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The Fiasco Begins: Clue One

February 16, 2010

The Forum
The Fiasco Begins: Clue One

It's time. Be the first one to find tonight's medallion and you will win a private pre-party for you and five friends with Flosstradamus before The White Party. And of course, a shot at those Lupe backstage passes. So without further ado, the first clue:

You the kick, push, kick, push, kick, push coast kind? We coastin' since we started in oh - nine. Now, we don't do a lot of kicking here, But when it's clue time, we'll kick into gear. For this clue, you will have to rack your brain And hit up our shop, just the local chain.

When you find the medallion, email a picture of yourself with it to And if you don't know what this is all about, read up on the Medallion Hunt here.

UPDATE: The medallion was found within moments.  Congratulations to this guy...

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