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Let Your Personality Shine

May 12, 2010

Cameron Hanson and Gloria Chang
Let Your Personality Shine

You're probably more worried about boxing up your belongings then learning how to make your room zen-like, but we thought we'd round off the year with one final interior design post. These last four rooms again showcase fun style and clever décor.

Modern Floral

Floral designs are the rage these days. Sarah Beattie '11 and Casey Reck '11 demonstrate a fashion-conscious and sensible use of pattern and utility in their room on Green Beach. When you walk into their room you are immediately struck by its bold color and design. Tapestries (from Urban Outfitters and travel abroad) adorn the walls and everywhere you turn is eye candy. Particularly Sarah's picture frame arrangement over her bed and her keepsakes around her desk invite you to look further and really highlight her multifaceted personality. Casey's side of the room explodes with her favorite color pink and much of her artwork and posters are from her wide travels abroad (especially from her time in Cape Town last semester). The perfect room for reading on the couch or sipping cocktails under the twinkle lights, these roomies certainly have mastered the art of creating ambiance.

Matchy Matchy

Annie Perizzolo '11 and Aviana Gracial '11 show how simple décor can be done in Green dorm by their flowery matching bedspreads in a bunk-bed style layout and organized belongings. We featured their yellow walls in an earlier post.

Calm & Collected

Tina Nguyen '11's single in Marks is simple yet sophisticated. With minimal clutter and a clear design in mind, Tina has used inexpensive materials to master a peaceful calm in her room. The crinkle chiffon curtains add warmth and texture to the walls, a blue and green shoe organizer act as a work of art, the bamboo plant exudes calmn, and the inherited artwork over her bed highlights her heritage.

Wohlford Bungalow

Matt Richardson '12 and Sergio Hernandez '12's Wohlford dorm double exhibits a beachy bungalow vibe. The boldest focus in the room is a sunburst clock that dominates one wall. All they used was blue tape accompanied by careful cutting. A likewise blue surfboard rug that screams California spans the length of the room. Matt’s (who is also an art major at Scripps) desk exhibits his interests and tastes nicely as well: a Dodgers pennant, a tiki-like tribal mask from New Zealand, a poster of Muhammad Ali, and even a bible verse adorn his working space.

The laminated hardwood flooring was inherited from Matt’s brother Jake Richardson '10. Speaking of similar tastes, both he and his brother have a kegerator in their living spaces— but while Jake and his suitemates obtained their blue one as a water polo tradition, Matt grabbed his off of craigslist and he used it strictly as décor.

That wraps up our Behind Closed Dorms series! Have a fabulous and refreshing summer - and start brainstorming about your rooms for next year!

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