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Your Student Fees, Part One: CMC Club Budgets

May 7, 2010

Alex Bargmann
Your Student Fees, Part One: CMC Club Budgets

This past Monday, May 3rd, ASCMC Student Senate approved the preliminary 2010-2011 ASCMC Budget.  The budget is established by the Budgeting Committee, given to Executive Board for review, and then Senate for final approval.  The complete ASCMC budget will be posted in the fall after retained earnings from this year are accounted for and added at re-budgeting in early September.    The spreadsheet below shows ASCMC's budget allocation to CMC clubs.  5C clubs receive information about their funding in the fall in a separate process. Club budgets are determined by presentations given to the Budgeting Committee, number of active members, and presence on campus.  Any concerns or questions can be directed to me (

A couple notes:

  • The Vernacular's budget is still a matter of discussion as we work with the club's leadership.  It may be increased through discretionary funds in the fall.

  • Active clubs that are not listed here did not sign up for a presentation slot at ASCMC budgeting or missed their scheduled time.  If this happened to a club you are involved with and expect to be active next year, email me and we can begin discussing the matter.

For more from your ASCMC Executive Board, check out the official blog:

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