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Won't Get Fooled Again

April 4, 2010

The Forum
Won't Get Fooled Again

Another April First has gone by and thankfully the Forum has not heard of (or faced) any J-Board charges for this year's shenanigans. We played our own April Fools prank but we've also heard of a few others on campus.


Christophe Bindert of West Side Appleby decided it was time to get back at suitemate Brett Spencer after Brett submitted a number of personal ads to craigslist on Christophe's behalf. Christophe responded by rallying a few of his friends and covering all of Brett's things with Post-it notes.

It took four people two hours and thousands of sticky notes but the effect was well worth the effort.


A number of the PPE students conspired to play a prank on fellow student Divya Vishwanath. You can watch their hijinks here. Long story short, the class arranged for Divya to be arrested in the middle of class by a fellow student impersonating a police officer. Even Professor Elliot was enjoying the joke.


Jacinth Sohi, the new Rose Institute student manager was the target of another elaborate prank. She told the Forum,  "There used to be a picture of the founder of the Rose Institute, Edessa Rose, hanging in the Rose but it was recently stolen. Abhi [Nemani] and Patrick [Eagan-Van Meter] found a scan of the picture and then photoshopped my head onto Edessa's body. They then printed a 5-foot picture of the image and hung it at the Rose. Also, many of the Rose employees made it their profile picture on Facebook."

Post your favorite April Fool's prank in the comments.

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