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Senior Superlatives 2010

May 15, 2010

The Forum
Senior Superlatives 2010

Before all the seniors walk across the stage, The Forum took a minute to poll them on some of the notables of the the Class of 2010. The greater good has spoken:

Most Likely To…

  • Become John Faranda? Shamil Hargovan

  • Add Their Initial to KKR? Kyle Casella

  • Have Over 7 Wives? Scott Sanford

  • Make a Habit of Guest TNC appearances? Scott Sanford and Lindsey Morgenthaler

  • Be Spotted at the Scripps Pool? Kyle Kuh

  • Be Spotted Walking Back from Scripps on a Sunday Morning? Patrick Atwater

  • Join the Tea Party Movement? Andrew Hess

  • Stick with Teach for America? Charlie Sprague

  • Take Over the World? Abhi Nemani

  • Marry Current Significant Other? Kristyn Ross and Connor Faught

  • Come Back to CMC as a Professor? Charlie Sprague

  • Still Be in School in 10 Years? Emily Forden

  • Replace Fid Castro? Josh Siegel

Top Seniors…

  • Friendliest? Moose Halpern and Sandy Russell

  • Most Dreamed About? Stuart Felkner and Caroline Taylor

  • Best All-Around? Brock Olson and Kenley Turville

  • Best Hair? Max Rose and Sara Caldwell

  • Best Smile? Brock Olson and Amber Ariate

  • Best Eyes? Charles Morton and Jamie Matusiak

  • Best Glasses? Darell Hayes and Emily Meinhardt

  • Best Headphones? Isayas Theodros and Nathalie Ramirez

  • Best Dressed in Poppa? Josiah Eberhart and Melissa Irvine

  • Happiest at the Happiest College in America? Moose Halpern and Sandy Russell

  • Most Changed? Max Sterling and Julia Wilson

  • Ath MVP? David Nahmias

  • Best Chest Hair? Josh Siegel and Tom (tie)

  • Prettiest Eyelashes? Hunter Jackson and Sarah Assadd

  • Renaissance Man?Matt Cuneo

  • Renaissance Woman?Francesca Ioffreda

  • Best Dressed at TNC? Abhi Nemani and Shae Blood

  • Senior girl I wish I knew better? Courtney Dern

  • Senior guy I wish I knew better?Brentt Baltimore

  • Knows How to Party? Tom Paliga

  • Does NOT Know How to Party? Jake Richardson

  • Best Dance Moves? Darell Hayes

Best Pairs…

  • Romance? Zain Jamal and Becca Arnold

  • Bromance?Aleksis Psychas and Moose Halpern

  • Homance (Female Bromance)? Clair Briggs and Liz Arkell

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