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Monte Carlo 2011: A Night on the French Riviera

November 7, 2011

by Ana Kakkar
Monte Carlo 2011: A Night on the French Riviera

Many often complain that Claremont McKenna College is losing the few traditions it has left. This year, the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College is trying to bring back these traditions.  Few current students realize that Monte Carlo, a tradition that dates back to 1949, is actually the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps homecoming. Jim Nauls, the Assistant Dean of Students, remembers when Monte Carlo had an attendance of 1800 across all 3c's only a few decades ago.  It rivaled only the Starlight Ball, the equivalent to the current Wedding Party.

This year Monte Carlo, which will take place on Saturday, November 12, reverts to its namesake theme and will see the revival of many past traditions as well as the beginning of a few new ones.  Connor Barclay, class of 2013 president, explains that this year’s Monte Carlo is all about “recapturing tradition.”

While last year’s party was still well attended with almost 800 students, the vast majority of them were from CMC. This year ASCMC hopes to see higher attendance from Harvey Mudd and Scripps College students alike, encouraging both schools to join in the festivities. The aim is to bring back the camaraderie that used to be pervasive in the event. As such, Barclay explains that ASCMC has been coordinating an effort to increase awareness, excitement, and participation from the other two colleges. He notes, “This was the one time a year that the three schools really came together and we have lost that.  We are trying to recapture that spirit this year.”

With tradition in mind, ASCMC is announcing the revival of the Monte Carlo Homecoming Court – for the first time in decades, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps students will be able to nominate and vote on homecoming Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses.

The Forum will hold write-in nominations through Wednesday, November 9 at midnight, followed by run off elections for the top four nominees for each class at Monte Carlo on Saturday night. “Each class will be able to vote for a prince and princess – endearingly termed Royal Fawns – who will be chosen by a vote tally at the end of the night,” says class of 2012 president Mary Doyle. The Senior class nominees with the most votes will be crowned the Stag King and Athena Queen.  Each class will only be allowed to vote for winners within their own grade – however, anyone within the 3c’s may nominate or be nominated to win. You can nominate the Royal Fawns here.

Another, perhaps even older tradition will be returning as well this year. Going stag isn’t stag tradition – and this year “ASCMC is encouraging students to break from the norm and bring a date with a contest,” says Barclay. This year there will be a contest for the most creative Monte Carlo “asking” by 3c students. Between Tuesday and Thursday students can email to inform us of the time and place they will be asking their date to Monte Carlo, and the Forum will send a photographer to take pictures of the affair. On Friday, the photos will be posted online and open to a vote by the Claremont community. Whichever couple is voted the most creative asking will receive two free tickets to the event and be announced alongside the homecoming court.

As always, guests from outside the 5Cs are welcome.  Barclay reminds students that they must register guests with their Resident Assistant before Saturday, November 12.

The event itself boasts 45 casino tables and dealers from Atlantic City Gaming, and will feature the band “The Trip” who played at Wedding Party 2011. Fully tented and set up at the old tennis court, the event will have a full dance floor, chocolate fountain, and all the normal accoutrements. Among the host of prizes, will be a two-day, three-night trip to Vegas for two, which will be awarded to the student who wins the most money throughout the night. The other prizes, including a trip to Paris, will be given out through a raffle among the remaining students.

Before the nighttime festivities, the Stags Football team will take on Pomona-Pitzer.  The two teams will battle over the Peace Pipe at 1:00pm on Zinda Field.  ASCMC is also hosting a tailgate party outside Duecy on the outdoor basketball courts.  The tailgate will start at 11:00am. If you are interested in going, please send your meal card numbers to

Monte Carlo is this Saturday, November 12, at 9:30pm on the Smith Tennis Courts. You may purchase tickets here. You may also nominate the “Royal Fawns” here.

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