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ASCMC Senate Beat: December 7, 2015

December 10, 2015

by Jeremy Anderson

ASCMC Senate Beat: December 7, 2015

ASCMC Senate held its final meeting of the semester on Monday night in the Freeburg Forum. The meeting kicked off with updates from different Senate committees. Representatives from the Campus Improvement Committee said that they were working to compile a guide of institutional knowledge that will be used to guide future transitions and updated regularly. They also mentioned that two new blue lights have been placed in Mid Quad and that they are still working to establish more gender inclusive spaces in dorms. The Consortium Affairs Committee is looking into getting scanners for ASCMC events while the Technology and Innovation Committee is currently in the process of trying to archive Athenaeum talks.

Following the Senate Committee updates, members from faculty, college, and trustee committees gave updates. A representative from the Curriculum committee said that the committee is considering how to revamp CMC’s introductory economics course, Principles of Economic Analysis, due to its rising popularity. The Athenaeum Advisory Committee is working to make technological updates, including updating the sound system, website, and mobile application. Additionally, the Athenaeum is considering how they could update the meal reservation process in order to reduce food waste. The Residential Life Committee is trying to implement more gender neutral housing and bathrooms. The Personal and Social Responsibility Committee on Campus Climate announced progress on planning a Day of Dialogue, and discussed the possibility of a new general education requirement, which would include (but not necessarily be limited to) issues regarding race, sexuality, gender, class, and ability. This prompted further discussion among the senate on the issue.

Many students agreed that a class addressing different world views and perspectives would be beneficial for the college, but students offered different methods for implementing such a course. One student offered the idea of an interactive online program akin to Alcohol EDU or Haven. Another suggested that the courses become part of the social science GE field, so that students can use the new course to fulfill their general education requirements. Other students wanted more FHS and FWS courses related to these issues. 

Additionally, one student said that this general education requirement is appropriate not only because of its educational benefit, but also because establishing such a course will demonstrate CMC’s commitment to addressing issues concerning marginalized communities.

The meeting concluded with an announcement for the launch of the Gender and Leadership Initiative, developed by the Women and Leadership Alliance (WLA), supported by the Kravis Leadership Institute, the Robert Day School, and the Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children. The program’s aim is to promote campus-wide discussions on gender-related issues and perceptions. The first discussion will take place this Friday, December 11, at 2pm in the Bauer Founders Room.

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