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just DO IT YOURSELF artwork

March 4, 2010

Cameron Hanson and Gloria Chang
just DO IT YOURSELF artwork

A blank dorm wall is a cardinal sin in our book. There are just so many simple ways to spruce up your space and make it uniquely you! In this post, we've compiled seven examples of do-it-yourself wall art. The semester is still young, so make up your mind to add some artwork to your walls and just do it! Inspired by a photo and a boring, blank cinder block wall, sophomore Rebecca Salzman had the clever idea to liven up fellow sophomore Diggory Rycroft's Claremont double using the simple tool of chalk. This mural adds a real personal touch to his living space and is a great conversation starter. Unlike paint, Diggory will be able to wash this artwork down at the end of the year (how sad though).

Music lover? Blank wall? Sale at Rhino Records? Just purchase some fun records from the $1 bin and liven up your wall. Here sophomore Brendan McDonald demonstrates such an idea with Elton John, the Temptations, and yes, the Sound of Music.

Senior Courtney Dern has turned this wall into something truly special. Paint color aside (by living off campus, she has the good fortune to paint her walls), she purchased an assortment of small frames from vintage stores. Then, by incorporating her favorite images and art, her wall collage adds a homey feel to her room. Courtney doesn't have one common theme, but reports: "I guess I'm just into making mundane 2D objects more extraordinary."

Speaking of not being able to paint, a quick way to add color to your room is to adhere inexpensive fabric to your walls. Junior Aviana Gracial bought this roll of thin yellow cloth at a fabric outlet in LA. The block of color gives a fresh splash of sunniness to this Green room.

Apartments RA Aleksis Psychas had the awesome idea to decorate his family room by organizing a community art mural. Pairing the event with a senior class brunch after 6:01, he stretched out a length of poster paper and set out paint.  Anyone could add their special phrase, image, home state, or whatever came to their mind. The resulting mural is the perfect way to add interest to the upper part of the apartment's vaulted ceiling.

Imitating a similar idea from fellow senior Kristin Dessie, Sandy Russell is able to exhibit her study abroad memories by graphically linking them to a map of Europe. What a clever way to visually record one's travels!

The off-campus home of seniors Courtney Dern, Madison Gonzalez, Aisha Shaikh, and Hazel Joyce is known for its fun themed parties. By writing certain words in twinkle lights on the wall, the girls can set a unique mood for their visitors. The wall is your palette!

Send any dorm design ideas to Gloria Chang ( or Cameron Hanson (! We'd love to come tour your rooms!

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