contact with CMC’s PR team on how to best publicize the achievements of ASCMC.

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