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Links from Last Week II

March 28, 2010

The Forum
Links from Last Week II

Thesis is keeping me away from my real passion, 8:27. Since I don't have enough time to do themed posts, here, in another installment of LFLW, are some random things I've collected from the internet... 1.  The best of 5 Second Films. The rules? "2 seconds of beginning titles, 5 seconds of film, 1 second of end titles." Highly suggested you watch the whole thing, but Late for Work, Wingman, and, of course, 1-900-Bro-Talk are all good ones. But seriously--just watch the whole thing:

2. After a Tuberculosis diagnosis resulted in a 55-day (and counting) quarantine  in a hospital room, Christian Van Vuuren made a video.

Likely a reflection of his prolonged isolation, it's charmingly quirky:

Calling himself the "Fully Sick Rapper,"  he has put out more videos.  He also has a YouTube Channel and a Twitter page.

You might have seen these, but if not...

PANDA Escape: In this video, you can see that pandas are pretty smart--and fast. Who knew a Panda could move so quickly? (Skip to this point to see the escape)

Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion: Featuring some of the greatest celebrity comedians of the our generation, several ex-presidents visit President Obama.

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