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ASCMC Executive Board Beat: December 7, 2015

December 6, 2015

by Eric Millman

ASCMC Executive Board Beat: December 7, 2015

ASCMC Executive Board held its last meeting of the semester Sunday night, where they discussed Board member updates, Mistletoe Rock, and Dean Huang’s email regarding an online threat. The meeting kicked off with a round of updates from the Board members. Event Commissioner Dean Sagafi ‘18 is looking into the possibility of acquiring new speakers for ASCMC events, Freshman Class President Timmy Song ‘19 is in the final stages of acquiring shirts for the freshman class, and Clubs and Organizations Chair Melissa Muller ‘18 recently rechartered the “College Knowledge” club.

ASCMC President Will Su ‘16 announced that, in accordance with the Campus Safety Expansion Plan, two new blue lights have been implemented in Mid Quad. He added that Mariana Cruz and the Barthwell Group have recently been hired as consultants for the college to tackle issues regarding diversity on campus. Furthermore, Su would like to create two new Ad Hoc committees, one of which will advise the administration on logistical questions relating to the Roberts Pavilion (expected to be completed by February), and another that will further explore the possibility of a General Education requirement modeled after Georgetown University’s “engaging differences” course.

During the events debrief, Vice President of Student Affairs Christine Horne ‘17 discussed Saturday's party, Mistletoe Rock, which went “relatively well.” She acknowledged a few problems they encountered, including issues with the generator and fuses. The commissioners ended up using “spider block” outlets, which worked well and may be used again for future events in North Quad.

Additionally, Senior Class President Kathryn Chakmak ‘16 noted that Thesis Party went well besides one accidental injury, and that there was no broken glass or substantial cleanup after the event.

The Board also approved Harvey Mudd's funding request of $400 for this Saturday's Casemas party as well as Senate Amendments for the new Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Interviews for the position will be held next week.

Finally, the Board discussed Dean Huang's email addressing a campus threat and the administration's response. The post in question was submitted on a Google form made by a CMC alumnus after recent protests, intended for people to share their experiences at CMC. It read: “You stupid fucking students are so full of shit, constantly complaining about wanton useless bullshit and trite whenever a single fucking thing bothers you. Stop being such a fucking pussy or I will personally fucking shoot each and every one of you.”

Su found it “unnerving” that, especially in light of the national climate surrounding campus shootings, the student body was uninformed of the threat until two weeks after it was posted online. Dorm Affairs Chair Nicky Blumm ‘17 and several other Board members concurred in disapproving of how the administration handled the affair. Members of the administration were notified of the threat on November 19 and first addressed it with students this past weekend. The Board decided to draft a resolution condemning the response and detailing its expectations for similar threats in the future.

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