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TNC Canceled Indefinitely: A Note From ASCMC

March 24, 2010

The Forum
TNC Canceled Indefinitely: A Note From ASCMC

ASCMC sent an email out to the student body tonight explaining the decision by DOS to indefinitely cancel TNCs.  Full text below:

Dear CMC,

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope that you got some R & R during the vacation. Back to reality, though... Recently, administrators in the Dean of Students office have canceled Thursday Night Clubs indefinitely. Why did DOS cancel TNC? For a lot of reasons. As you read in the last Party Inform, "This isn't because of one specific incident, but as DOS examines certain policy issues TNCs will unfortunately remain off the Calendar." And here are the some of those reasons:

  • We aren’t taking care of our campus: Story House charges caused over the course of the year have amounted to over $20,000 of damages. Story House charges are incurred when:

    • Party hosts and attendees don’t clean up after the event and cups, cans, bottles, and other trash are left everywhere

    • Things get crazy--broken window screens, furniture, and glass, bloody walls, hand prints, etc.

    • Story House housekeepers clean things up for professors, prospective students, and visitors, often charging overtime for their work.

  • Fights: TNC is actually a CMC-only event. When non-CMCers attend TNC (other 5Cers or off-campus), things tend to become unruly (AKA: people fight).

  • TNC isn’t what it used to be: Once upon a time, TNC was a magical event for CMCers. Dorm presidents were responsible for creating an intimate event that facilitated small-scale social interaction. It was an opportunity for students to talk, dance, and relax from the workweek. Recently, however, things have changed. After the party ends, students congregate outside and campus safety isn't capable of keeping things safe with such a large, usually rowdy, group.

What does DOS want?

  1. An elevated expectation of dorm presidents and their responsibilities when they throw an event

  2. Better containment at events, so there isn't a large mob of people outside the designated area, or non-CMCers sneaking into the party

  3. Facilitation of more efficient security with higher expectations for maintaining the events as CMC-only

  4. Students (innocent bystanders, party guests, event host) taking the initiative to clean up after events and prevent dorm damages and holding one another accountable

  5. All events not in private residents' rooms, like Beirut tournaments, with a large number of students (20-30+) to be registered with Jim Nauls in advance

What is ASCMC doing to try and save our Thursday nights? ASCMC members have met with DOS and the DAC and SAC have submitted a proposal to the Dean of Students office. The proposal includes such measures as increased security, ensuring TNCs are CMC-only by enforcing CMC IDs, a greater variety of event locations, a focus on the quality of TNCs rather than the quantity of them, and incentive-based clean-up crews.

DOS wants changes or TNCs aren't going to happen anymore. We're hoping that these initiatives, although new and different, will allow CMCers to have our TNC-type events again and even improve the social culture of Thursday nights. Much of the proposal has been well received and DOS may grant one Thursday night event next week as a "trial run."

What can we do as a school?

  • Register events.

  • Take responsibility and clean up after ourselves.

  • Listen to the RAs. They want to save Thursdays, too.

And now?

Our Dean of Students office believes us to be responsible adults.  We all know we have a social life unique from any other school and it's important to take the necessary steps to preserve CMC's long-standing social traditions.  Step back, put things into context, and understand that there is not going to be any significant change for the worst if everyone shows up and does their part.    Feel free to reply to this e-mail with any questions. Be sure to check the Forum and tomorrow's Party Inform, where more information will soon be available.



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