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Pimp My Campus

August 24, 2010

The Forum
Pimp My Campus

Ok, Xzibit hasn't actually been to CMC this summer but you wouldn't know it from the way flatscreens have been popping up around campus. Poppa, Ryal, South Lab, and Collins are all amongst the facilities that have received the MTV treatment. In addition to the new flatscreens, which will feature live updates from CMC's finest internet publication, the computer labs have seen a few other upgrades. Poppa's nasty old flooring and plastic sheets have been torn up and replaced with new carpeting. The chairs have also been upgraded to seats with some sick new technology -- armrests! Awesome. And, if you're a lab junky like me, you'll be most excited for this last detail: Poppa is now ALL double screens. That's right. No more arguing with growling seniors for those prized PCs during thesis time.

Some of the other changes students will see on campus include: flat-screens in Collins (and some huge fruit posters?), new wide-screen monitors in Ryal, and, even though you loved the Hub's old-church-basement feel, it's received a makeover, too. Those old love seats have been swapped for plush new leather furniture and the carpet has been completely replaced. The Kravis Center workers are still slaving away, but the construction has ended on the new pathway from CMC to Scripps. Now, there are a few new places to sit and a few less steps on the way to that delicious Scripps brunch.

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