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What to Wear to the Wedding Party

February 26, 2010

Madison Shimoda
What to Wear to the Wedding Party

Don't know what to wear to ASCMC's biggest party of the year? Don't want to look like a giant profiterole? Here are some ideas for different wedding themes. Get your entire table to dress up according to theme-- if you can't get people to notice your own outfit, at least they'll notice your group.

Garden Party

Items in this set:

AE Garden Pleat Dress - American Eagle Outfitters, $30 Floral Placket Tube Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal, $27 Old Navy Womens Ruffled-Neck Cardigans, $27

Nothing screams spring like bright florals. Pair your sun dress with a cotton cardigan while you wait for the space heaters to warm up in the tent.

Wedding at the Ranch

Items in this set: Tiered Belted Tube Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal, $25 Markie Basketweave Wedge, $23 Shown The Ropes Bracelet, $120 French Connection serenity floral silk 'Opal' maxi dress at Bluefly, $125 > Large Bead Bib Necklace, $28

A white dress doesn't have to be puffy and boring. A brown leather belt, turquoise, and some funky shoes can add a rustic touch to a current look.

Wedding by the Sea

Items in this set: TFNC Contrast Bustier Dress, $36 Ruched Stud Tunic - Women's Clothing and Apparel - Chic Dresses,..., $29 Old Navy Womens Chiffon-Trim Tiered Skirts, $27 Fab Canvas Wallet, $7.50 Karrie's Round Sapphire Blue Stud Earrings, $50

Did you always imagine having a beautiful wedding at the beach? Take the waves as inspiration and layer different shades of blue.

Gothic Wedding

Ruffle-Trim Off-Shoulder Dress, $28 Crepe Chiffon Tiered Dress, $25 victorian dress au pair (black) by APRIL.IN.PARIS on Sense of Fashion, $12 BENA BOW GOLD MIRRORED PERSPEX JEWELLERY, 30 GBP

If done wrong, this could look super tacky, but with the right amount of quality ruffles, (faux) antique accessories, and maybe a British accent, you could be super chic. Stand out from the pastel colored crowd.

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