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Seniors Shine At Awards Banquet

May 7, 2010

Cara Daley
Seniors Shine At Awards Banquet

This Wednesday, May 5, the Athenaeum hosted the 2010 Awards Banquet, an annual event mostly devoted to presenting achievement awards to outstanding seniors in every department, for specific theses, and various athletic and service awards.  This is the first time I attended the event, and it was extremely humbling.  The Forum wanted to post the recipients of these awards, but I would also like to reiterate the incredible work these winners have done in their respective academic and extracurricular fields.  I obviously am aware that CMC is full of outstanding students, but this awards banquet really displayed the best of the best.  We should all be so lucky to ever have our professors and mentors stand up in front of a room full of their colleagues and students and proclaim our theses as "fully publishable" or "the best I have read in my 14 years as a professor." With that, congratulations to these winners as well as the entire Class of 2010 for your incredible academic achievements and contributions to the CMC community.  We're really going to miss all of you.


The Alamshah Award: Isayas Theodros '10

The Alamshah Award is presented annually by the Dean of Students to a student who has shown the strongest commitment to student government.

The O'Keefe Award: Stark Hall

The O'Keefe Award is presented to the dorm with the lowest dorm damages, highest number of activities, and a number of other factors in the past year.

The Sydney J. Rosenberg Award for Debate: Charlie Sprague '10

Note: Within each academic department, best thesis decided by the faculty via popular vote while best overall is the student in the major with the highest GPA.

Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

Best Thesis-Ryan Wessels '10

Best Overall-Keren Michelson '10

Robert Days School of Economics and Finance (Accounting)

Best Thesis-Janice Tan '10

Best Overall-Mollie Amkraut '10

Gender Studies

Best Thesis-Rebekah Binns '10


Best Thesis-David Ernst '10

Best Overall-Brendan Sasso '10


Best Thesis-Rebekah Binns '10

Best Overall-Bri Riggio '10

International Relations

Best Thesis-Elaisha Nandrajog '10

Best Overall-David Nahmias '10


Best Thesis-Livia Romano '10

Best Overall-S. Nadini Majumdar '10


Best Thesis-Camila Friedman-Gerlicz '10

Best Overall-Will Feldman '10

Modern Languages

Best Overall-David Nahmias '10


Best Thesis-Corey Davia '10

Best Overall-Hunter Jackson '10


Best Thesis-Courtney Dern '10

Best Overall-Courtney Dern '10

Religious Studies

Best Thesis- Elaisha Nandrajog '10

Best Overall-Alexander Haines '10


Best Thesis:

Biological Sciences: Giselle Galanto '10

Physical Sciences: Dianna Buckett '10

Neuroscience: Sheila Bhardwaj '10

Best Overall- Spencer Trooboff '10

The Alumni Association Citizenship Award: Courtney Dern '10 and Shamil Hargovan '10

The Alumni Association Outstanding Athlete Award for Men and Women: Warren Brown-Pounds '10 and Annie Perizzolo '11

The William Dickinson Athletic Award: Cameron Hanson '10

The Brian Walkenbach Award for Outstanding Resident Assistant: Cameron Hanson '10

The Berger Award for Outstanding Senior Man and Woman: Abhi Nemani '10 and Becca Arnold '10

Students apply to be the recipient of this award based academic achievement, contribution to the CMC community, and moral integrity among other things. The winner is decided by ASCMC and Dean of Students' office


Fulbright Scholarships

Amber Ariate '10

Katie Walker '10

Rebekah Binns '10

Francesca Ioffreda '10

Max Sterling '10

Camille Sheffield '10


David Nahmias '10

David Franzel '10

Harry Truman Scholarship

Nirant Gupta '11

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship

Nikki Holzberg '11


The Roy P. Crocker Award For Merit

Diane Halpern, Psychology

The Glenn R. Huntoon Teaching Award

Bassam Frangieh, Modern Languages

Direct vote by students for most effective faculty member, both junior and senior faculty members are eligible.

The G. David Huntoon Senior Teaching Award

Eric Helland, Economics

Decided by nominations from faculty and students, then student-faculty committee.

Presidential Award

Mark Massoud, Robert Day School of Economics and Finance (Accounting)

Personal award from President Gann for achievement within an individual's career.  Professor Massoud has won 13 Huntoon teaching awards in his 31 years at CMC.

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