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The Campus Pulse: Boardwalk Empire

October 27, 2011

Sade Tavangarian
The Campus Pulse: Boardwalk Empire

On a warm Saturday night, students were dressed up in their classiest slacks and flapper dresses. This wasn’t your typical Saturday party at Claremont McKenna College, but more a dedication to the roaring 20’s. Students alternated practicing their swing skills on the dance floor with the live jazz band playing in the background, to sipping drinks in their colored cups outside in the lightened patio between McKenna Auditorium and Heggblade. ASCMC hosted this year’s first formal event, The Boardwalk Empire party. Students bought their wristbands for $5, which covered the live band, refreshments, and dancing lessons.  So was the fee worth it?

Here’s what the freshmen had to say about keeping it classy:

“I liked how everyone was dressed up and everyone looked really good. I liked the change of pace from the normal parties from the sweaty mosh pits. It was nice to be classy. CMC is a very classy school. I feel like we should embrace that more,” said Charlie Montgomery ’15.

“It was a real classy way to end the week,” Stephanie Braziel ‘15

“It was one of the very first parties we made a profit out of. It was successful and a nice way to slow down the pace. If we could change one thing we would get two more bars for next year,” said ASCMC Executive Secretary Stephanie Haft ’15.

“The Boardwalk Empire was a nice change to CMC’s normal ragers. It gave the student body a chance to dress up and dance to swing music,” said Braden Crockett ’15.

“CMC cleans up real nice,” said Gracie Coburn ’15.

Photos by Karan Malik

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