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What's Next?

March 25, 2010

Abhi Nemani
What's Next?

It has been a great ride. We debated, reported, hunted, complained, reflected, questioned, answered, and so. much. else. I'm just grateful for having a front row seat to it all.The Forum is very much student-run and student-sustained. It functions because some are willing to put themselves out there, and it grows because others (that is, you) read, comment, and share. Somehow we managed to track down some of the most creative, interesting, eloquent, and vocal people on campus, and they fortunately agreed to write for us. Thanks to them, the publication has been more consistent and more diverse than ever. And thanks to you, the conversation has been usually lively (sometimes too lively) and always entertaining. When I was selected to edit the Forum, I happily agreed with one request: Emily Meinhardt. I couldn't have done this without her. She has managed our team of thoughtful and dedicated editors -- Carl Peaslee, Charlie Sprague, and Wyatt MacKenzie -- as the publication has more than doubled in size. That growth would not have been possible without our business staff, headed up by Sarah Orgel. Providing no direction or any resources, we asked them to make the Forum into a business, and they somehow made it a profitable one. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less from CMCers. More than anything else about the publication, it's the team that I'll miss.

I'm sure that growth will only continue as the next editorial team takes over. I'm pleased to leave the publication in the capable hands of Carl Peaslee and Michael Wilner. Together, they'll make a strong team with Michael heading up News and Opinion and Carl taking on Life and events. I wish them all the best, and I'm eager to see what they can do -- you should be too.

It's been a thrill -- and a privilege. Thanks for that and for everything else.


Abhi Nemani Editor

2009-2010 CMC Forum

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