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It's "Green"-er on the Other Side

March 24, 2010

Cameron Hanson and Gloria Chang
It's "Green"-er on the Other Side

In this third edition of Behind Closed Dorms, we want to highlight the art of the hang out. We've chosen three dorm rooms that not only exemplify the space, layout, and amenities of a room conducive to people hanging out, but the special design flairs that top them off.

There's No Place Like Home You can feel the vibe of Alex Mitchell '11 and Seth Winterroth '12's room in Green before you even go through their doors. Lining the stairway up to their second floor room in Green are "palm trees" to set the mood.

Their room is a fusion of comfort and style. The L-shaped beige couches, big screen TV, twinkle lights, and eclectic mix of artwork on the walls invite you into the space. Notice some of these finer details: Red is used as a complementing color in the painted cabinet door that has been turned into a chalkboard and in the red tape that Alex has wrapped his hutch. Alex's vast collection of hats is both a display of practical storage and a showcase of his personality. Quirky sketches on cardboard are one of many mementos making up the montage of personal photos, movie posters, and silkscreens on the wall. The coffee table? Built and painted from scratch - not to mention the pine flooring they installed (only 68 cents/square foot).

These roommates are proud of the family feel they've created (they even use their land line as a home phone). Having a good time in their room is really important to these guys. They're proud to "class it up."  A message from the guys: stop by whenever and take a peek at where the AMitch magic happens!

Club Roger

Roger Valdez '10 and Zachary Kornberg '11 offer another great room where people can gather, but with a decidedly different tone: sleek and electronic. Their room is tech central; projector and screen, surround sound, and double computer monitors. Its penthouse feel is augmented by the chocolate suede couch and the hardwood floors, not to mention the coffee table with Post Secret books nicely laid out. Roger has outfitted his room with partying in mind -- his coffee table decision was based on how well it would handle people dancing on top of it!

Surfin' Safari

Juniors Sarah Dick and Kaitlyn Desai embody the (Green) beach lifestyle. With surfboards and conch shells on display, these two girls have made their two facing couches the focal point of the room. Though the couches' plush cushions have an uncanny ability to eat cellphones, you can't help but be drawn to the space. Mementos, photos, and personal artwork adorn the walls. True to their personalities, the room isn't flashy; rather it's a reflection of their fun-loving and laidback personas!

Send any dorm design ideas to Gloria Chang ( or Cameron Hanson ( We'd love to check out your pad!

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