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ASCMC Senate Hits the Twittersphere

November 6, 2011

Adam Griffith
ASCMC Senate Hits the Twittersphere

The Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College Senate: a shadowy cabal of students plotting to hijack school funds to feed their ravenous appetite for pizza, or a body of members of the school community seeking to improve life at Claremont McKenna College for everyone? Now, thanks to the efforts of Josh Rael ’14, you can decide for yourself.

Beginning earlier this year, Rael started ASCMC’s own twitter account. He attends the ASCMC Senate meetings each week and live tweets the evening’s proceedings, including the results of all votes, questions asked, and points made by visiting speakers.

As Rael puts it, “I approached Pai (ASCMC Vice President Aditya Pai) and encouraged him to have someone tweet for senate. He asked if I wanted to do it, and I said yes right away.” He added that “It’s cool to know what’s going on on campus. By being there, I can better follow what’s going on and can help other students do the same."

To check out Rael’s efforts, go to the @CMCsenate twitter feed, and don’t worry if you have yet to spread your twitter wings, you don’t even need an account to view the senate tweets.

Rael hopes that his tweeting “gets more people interested in what’s going on at CMC and in Senate. I also hope it encourages people to explore twitter as a source for news.”

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