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W.O.A.! 2010

September 11, 2010

Alex Mitchell
W.O.A.! 2010

I remember my 2007 WOA trip well. It was an odd mix of campers but that’s the beauty of WOA - you meet folks you never would have if you didn’t sit 8 hours in a sweaty bus together. Our second day at Mammoth Lakes it poured buckets while we stood cramped under a small tarp singing camp songs. Conveniently, our sleeping bags caught the brunt of the storm, forcing our leaders to make a decision between booking a hotel or losing 14 campers to hypothermia. After some unnecessary deliberation, they chose hotel. Rather, a massive three-floor resort with beds for all of us.

Three years later, it’s cool to see everyone a little more grown up, preparing to be a college graduate. We all have different majors and I can’t say that I really hang with anyone from the trip, we do smile at each other, say hello, have short conversations. We’re not besties, but I couldn’t have wished for a trip with more amazing people.

I’m nostalgic, wondering where the time went, and happy to see that this year's freshman have made some friends on their own adventures. Have fun with your first college buds, your first crush - the first group of individuals who like you for who you are, not for you killer AP scores.

The following is a collection of pictures submitted by CMC freshmen and their WOA leaders.

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