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Thesis Fountain Party Canceled by DOS

March 29, 2010

The Forum
Thesis Fountain Party Canceled by DOS

Seniors received an email this evening from Class President William Robelo-Lara announcing the cancellation of traditional post-thesis celebrations.  Such celebrations typically include a champagne gathering around the fountain outside McKenna Auditorium.  Email text as follows:

Dear Seniors,I am truly apologetic to those of you who are about to turn in your thesis this semester. Unfortunately, the Dean of Students Office decided to end the Senior Thesis Champagne Fountain Party. The Dean of Students office received several complaints by professors due to the ruckus outside of their classrooms and by underclassmen who ended up getting wet when they passed by the fountain. I've talked to Jim about this several times, and the Dean of Students have made up their mind and are ending this tradition for good. For those of you who are submitting your thesis this semester, I will give you your champagne bottle at the Senior Apartments. There's not much I can do to reinstate this tradition, but what I can do is make our Senior Thesis Party the best that it can be.

Robelo-Lara followed-up with another email reassuring seniors that he would take up the matter with the Alumni Association and encouraged students to contact the Dean of Students directly.

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