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Write, Film, or Shoot? We're Hiring

January 14, 2010

Abhi Nemani
Write, Film, or Shoot? We're Hiring

The Forum is looking for new writers, photographers, and videographers for the spring semester. As a publication that continues to grow in reach and readership, we hope to not only produce more content but also more kinds of content. That's why we are looking to hire people with the ability to handle a camera or produce a video, or, of course, turn a phrase. Working on the Forum, your work will reach an audience of thousands -- many of whom are your friends, peers, and professors -- and hired staffers will receive stipends for their contributions (~$100 depending on performance). Plus, you get to work with a "fun" group of people. Apply now:

  • Photographer: Provides images for another article or for a photo essay every week.

  • Videographer: Produces one short video every week or a longer piece every other.

  • Forum Fellow: Writes one post a week in a designated section.

Applications are due January 20, 2010:

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