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Stolen Potato Chips and Other Claremont Crimes

May 6, 2010

Kelsey Brown
Stolen Potato Chips and Other Claremont Crimes

What happens beyond the land of TNC, Fountain Parties, and Snack? If you pick up the Claremont Courier, our town's local paper, you would think there is quite a bit happening. You really never know what you are going to find when you open our local newspaper. I do enjoy knowing what is going on in the area surrounding our campus, and what I have found is that CMC is a bubble within a bubble. The happenings in the community surrounding our campus' borders are not a common topic of conversation among students, but anyone who has ever had dinner with me knows that I love to talk about what I read in the Courier. Although the matters may seem trivial compared to the affairs of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, they are not quite what one would expect.

A new issue of the Courier comes out every Wednesday and Saturday. Each issue is regularly filled with photo contributions from readers, updates about local school board meetings and protests of matters such as the possible addition of a 7-Eleven to Claremont. The Courier is everything one would expect from a small-town paper. The paper is excellent but one column stands out above the others: "Police Blotter" reports on crime in the area, revealing that some unexpected things are going down in the areas surrounding our campus. While many of the police reports are serious matters, over the course of the year I have found some to be very entertaining. I would like to share some of the gems with all of you. It's a big bad world out there, so watch out.

I saved the best for last because this one really takes the cake:

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