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6 Things I'm Thankful for at CMC

December 4, 2013

6 Things I'm Thankful for at CMC
by Haley Goodman

Thanksgiving is known for many things. Firstly, it's an un-PC remembrance of that time we were nice to Native Americans for thirty minutes before we gave them smallpox-infected blankets. Secondly, it’s when you consume so much turkey and gravy that you end up passing out on the couch in a mini food coma. Lastly, it is a time to remember what  you are blessed to have in life. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and look at all the wonderful in our lives, but CMC is something that I am fortunate to have every day. Stepping away form Claremont over Thanksgiving made me recognize how different it is from all other colleges. Of all CMC's amazing aspects, here are the the top six things for which I am most thankful.

1. Housekeeping

All I can say is that the housekeeping staff are the employees at CMC that most deserve a thank you. Cleaning after rowdy college kids is a lot of work and I am so lucky and thankful that they work so hard at their jobs. Shout out to Juana for being the hardest working person ever (she came in even with the flu!) They each put so much energy into their jobs, and although I know it's a hard one, they are always kind. Next time you see them, please be sure to show your appreciation-- they deserve it!

2. The Ath

This year, I was fortunate enough to sit at the head table with Zadie Smith and had a most enriching and interesting conversation. The opportunity to meet and listen to prominent world figures come and speak about their expertise happens on some campuses once every few months. At CMC, we have this almost every night-- something I sometimes take for granted. Side note: chocolate-covered strawberries at Tea are so clutch when running to and from class.

3. Social Inclusivity

This is a topic that has been hotly debated in the past few weeks. All the buzz aside, we go to a school that literally invites everyone to parties. Talking with my friends from other schools, they lamented about the exclusivity of the Greek scene or the inaccessibility of parties since most are off campus. Reflecting on our social scene, we are so lucky and and fortunate to have an environment that allows everyone to partake in social events.

4. Short walking distances

I have fallen victim to what I like to call the "Claremont Mile Syndrome." Since everything on CMC's campus is no more than a five-minute walk, going anywhere off CMC seems like a trek. I sometimes don’t even want to go to library because it’s “too far” when in reality it’s about three steps from Kravis. So next time you think that the Mudd Hole is equivalent to a marathon, remember that some other schools aren’t as lucky to have a dining hall right next to their dorm.

5. Resources of the other 5Cs

Although I love the insular CMC community, sometimes CMC doesn't have certain aspects that other schools offer. Ranging from the Scripps gym to Pitzer's organic garden, there are many resources available at the other 5Cs if you can't find them at CMC. For instance, Pomona has the Foreign Language Resource Center, which has tutors in many languages. One downside of having a small liberal arts college is that sometimes there isn't an opportunity to have resources that are available at larger institutions. Yet the consortium remedies this issue and fills the holes that CMC sometimes leaves.

6. The people

As tacky as it sounds, the people at CMC make the community. Without the smiling faces and help from my peers, CMC would seem like a vastly different place. Although CMCers are allotted such unique opportunities (the Ath, research institutes, world-class professors etc.) it’s the people, from professors to students to staff, that create the caring, engaged environment that is CMC.

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