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StyleID: Wear It, CMC

November 26, 2010

Erica Bellman and Brie Taylor
StyleID: Wear It, CMC

It’s official.  CMCers are hot. We’ve got the looks, but many say we don’t have the style.  There are other stereotypes about our student body, one being that we’re politically savvy...but a little deficient when it comes to what we wear.  We disagree.  We see your flair, we know you dress fly.  Whether you’re an en vogue fashionista or you always match your kicks to your cap, we know you know how to work it.  So we’re getting snap-happy around campus, bringing you the freshest CMC styles and a taste of what inspires them.

By “we”, we mean Erica Bellman ’12 and Brittany Taylor ’11.  We think there’s more to “style” than wearing what’s “in” this season - style’s about fearlessly expressing who you are, about waking up each morning and deciding what you want to show the world that day.  So, CMC, let’s show Claremont we can rock more than a man tank or an interview suit.

We spotted dapper freshmen Tyler McBrien ’14 and Josh Rael ’14 and stopped them for what was meant to be a quick interview.  It turned into a full-on photo shoot. “What are you doing?” a random passerby asked.  “Uhh…Looking handsome?” the boys laughed back. These charming young Stags spoke candidly with us about their style mantras and what it means to dress for success at CMC.

Tyler, you look great.  Tell us what you’re wearing.

This charcoal sweater is from the Gap, and my oxford is J. Crew.  The jeans are Top Man, and these boots are Red Wing from this awesome store in Atlanta called Wish. I hiked the Appalachian Trail in these boots.

What is your style inspiration?

I’m from the South, so this dude Billy Reid from Alabama is one of my icons.  If I had limitless funds…I’d dress like Tom Ford.  Or the Mad Men cast.

Who on campus do you think has the most killer style?

Professor Lobis has the freshest style.  What other professors wear Lacoste pants?  And I’d kill to try on those glasses.

We know CMC is always on top…but which of the other 5Cs has the chicest student body?


Which article of clothing could you simply not live without?

My grandpa gave me this tie from the 1950s…it’s sort of skinny, blue, and has white polka dots. On one side, it says “Wantagh,” which is the town I was born in.

What does a person’s style say about him or her?

By default, style is a very personal thing.  Each day you make a choice of what you’re going to wear, so it automatically says something about who you are as a person.

How would you define CMC’s fashion sense?

It’s more diverse and varied than you’d think…CMCers don’t hold anything back when it comes to dressing.

Josh, you also look awesome.  What are you wearing?

An H&M shirt, Levi's pants, and an American Apparel beanie.  The shoes are suede and they’re Bass; my watch is Casio.  I like wearing a watch, it’s one of the only accessories a guy can really wear.

What is your style inspiration?

I’m really into finding unique things.  I’m from Santa Fe, so my options are somewhat limited.  When I travel to a new place, I like to find something to wear that will stand out.

Who on campus do you think has the most killer style?

I’ve got to say my boy Tyler McBrien.

Which of the other 5Cs has the chicest student body?

I think each of the 5Cs has a really interesting style sense.  For me, it’s not about which college has the best style--it's about which students have the best style at each school.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

This old-man-style sweater that is a really cool color—sort of a light bluish green.

What do you think a person’s style say about him or her?

Take the word “lifestyle.”  Style says a lot about a person’s daily life…you wear what you feel like wearing on a certain day, and that’s your choice.  When I’m unsure about a choice I’ve made, though, I always ask the junior girls on my hall in Benson for feedback.  This way, I know I look my best going to the Ath.

How would you define CMC’s fashion sense?

CMCers aren’t afraid to step outside the norm.  We defy stereotypes and will always keep you guessing.

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