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Senate Funds Three Requests, Recaps Budget, and Shows Appreciation for Staff

December 5, 2017

by Mrinalini Bhushan

Senate Funds Three Requests, Recaps Budget, and Shows Appreciation for Staff

Senate met for the last time this semester to recap the work of different committees and approve funding requests. Senate funded $400 to the African Student Association for drinks and food for a fundraiser on awareness of human rights in Libya. The event aims to target 200 people, but Campus Improvements Committee Chair Biniyam Asnake ’20 suggested ordering food in shifts to ensure none is wasted and the budget is spent effectively. The Senate also funded $1000 to the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team that consists of 10 CMC members. Lastly, the Senate funded $2750 to the Campus Improvements Committee for the installment of Nido hammocks. Asnake and Vice President of ASCMC Patrick Elliott ’19 have been working on the installment of these hammocks outside Beckett the entire semester, and they should be ready to use when students return next semester.

Senate now has $9400 remaining in its budget for spring semester which is approximately the same as last year’s budget at this point in the semester. With this, Senate concluded an overall positive standing with respect to the budget.

Asnake is still in the process of working with Storyhouse to add more washing machines and dryers in North Quad. He along with committee members is also working on a more student-friendly contact page for each Executive Board Member.

Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Sam Becker ’19 is in conversation with Storyhouse about making package notifications digital to cut down on paper waste. The committee is also working on installing food compositing systems in dining facilities at the Athenaeum and Collins.

Alumni Relations Committee Head Kyleigh Mann ’18 suggested drafting an alumni-inform email to notify students about the presence of alumni on campus and aims to work on putting up more flyers around campus. President of ASCMC Sami Malas ’19 informed Senate about staff appreciation across campus for the next week. Students can contribute towards the purchasing of staff gifts and also sign banners outside Ath tea tomorrow.

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