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A Guide to the Cookies of Some Crust Bakery

November 29, 2017

by Malea Martin

A Guide to the Cookies of Some Crust Bakery

Some Crust Bakery in Claremont Village is best known for its cookies. It’s not a surprise that the famous baked goods are a classic tactic for clubs at the 5Cs to lure in new members: they’re some of the freshest and most delicious cookies around. The only thing worth complaining about when it comes to Some Crust is that there are too many enticing options to choose just one! So, this is my personal guide to the best Some Crust cookies to get you through those tough bakery decisions. 

1) Almond Drop Cookie

A recent discovery of mine, the almond drop cookie is hands down my favorite. The cookie itself is a buttery shortbread with a lovely almond essence that's not too overpowering. The center of the cookie holds a heaping dollop of dark chocolate, which makes for an unforgettable pairing. Unique yet incredibly simple at the same time, it’s a perfect balance of two must-haves in one cookie!

2) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

The peanut butter chocolate chip is an oldie but a goodie--Some Crust’s rendition is in honor of this classic. Soft and gooey, this cookie always tastes fresh and is never hard or brittle in the way that so many PB choco chip cookies often fall victim to. The peanut butter taste is strong enough to take the cookie out of the plain chocolate chip realm, but also not so overwhelming that all you can taste is peanut butter. This tends to be my go-to cookie at any given bakery, and Some Crust’s is definitely one of the best I’ve tried.

3) Gluten-free Chocolate Chip

I’ll start off by saying that I do not follow a gluten free diet. In fact, I am a huge gluten lover. So when I went to Some Crust one day expecting one of the aforementioned cookies only to find that the bakery was almost completely depleted of them, I was just short of devastated. 

Though one of the workers encouraged me to try the GF choco chip, I was hesitant at first: could a GF cookie ever live up to the regular Some Crust creations? I decided to give it a go, and what resulted was a new favorite! I would recommend this cookie to both gluten-eaters and gluten-freers. It is essentially like eating cookie dough because it’s so thick and gooey, and I’m not sure what more you could ask for.

4) Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle cookies are delicious in theory, but they so often miss the mark. Luckily, this is not the case with Some Crust’s snickerdoodles. Just the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar cookie, the end product is simply delicious. If you’re looking for a quick, unassuming bite, this choice is strongly recommended!

5) Decadence Mocha

If you’re a coffee and cookie lover, this is the cookie for you. With larger than normal chocolate chunks and a soft, coffee-essenced dough, this cookie definitely stands out as one of Some Crust’s finest. It is quite rich, though, so if you’re looking for a small bite just be warned that this cookie might ruin your appetite…but isn’t that what dessert before dinner is for?

I hope you find this guide helpful in your cookie endeavors. When it comes down to it, any cookie choice at Some Crust is bound to be a good one!

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