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Our Summer Playlist

August 5, 2010

Cara Daley
Our Summer Playlist

Sure, summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean you have to weep quite yet.  Just in time to prevent you from slipping into a textbook-purchasing, internship paper-writing depression, The Forum is proud to bring you a delightful mix of some of our favorites from the season.  So put on your headphones in the subway or crank these in your parent's house and cheer up.  If that isn't enough, just remember that no one really does anything the first few weeks of school anyway.

The Black Keys Work (FM Attack Remix)-Erlend Øye

This song is one-fourth of the Astrowave EP FM Attack released in early June.  Kings of Convenience and Whitest Boy Alive frontman Erlend Øye get remixed in the dreamy and infectious style  FM Attack  has quickly patented as his sound.  Consider this your soundtrack to synthy summer nights.

Summer in Brooklyn-Jay-Z featuring Lil' Wayne

Cookin' Soul=spicing up American Gangster. As usual, Weezy provides ample entertainment for the remix, which samples the timeless Pharcyde jam "Passin' Me By."  Guess we'll call this a shout out to all you CMCers in the "City" this summer.

1st Floor-Gilbere Forte' featuring Freelance Whales

Following the indie + hip-hop trend, Gilbere Forte' samples Freelance Whales and Aislyn (of Passion Pit fame).  The Smoking Section describe the beats as "a musical roll of thunder" paired with Forte''s quickly-paced flow.  It's hard to stand out in the wave of hip-hop talent, but  "1st Floor" proves Gilbere Forte' is certainly poised to do so.  You heard it here first.

Maybe So, Maybe No (Reggae Mix)-Mayer Hawthorne

So we've already established that Mayer Hawthorne exudes a kind of cool unlike any one else in the indie/electronic/hip-hop/motown revival scene.  "Maybe So, Maybe No" is a track off of his album, A Strange Arrangement released in September 2009 but he recently decided to release a reggae mix to his Twitter followers.  How could a little reggae beat paired with soulful vocals not make you feel like drinking a Red Stripe?

King of the Beach-Wavves

If for no other reason than Nathan Williams' hybrid skate-punk and 60s surfer guitar, the title track of Wavves' King of the Beach screams "palm trees" and "sunshine."  What's that you say?  We're not getting jobs?  We'll just take up the guitar and join Wavves on the beach.

Spilling Over Every Side EP-Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is an incredibly talented DJ.  This new EP, released on July 29th, is quite possibly the best example of his skill to date.  To seal the deal for all you anxious downloaders, all of his work is "pay what you can" on his website.  If you like what you hear, don't stop at this EP--download his entire discography.  We're crossing our fingers he makes his way out to Southern California soon.

Midnight Love-Tennishero

The Swedes know what's up.  Tennishero (Jens Andersson and Alexander Berg) comes at us with this loungey/house track produced a few years back.  You know those songs you can listen to like five times in a row?  You guessed it, "Midnight Love" makes that list.

Boy-Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot is one of those bands we usually like better once their work is remixed.  "Boy" off of their forthcoming LP The Orchard, however, captures their orchestrated indie-pop essence at its peak.  Sounds like lead singer Wes Miles' side-project rubbed off well on RRR's new material.

Sabali-Amador & Mariam

Amador & Mariam win for "most adorable blind Malian couple ever."  They also win for best "fresh take on World music," combining traditional high-pitched vocals with a great electro-synth beat on "Sabali."  We'll call this the pick for all you CMCers hanging out in other parts of the world this summer.

Boyfriend (GhostWaves edit)-Best Coast

Best Coast has been all over this summer.  Even in the Washington Post. This GhostWaves rework made us forgive Bethany Cosentino for whining about her boyfriend and really dig her lo-fi vocals and chillwave sound.

Coming or Going (RAC Remix)-White Arrows

A delectable RAC remix of this White Arrows song, whose first EP is due out in August.  As the blogs have told us, this song is good enough to be featured on Entourage -- keep a look out this season.

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